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Five Videos To Brighten Your Day

Updated on July 6, 2017

As a child, I used to own a graphic book about little things that make huge differences in our day to day life. Whether it is giving compliments to people or simply passing on a smile, the power of small actions can be immense. These videos capture the quiddity of such things that make up life. You can watch more of these on the youtube channel called under the web show 'Life's Little Nuggets'.

Don't Ever Give Up

There will be difficult times and there will be happy times. Nothing lasts forever. The best thing to do is to keep going

Keep going

Quitting is easy, what takes courage and yields result is persistence. When you take up that project, start a new job, no matter what happens, keep your eye on the goal.

Learn something new

New beginnings are full of ups and downs. Learning something new can mean getting out of your comfort zone and can be quite daunting initially. However, don't you love it when you have mastered the skill?

Be Yourself

In a world where everyone's masquerading to hide demons or perhaps protect angels, what you can do best is to be yourself. Don't let insecurities rule you. Forget what parameters are key to socializing and bonding. True friends are made when you keep it real.

Make a stranger smile

The greatest and perhaps the most gratifying action is to make someone smile. You might just make someone's day with a tiny compliment, a tiny gesture of kindness or even by being just a little considerate. Everyday we see thousand faces, trying to make ends meet, with sad hearts and emptiness. The least we can do is be kind


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  • Andrew Patrick profile image

    Andrew Patrick 4 weeks ago

    These are really good