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Five Ways To Feel Happier In Just Five Minutes

Updated on September 25, 2013

When you're feeling down in the dumps, it can be tough to energize yourself to do anything, let alone have fun. This post lists five quick and easy activities that will boost your mood.

Watch these baby bunnies grow up:

They're a little alien and slug-like in the beginning, but they get super cute super quickly. The video is only three minutes long, so you should watch this one too:

Review a favorite restaurant on!


For those who don't know, Yelp is a website that hosts user-written reviews of restaurants and other local businesses. Typing up a few complimentary paragraphs about an establishment that you like feels really good: You're putting positive energy out into the world, and encouraging the success of something that brings you joy. Reviews are important to both restaurant-owners and prospective diners, so you're doing a good deed and helping out your peers. That's a constructive and satisfying way to spend five minutes!

Make a paper airplane!


This is a good paper-plane tutorial: "You don't have to be a Wright brother to make your own airplane."

Grab a sheet of paper, and fold up one of these bad boys. Give it a snazzy name, like Glorious Cloudbuster or Conqueror of the Wind. If you have a pen handy, write the name on one of the wings. And then let your creation soar!

Learn how to draw this adorable cartoon puppy!


Click here for the six-step tutorial. Drawing cutie-pie puppies is a skill anyone can use! Grab a ball-point pen and your post-it notes.

Dance as hard as you can!


Put on your favorite dance-y tune(s)--I recommend Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time"--and let loose. Get your groove on, baby! The sillier your dancing, the better. We all know exercise releases endorphins, and so does listening to music; science backs up this tip. (Princess Bubblegum would be proud.)


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