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Five Psychological Tools to Help You Lose Weight

Updated on June 18, 2013

Get your mind in shape and your body will follow

You can start a weightloss regime, but unless you have got your mind onside you will fail. Here are some tools that can help you to lose weight by using a psychological approach.

Learn to relax

This is crucial, you need to use something other than food to help you relax. Try a learning meditation. There are local classes that will teach you how to do this. Try contacting The British Meditation Society for details.

You can buy relaxation CDs that will take you through a relaxing ritual that you will be able to do when you're feeling stressed.

Keep a stress Diary. Notice the triggers that affect you, and take action to avoid these situations.

Take up walking

Many studies have found that walking not only burns calories, tones, but it also has a dramatically positive effect on mood. It can also be done withouit any special equipment or clothing and, gets you from one place to another. Lifting your mood will make it more possible to succeed, and cope with battling a weight problem.

Make the best of your looks as they are now

A lot of people who are overweight put off everything until they're slim. This is very harmful to your personal sense of pride. Make the most of what you have. Try to take an objective look at yourself. Make a list of your good points. Wear attractive clothes, be well groomed. This approach will have a positive impact helping you to keep on track.

Try Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful aid in weight loss. It has been used as an alternative to anaesthetics, and can help the user to both relax and to change harmful behavior. If you can't afford a session with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist invest in a CD - Amazon has a large selection.

Use your imagination

Take five minutes a day to imagine yourself slim. Really build a picture of yourself looking happy and slim. imagine through all your senses. For example what would that lovely silk shirt feel like next to your skin. In your scenario what can you smell taste, touch, see, hear? Really enjoy this bit of me time, and fully build a pictute of what you want to look like.

Last Word

Losing weight takes an enormous amount of energy, focus and tenacity. Don't overload yourself with other commitments, allow yourself to succeed. Above all remember to be kind to yourself, and treat your mind and body with respect.


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