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Five Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent and Avoid Cancer, One Day At A Time

Updated on August 8, 2011

Preventing Cancer Happens Every Day

Cancer is a terrifying disease that impacts an increasing number of people every day. For many people, preventative measures can be taken to stop cancer before it starts. Regular health checkups with your GP or family doctor according to the schedule laid out by medical professionals for different screening procedures are an important step in making sure you don't have any nasty cancerous tissue developing. Early diagnosis is an important tool for survivability during treatment. The earlier cancer is found, the easier it is to defeat. Preventing cancer from starting involves a whole lot of little steps that can easily be integrated into your day.

  1. Go for a walk every day!
  2. Drink Green Tea!
  3. Eat your veggies!
  4. Floss!
  5. Wear lotion with sunblock!

#1 Go For a Walk!

Excess body fat and inactivity are two of the leading daily lifestyle factors that can turn into cancerous tissue. Belly fat, in particular, is extremely toxic. Doing something simple every day to keep your lifestyle active and healthy is a key part of cancer prevention. Regardless of how often you work out, going for a walk every day is a great way to bond with the people in your life, as you all go for a walk together. It can become the staple of your family time together, out in your neighborhood and enjoying the natural world. Preventing cancer can become a family activity!

#2 Drink Green Tea!

Antioxidant foods and beverages, like Green Tea, help to neutralize the free radicals that damage your cells, increasing your chances of cancer over time. Green tea is not the only drink with lots of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants. Different juices like Blueberry, and Pomegranate help fight cancer-causing free radicals. (The fresh fruit of the blueberry and pomegranate are even better!) Even coffee has some anti-oxidant properties! Replace your sodas with drinks that promote anti-oxidant intake, and find new ways to fight cancer.

#3 Eat Your Veggies!

A healthy diet is one that comes from natural, fresh ingredients. Pre-packaged foods may be convenient, but they are often full of the very chemicals, sodium, and calories that do nothing to maintain a healthy body. If you want to prevent cancer, a diet rich in healthy, organic vegetables is a great way to preserve your health from illness. Fruits are also important, but watch out for the natural sugars in too much fruits! Blueberries are a delicious way to prevent cancer, but they are also rich in natural sugars that can lead to weight gain. Be sure to look for onions, celery, broccoli, and other fresh, seasonal vegetables - preferably organic - to be the center of your healthy lifestyle.

If you can grow them in your own garden, all the better! Making your own pickles, for instance, from cucumbers you grew organically in your own garden is a great way to make sure that the food you love (pickles!) are made with fresh ingredients without any additives or chemicals that could lead to cancer-causing cell damage or toxins later on.

#4 Floss!

The first line of defense against bacterial infection is your mouth. By keeping your teeth clean, and flossing daily, you can prevent the damage to cells caused by infections. People who floss daily are estimated to live about seven years longer than people who don't. Dental hygiene is important, and flossing isn't just something you do to keep your dentist from grumbling at you. Flossing is something you do to keep your health, and all of it, for your whole life. Cellular damage that leads to cancer can come from many sources, and infections are one of them. Preventing infection means flossing, so floss daily and talk to your dentist or dental hygienist for tips and techniques that can help you get the most from your floss!

#5 Sunblock!

Sun damage is the leading cause of some of the most common and most dangerous cancers out there. Sunblock is a key component in preventing damage to your skin that leads to cancer. Always wear sunblock. Not every day may require the aid of water-proof SPF 30, but many lotions are on the market that combine comfort for every day use with some level of sunblock protection. These sunblocks often act more like make-up than sunblock! They smell nice, go on clean without the greasy feeling of most sunblock, and help protect your skin form low levels of radiation, reducing the impact of solar radiation on your skin. Every day, as part of your morning routine, and before going for your daily walk, put on some sunblock over exposed areas. It's a small step, but it is a simple step that can help you avoid cancer altogether!


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