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Five Tips On Finding The Best Fish Oil On The Market

Updated on July 4, 2010

The sales of health supplements have been increasing over the past few years.  There are many commercials and advertisements featured on television that constantly promote health products on a daily basis.  Some experts even suggest that the selling of health products falls within a multi-million dollar industry. 

Are you interested in attaining optimum health?  If so, you should strongly consider including a superior supplement that will help your body stay within a positive state.  Fish oil is one supplement that is hard to ignore.  It addresses issues such as cancer, anti-inflammation, vision, and mental health.  Let's go over several tips that will help you select the best fish oil on the market.

Independent Laboratory Testing

Look on the back label in order to find out if the product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing.  A good company ships their omega-3 line to an independent laboratory for testing.  This will ensure that the supplement meets the demands of safety and effectiveness.  An independent laboratory will be honest about their findings.

Avoid Toxic Fish

It is a known fact that many fish live in toxic waters.  All consumers should try to avoid oil that is made from toxic fish.  Consuming a product made from toxic fish can cause serious health issues at some point in time.  Shop for oil that is made from healthy fish such as tuna, salmon, and hoki.

Combined Formulas

Researchers and scientists have discovered that the blend of tuna and hoki fish can increase the effectiveness of the oil up to three times.


Does anyone really want to consume a product that has a foul odor?  Absolutely not!  Sticking with a product that has a certified Certificate of Analysis will ensure that your oil's freshness will be preserved for a duration of time.

Purity Issues

You need to shop for a fish concentrate that originates from pristine waters of countries that are known for having low or no pollution.  The Netherlands is one prime example.   Fish from highly polluted waters contain poisonous materials such as mercury, dioxins, and PCB's.  These poisonous materials are known to cause serious harm to the human body once consumed. 

One cannot deny the positive health benefits that fish oil provides.  This is a major supplement that needs to be included in one's diet if he or she has the desire of maintaining optimum health.  Following the tips listed above can help anyone locate and purchase the best fish oil on the market.


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