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Five OBVIOUS Things YOU Can Do To Improve Your Health!

Updated on October 1, 2009

Most people take their health very seriously. I know, I know, most of us have our vices or bad habits (like eating candy bars or not exercising as much as we should), however, being and staying healthy is actually easier than you think! Did you know there are several simple things you can do (starting right now) that can actually improve your health? Why not take note of the tips below and start improving your health…today! Trust me, you'll feel better and have more energy to boot!

Real butter is better than margerine...just don't eat the entire stick! A few pats will do!
Real butter is better than margerine...just don't eat the entire stick! A few pats will do!

Bye Bye Trans Fats!

You have probably heard of trans and saturated fats. Unless you live under a rock (and I'm going to guess you don't) you know that trans and saturated fats are VERY bad for your body and NOT healthy! Tip Number One is…STAY AWAY FROM HYDROGENATED OR PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED FATS! Ok, I'm the first to admit that hydrogenated fat is found in all of the yummy (yet bad) foods that most of us enjoy eating (Oreos, Potato Chips and Tastee Cakes), however, if you want to stay at a healthy weight and have a happy heart, then sorry…you gotta dump the trans fats (which probably includes MOST processed foods). It is actually healthier for you to eat REAL butter than it is to eat margarine (look at the label on your favorite margarine next time you go grocery shopping…I bet it contains some trans fats). The key here people…is moderation! Real butter is ok….as long as you don't put the entire stick on your baked potato (a pat or two is just fine!). Another good thing that comes from eliminating trans fat from your diet is the fact that your skin will be healthier as well (you may even experience less outbreaks, therefore, you will save money on skin care products!).

Don't Starve!

Since I am on the subject of food, I might as well talk about weight. Many people (especially women), with the hope of losing weight, skip meals or simply don't eat enough in order to maintain good health. Your body is like a car and food is the fuel. Simply put, you need food to function…you need to fill up your tank (and preferably with healthy stuff!). So, Tip Number Two is…DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT! When you starve yourself, your body actually goes into "protection mode" and desperately tries to hold on to the fat that it already has. That is why many trainers and nutritionists recommend that you actually eat five or six small meals a day (which is a great way to boost your metabolism!). Besides, you can't starve yourself forever, so when you do start to eat normally…most likely, you will probably put the weight you lost back on…and then some!

Move It!

Tip Number Three is…EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE! Let's face it…our bodies were made to move…NOT sit on a couch all day! If you want to be healthy you must get your blood moving and your heart pumping! Exercise is a great way to get and stay healthy and can also boost your immune system which in turn will help your body to ward off illness. Exercise also makes you feel…well, just plain good! It actually energizes you and lifts your spirits (exercise has been known to help people who suffer from depression). I know that starting an exercise program is tough…especially if you have been a couch potato for a long time. However, once you start…stick with it…you will be glad you did!

A few beers entire case, very bad.
A few beers entire case, very bad.

Don't Drink TOO Much! Oh, and Drugs ARE BAD!

Ok, this next tip is probably obvious, however, I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Tip Number Four is…LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE AND STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS! Don't get me wrong, the occasional glass of wine or a few beers on the weekend while watching the big game won't kill you…in fact, I say "go for it…enjoy!" However, binging and excessive drinking will not make Johnny a healthy boy. In fact, excessive drinking will probably leave Johnny with a giant hang-over which means that Johnny will not be able to exercise. Bad, Johnny, bad.

Brown is Best!

This next tip will probably get me killed, however, I speak only the truth my friends! Tip Number Five is…AVOID THE WHITES INCLUDING SUGAR AND FLOUR! High fructose corn syrup is evil…so step away from the gummy bears. In fact, high fructose corn syrup will be your best friend, it will make you happy, it will even give you energy (though a false energy that will cause you to crash and burn later). Trust me, if you eat too much high fructose corn syrup (and most of us do) it will simply store as fat within your body and make losing weight that much more difficult. As for white flour…sorry, you should avoid that to. If you want to live a healthier life-style, choose brown foods instead (think brown rice, wheat or whole-grain bread and wheat pasta).

So there you have it, five simple things you can do to improve your health and feel better about yourself! Now don't get me wrong, people! I'm not saying that you can never eat a piece of pizza or an Oreo cookie ever again…what I am saying is pay more attention to what you actually put in your body and MOVE once in a while! Moderation and exercise are two of the keys to health and happiness. Take it from a former couch potato who used to love eating potato chips and chocolate chip cookies! I wish you luck!

Wheat bread a healthy choice!
Wheat bread a healthy choice!


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