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Five Reasons Why Women Should Do Crossfit

Updated on March 19, 2013

If you’re a female looking to get into better shape and improve your health, Crossfit is a must-try exercise you can’t miss out on. Many women shy away from intense workout programs, thinking that they’re better suited to slugging it out on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike day in and day out in their quest for a better body.

But, is that really the case? Or is there a better way?

Crossfit is a workout style that offers too many benefits to overlook, especially for women. Let’s go over five reasons why you should get started with this workout today.

Crossfit for women

Increased Muscle Mass And Metabolism

The very first reason why you should consider Crossfit training is due to the increased muscle mass it will help you obtain. Not to worry, you won’t be turning into the next ‘Hulk’ overnight. Many women have this concern, but there’s no need to be worried. You simply don’t possess the hormones required to develop this type of muscle.

Instead, you’ll develop lean muscle that helps accentuate your female figure and helps you look more toned and defined.

Furthermore, the added muscle mass will also help to boost your metabolic rate, which will greatly increase your fat loss progress.

Improved Strength And Functional Fitness

The next reason why women should consider a Crossfit workout is because along with this increase in muscle, you’ll also see a dramatic increase in strength and functional fitness. This means that every activity you do throughout the day will be easier.

You’ll not only see improvements in the gym, but in your everyday life as well. For those who want to maintain a high standard of living as they age, Crossfit workouts are a perfect solution.

Crossfit for women
Crossfit for women | Source

Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness

Moving along, Crossfit workouts are also going to go a long way towards increasing your fitness level. While you may think that traditional cardio is best for your aerobic capacity, this isn’t the case at all.

Crossfit style of workouts are much more tailed to be like interval training workouts, which bring about higher increases in your cardiovascular fitness and also increase your metabolic rate further as well.

Improved Core Strength And Balance

Your balance and core strength is something else that will be enhanced by performing Crossfit workouts. Many of the exercises that you’ll do in these sessions will throw you slightly off balance and this can get your abs working that much harder throughout each workout session. They’ll get called into play to keep you balanced at all times while you execute the movement.

Crossfit for Women
Crossfit for Women | Source

Less Boredom And More Enjoyment In Physical Fitness

Finally, the last reason why women should try Crossfit workouts is simply because they’re fun. Unlike the traditional cardio workout where you’re doing the same repetitive motion over and over again, Crossfit workouts are always changing.

As such, you’ll look forward to each and every session you’re doing, you’ll never hit a progress plateau, and you won’t ever find you’re bored with the routine.

So if you have not taken part in a Crossfit workout before, today is the day to give it a try. You definitely won’t regret it.


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    • profile image

      crossfithelp 5 years ago

      When I first heard of CrossFit I thought it was a tuff mudder guy type of workout that tested your constant endurance but when I went to check it out in town a lot of girls were there and they were keeping up if not beating a lot of the guys times in the daily WOD's. Something cool that our CrossFit gym does is post the WOD's daily on line. Its always fun to check the night before to see how much pasta you need to pound down before tomorrow morning. Take a look at our workouts at to see if there comparable to what your gym prescribes.

    • profile image

      Becky 6 years ago

      Caitlin! I learned to be proud of my name on the board and a time beside it. It means I finished the WOD (workout of the day). A lot of times I look at the WOD and think I can't do it. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete the WOD because I did what I thought was impossible just a few short hours before the WOD. I usually finish last or close to last and my fellow crossfitters (or tribe) always cheer me on! I used to try to compete with them but now I only compete with myself!

    • eloygiles profile image

      Eloy Giles 6 years ago from Mexico City

      Hi Caitlin,

      I guess it dependends on your mindset upon getting to the Box (Gym)for the first time. I have found that Crossfit communities welcome newbies very well, in fact, more than competition, what I think you will find is an amazing support group that will help you reach your fitness goals. And by that I mean scalating your WOD so you will be able to finish it according to your present fitness condition.

      To me, the only competition I face is myself, that is, wanting to get better, stronger.. :)

    • eloygiles profile image

      Eloy Giles 6 years ago from Mexico City

      Hi Sam, you're welcome, Im glad this post helped you in some way to reafirm your interest in training Crossfit :)

    • Caitlin Pyle profile image

      Caitlin Pyle 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      I've been thinking about trying it but it seems so competititve and I really am not competitive at ALL... I don't really want my name up on a board, I hate racing the clock, I just want a really good workout. I'm still interested, but I just don't want to go there and feel like a sissy because I refuse to go as fast as everyone else...

    • Sam Muhammed profile image

      Sam Muhammed 6 years ago

      that is absolutly true , in my town i face a lot of hard comment of my interest in CrossFits and benefits of intense workouts and weightlifting for women , i really appreciate ur Hub. :)