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Five Excellent Good Reason NOT To Do Meth

Updated on July 2, 2012

Methamphetamine, Crystal Meth, is one of the most used and abused drugs to date with side effects that can destroy lives and families. Meth gives the user a period of euphoria so intense that the fallout can be lethal. With today’s pressures, we are constantly tempted with some form of escape. Arm yourself with these five excellent reasons not to do Meth for your pressure release!

First understand that Meth increases blood pressure and heart rate. In turn this also restricts the blood vessels. The neurons in the brain can trigger or disappear without reason, which directly causes damage or malfunction of the brain. Methamphetamine is similar in composition to that of dopamine, a natural secretion in the brain that allows us to feel pleasure. Meth will damage those dopamine receptors to where eventually you will lose the ability to feel pleasure!

As a Meth user, the face and skin will become scarred with sores. When coming down from the “euphoric high”, the skin feels like bugs crawling under the surface and you can not help, but pick and scratch and create open wounds. Because of restricted blood flow, the skin is not allowed to heal rapidly and will be prone to infections.

Because the addicted user spends time chasing down a “high”, you will often not care about proper diet or hygiene which will quickly lead to acne. This too is slow to heal. Along with unhealthy practices, the body will not respond well in fighting any infection and the skin will turn grey and leathery!

Dry mouth is the most common occurrence of smoking Meth. This will result in craving of sugary drinks and food, adding to poor diet. But more serious is the “meth mouth”, which results in the lack of saliva, leaving the mouth open to bacteria. The teeth and gums are eaten away leaving most hardcore users with all their teeth gone and gums rotten.

It has been documented that the deterioration of the body can happen as rapidly as six months. All filter organs are effected by this toxin in severe ways, such as the liver and kidney. It is no wonder the decrease of health can happen so fast!

So, if ever you are approached at a party, or just hanging casual with friends and you are invited to try Meth, remember this and proudly reply, “I always want to feel pleasure in my life, keep my beautiful (handsome) face and healthy skin, keep teeth in my mouth, enjoy good food and not let my body wither to dust in six months! Thanks, but no thanks!” Remember to pass around these five excellent reasons not to do meth and help encourage self preservation!


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    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 5 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I praise your efforts to get the word out. It is sad but true how one have turn to anything but God. Most of the world are in disbelief because they can not see God. But he is REAL,and very effective. It is his way beyond scientific and common measurements of how we move,think,and have our being.

      When you create your own ways and pastime of life without God as your leader one becomes the victim instead of the victor in this batter of SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

      Thanks for sharing and caring.

    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Williams 5 years ago

      This is an informative Hub! I knew that Meth was Damaging, but I did not know that it deteriorated the body so quickly. Great Hub I voted up!