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Five Steps To Dropping Weight Quickly and Permanently

Updated on March 16, 2011

I hope that these five steps will help with your weight loss struggle! They have mine but like most people if i don't stay proactive and make the effort on purpose, then i lose the battle and end up gaining weight.

The clothes i had worked hard to get into, start getting tight again and i have to run to my Atkins plan. It's been the one thing i could consistently stick to for any length of time. But i encourage you to exercise as well.

Yes, exercise, although Atkins allows you to drop weight without it, it improves your overall health and the benefits of just walking 20 minutes daily last for a lifetime. It is a quality of life that you are looking for when you decide to lose those unwanted, harmful and heart aggravating pounds.

I decided only to concentrate on five things because i have found that they are the best of the best when it came to my improving my overall health and wellbeing. I have also learned that starting anything with a manageable number of things to remember, makes doing the deed a little more palatable.

Marinated chicken drumsticks.
Marinated chicken drumsticks. | Source

Starting is always half the battle. But once you start, that is your first step towards dropping weight quickly and permanently. Remember, this is a lifestyle change! You are doing this for your health and wellbeing. The excess pounds took time to put on, so, be patient they will take time to shed. But they will drop with these steps. Give yourself two weeks, that's 14 days!

First and foremost get rid of the white, unhealthy carbs. Think of them like they are poison. Carbohydrates, refined carbs like white sugar, bread, white flour, white potatoes, white rice and white pasta. Also remember alcohol is a deterrent to dropping those stubborn unwanted pounds.

Eating frequent small meals are important to helping your metabolism. So, eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, and every three hours, and not more than four throughout the day. Remember, don't eat too late at night, give your digestion system at least 2 or 3 hours before going to sleep.

Don't forget to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep! Sleep gives your body the opportunity to relax and rebuild. Not allowing your body to rest, causes your brain not to go through the process of repair, which stops the "heal thyself" program built in the cranium.

1. Water, this is one of the more necessary tools in your weight loss arsenal. Even if you didn't change anything else, just consuming water or increasing your water intake would make a lot of difference, leading to good health and weight loss.

2. Protein, meat of all kinds is allowed.

A. Fowl which includes chicken, turkey, duck, goose, and cornish hen, among others.

B. Fish that includes tuna, salmon, trout, sole, sardines, herring or any type of fish.

C. Seafood like oysters, mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, lobster, and real crabmeat.

D. Eggs cooked any way you want and cheese like, cream cheese, cottage cheese, swiss, cheddar and mozzarella.

E. Meat like beef, pork, lamb, bacon, ham, veal, and bison.

F. Protein shakes.

3. Fresh Veges.

Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, squash, celery and onions are my favorites but there are bell peppers of any color, mushrooms, parsley and chives.

4. Fresh Fruit.

These may be a surprise for some of you but they are considered and classified as fruit and not vegetables, Avocado, tomatoes, olives, lemons and limes.

5. Exercise.

The body naturally burns carbohydrates first. It uses it as fuel to keep mind and body moving and working. Then it starts eating away at the body's stores of fat.

Walking - short steps and strides, at least 20 minutes on a daily basis or 4 / 5 times a week is a good start but if you wish to increase or speed up your weight loss, do more exercise and vary it every other day. Doing it two times a day would be a great start.

I like to tell people who don't or haven't exercised in a while to start with walking. With exercise doing something is the key to experiencing all of its wonderful benefits.

Pilates, swimming and biking are also some of my favorite forms of exercise, there are others, so, do whatever works for you. Just get moving! Then slowly start adding weight or strength training, this aids in muscle building which burns more calories in a day. Note: remember muscle is denser than fat and is heavier, that's why i recommend gauging pounds lost by your favorite jeans or little black dress.

Additional things:

Fiber Intake.

Flax seeds are the best way to keep regular, especially if you are not eating enough fiber rich vegetables, this is to be expected with a high protein, low carb lifestyle. Consuming high fiber fruits and vegetables as part of your daily salad is recommended.


Spices are known to help with metabolism, and most of us need the assistance if we are trying to lose weight and rev up our calorie burn. Spices like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, thyme, garlic and ginger are healthy and aid digestion


Necessary for overall health, oils like real butter, vegetable and olive oil should be included in your daily consumption the benefits are innumerable, it aids in digestion, the health of skin, hair and nails.


The best nuts and those recommended by Atkins is the macadamia, it can be expensive, but if you want a treat, that assists with your weight loss, these are the best.


Mayo is number one. It can be versatile depending on what spices you add. But anything you like can be added, without sugar, which makes food more appetizing. Mustard of any type, as long as it is without sugar can and should be used. Sour cream is another dressing allowed and i enjoy, it is also very versatile.


Marinating meats overnight or preparing it in the morning and placing it in the fridge while you are at work, makes meat taste so much better. It also cuts down on your cooking time.

Preparing food in advance is a great help when one is trying to eat any meal, cutting down the work time and any hassles.

Cooking methods.

We know that staying away from breading of any type is vital to not consuming added bad carbs. So, we bake, broil, boil, grill, steam, saute and the crock pot are the best way to prepare any of the foods we want to eat on this lifestyle plan.


Add lemon or lime to your water if you need to flavor your water.

Give yourself at least 14 days to see any difference on the scale or in how your clothes fit.


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 6 years ago

      Thanks! UrsulaRose.......

    • profile image

      UrsulaRose 6 years ago

      Lucky for me that I was hopping some hubs and came across this well written and informative hub article packed full with advice for any Hubber struggling with weight issues to take note of.

      Thank you Celiegirl for writing such a useful hub article. :-)

    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 6 years ago

      Thanks! mquee......

    • mquee profile image

      mquee 6 years ago from Columbia, SC

      Good and wise advice on weight loss. Especially good was the advice on being patient and increasing water intake. Thanks for sharing.