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Five Crystals for Creating a Harmonious and Protected Home.

Updated on November 12, 2021
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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

The energy and harmony of your home can be balanced successfully with crystals.
The energy and harmony of your home can be balanced successfully with crystals. | Source

In recent years awareness has grown drastically in the importance of self-care and the benefits that it can have on your life. Increasingly people are turning to practices such as meditation, crystal healing and mindfulness to bring balance and peace to their lives without realising that taking care of the environment we live in and the energy present there can be just as important as taking care of our physical bodies, mental health and emotions.

As well as being a great choice of alternative therapy for our well-being, crystals can be used to balance the energy in our homes and work or leisure spaces. They can also aid in attracting or repelling certain energies as needed to create an environment that is pleasant and harmonious to spend time in.

Brown agates are believed to be especially useful in removing negative energies.
Brown agates are believed to be especially useful in removing negative energies. | Source

1. Protecting your property with Agate

Agate crystals can be found in a wide range of varieties, each with its own colour, markings and properties. It is often known as a stabilising crystal that is a good choice for when you need more stability or grounding or to re-evaluate and rebalance your life. Agates have a gentle calm and gentle energy that can bring peace to scattered or overwhelmed feelings and spaces. They are also believed to protect against negative energy by creating a shield and transmuting negativity into positive vibrations. Black and brown agates are regarded as being especially effective for this purpose. Agates are hardy stones that will be fine being carried with you day to day whether in jewellery or carried in a bag or pocket. With its gentle vibrations, many people find that they benefit best from agate through longer-term use such as this.

Agate's protective energies can be used to create a protected space around your home that may help in keeping out unwanted visitors and energies. It is also said to bring peace from nosy and intrusive neighbours. One method of using agate for this purpose is to bury a few small crystals on either side of your front gate, driveway or other entrance to your property and then bury one crystal in each corner of your properties boundary to create a protective barrier. As you bury each of the agate stones ask that it help bring you peace and shield you from negative and unwanted influences and energy. If you have any specific worries or problems, for example, an interfering or troublesome neighbour, you can also ask the agate crystal to help with these.

Hematite is a common grounding and protective crystal.
Hematite is a common grounding and protective crystal. | Source

2. Using Hematite to Deflect Unpleasant and Negative Energy

Hematite is another good choice of crystal for protection needs and its association with Mars, the god of war has led to it being viewed as a stone of invincibility. It is a common stone that is also highly valued for its grounding and balancing properties. Hematite is said to absorb emotions that hold you back from feeling joy and living life to the full. Due to having a very high iron content, this is a hardy stone with a calming dependably energy.

Once smoothed and polished hematite has a mirror-like sheen that can be used to deflect unpleasant and negative energies from wherever the stone is placed. Placing a hematite stone in the main entrance to your home can help to block harmful energy as well as create a protective shield. This can be especially useful if you have a lot of visitors or other people calling at your home such as couriers, postal staff or salespeople. People travelling door to door in this way can pick up energy from any other homes and places they visit and leave this behind as they go. Often this will be no issue but can be less favourable, for example, if they are angry or unhappy or have picked up these energies or have had an argument or other stressful encounter at another call. A single hematite stone is fine for this purpose and ideally should be placed by or underneath your doormat. If this is not possible alternative ideas for placing include placing the crystal above the door, perhaps on a doorframe or hanging in a small pouch, on a window ledge or in a plant pot close to your front door.

If you live in a busy town or city and find the constant vibrations of other people overwhelming or feel that they are affecting the energy in your home (or workplace) hematite can help with this too. Placing a hematite crystal above or close to the windows and doors will create a protective barrier against the energies of others.

3. Healing Houseplants and Boosting Growth with Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is also known as verdelite and is found in a variety of shades including bottle green, light green, yellow-green and olive green. It is a great choice of crystal for people who are studying nature-related subjects such as herbalism, landscaping or horticulture. This healing stone has strong associations with the earth, fertility and the spirits of nature making it a great choice in these areas. One way that this link can be utilised at home, is in helping houseplants thrive or to aid in reviving those that have been neglected or seem sickly.

You will need one tourmaline crystal for each plant and should work with a single plant at a time. Holding one crystal in your hand, close your eyes and ask the crystal to use its healing powers to help the plant to become healthy and grow again. Bury the green tourmaline just below the soil surface and close to the plant's stem. Within a few weeks, the plant should begin to grow and flourish again. At this point, the crystal should be cleansed and then put back into the soil. This removes the harmful energies that it will have absorbed while healing the plant. The crystals can be left for as long as you wish but should be cleansed regularly.

Moss agate has moss like dendric inclusions.
Moss agate has moss like dendric inclusions. | Source

4. Preventing Accidents in the Kitchen with Moss Agate

Unlike other agates, moss agate is not banded but a milky white crystal with varying Dendric inclusions. These are created by inclusions of iron or manganese and resemble moss or lichen. It has long been considered a valuable healing crystal with gentle vibrations that are excellent for stability and strength. This crystal is said to encourage a long life and help to soothe emotions. Its deep green colour is believed to relieve stress and increase a person’s feelings of security. Moss agate has long been used as a protective stone. It has been worn as a talisman by warriors going into battle as it was believed to make them strong and successful. Similarly, this crystal was also used by ancient seafarers to protect them from the dangers at sea.

Hold your moss agate in your hand, close your eyes and ask the stone to protect your kitchen from negative energies and accidents such as cuts and burns. Place the stone next to your cooker or in the area that is used to prepare food for the best results. This crystal should be cleansed regularly to keep its powers strong.

5. Increasing Prosperity with Citrine

Citrine is a variety of quartz that is an almost clear soft yellow, honey or light brown colour. It is well known as a stone of abundance and prosperity and can be used to attract money and success into your life. This crystal is believed to increase creativity and to help in releasing thoughts, fears and behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your goals and desires. Citrine is a powerful manifestation stone so is an ideal choice when you are looking to increase prosperity, start a new business or project or boost success.

In Feng Shui, the southeast corner of your home is associated with wealth and prosperity. To benefit from this energy you can place a citrine crystal in this area with the intention that it boosts this aspect of your life. Alternately, citrine crystals can be kept in places associated with money or where money is kept, for example, purses, money boxes, cash registers and saving jars. You could also keep a stone with banking paperwork such as paying books and statements. If you are looking to boost a business or project place citrine in relevant places such as your workspace, in a stock room or with your business plan.

If you wish to add some extra power to your crystal you can carry out this simple exercise. Write your wish down on a piece of paper. Hold the paper in your hand and visualise yourself working towards this goal and attaining success. Now fold the paper and place it underneath the citrine crystal.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Claire


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