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Five Years Terrorized By My Neighbor

Updated on September 1, 2009

I lived alone

 I am a single woman, and because I lived alone I became a target for a sick, nasty neighbor that enjoyed tormenting me daily. I named the family the waddles, because when they all walk up and down the street they look like ducks in a row and they waddle.

I should have known when I bought the house from a nurse that she had been frightened by someone or something. The house had double locks on all the doors, a security alarm, and multiple alarm stickers pasted on all the windows, front and back. There were also large security signs in the front yard and the rear yard.

I am not a push over, by any means and as the years went by, I was more afraid of what I would do to him, than what he would do to me. It started after I lived there for about 5-6 months. My neighbor in the back had a large dog, and my next door neighbor had different dogs all the time, which I thought was strange. He started out with one older dog, then a rotweiller, and then a labrador. He always had all three dogs loose. One day I saw the rotweiller loose and it ran through my back  yard  and attempted to rip her lanai screen to get her dog on the patio.

This became a daily occurrance and finally my rear neighbor reported him to Animal Control. Naturally the jerk thought I did it, and that is when he started becoming violent and nasty. I had a small  yorkie, and one evening while I was putting him out on his lead, I heard thumping noises and here comes the rotweiller loose,and he tried to rip apart my lanai screen, which he did, but his broad body could not fit through the metal railings, so he was half in and half out.

My yorkie enjoyed fighting with big dogs, and I called Animal Control on him this time. This guy was about mid thirties lived with his girlfriend and one child, a daughter. He did not work and was around all day and all night. He would see me outside and he would pull his pants down and act crazy. He would stand outside  in the street and yell crazy things. He tried to hit me with his car many times. There was only four houses on my street, and he would walk up and down the street with his dogs every day and every night.

He would shoot fireworks at my house, he would set fires. He was having garage sales every day for weeks, trying to sell junk. So finally I figured that I would stop him from doing something that he wanted to do, and stopped him from selling from his house. That shut him up for a short while, and then he would wait and start again. He tried to pick fights with my sons when they came to visit, even though he would never fight a male, because I had him pegged as a woman abuser, and bully. 

Our sideyards were close and I could hear his violent rages with his animals, and then the animals would just vanish, like overnight. Then he would have new ones. He was very friendly with a guy across the street that was a convicted drug dealer, and they woukld hang out together in his front yard. I had to drive to my mail box to get my mail because you never knew when and where he would pop up. I would only mow the lawn when you knew he was not around. I was not sure where his dogs were. This continued for about 4 years, and when the police were called nothing was ever done to him. I tried to file complaints when he came on to my property and the police would not be bothered.

The beginning of the fifth year, I put up 6 foot fencing to block the side yard, and felt like I had some privacy, but I was becoming a prisoner in my own home. I then realized that I was adapting my lifestyle to avoid him, my anxiety and anger would just increase at the meer sight of him.  I had spent about 6 moths at my son's place and it was so nice to be free of him. However when I returned he ahd become worse. I noticed one day that the drug dealer who had move dout of the rental house across the street was staying with him and his family.

Then I saw the pit bulls. I counted five that he had, and one that his friend the drug dealer had. I had just completed two surgeries for knee implants and I was home trying to recover. There was no way I could do my yard work, or walk around,because his pitt bulls were not secured. His windows were open and you could see the dogs heads behind the screens.

One day I had a ray of hope when I saw him and his druggie friend tear his air conditioning unit off his house, and they were putting huge piles of trash infront of his house. There was furniture and appliances just thrown in huge piles and carted away in pick up trucks. I thought for sure that he was leaving, and I was feeling relief. That did not last long, as it appeared that he was living in his house without air conditioning, furniture or appliances.

The guy is a real nut, he would only mow his front lawn and leave the rest, and only painted the front of his house and left the rest unpainted and a different color. One early evening my girlfriend came over and when she was leaving she came back and told me to look outside. She told me that I had to see something. What I saw was a black pick up truck, and a homemade metal trailer hooked on the back that was open. Inside the trailer were five other pitt bulls wearing gray vests with numbers on the vests. The druggie guy came out, and placed his pit bull in the trailer and he left with some felon looking other guy.

This guy now has another kid, so you know why he is not working, I am trying to recover from my surgery, I am afraid of more fires on the street, since my side has all woods to the rear corner, and then one day as I was backing out of my driveway to get the mail, I checked the street and it was clear, and as I started to back up, I hear loud crashing banging on the rear of my truck. The kook was in the woods where you could not see him, and was beating on the rear of my truck. I thought I had run something over, and there he was again. Yelling fowl language, I had a few words for him and he said he was going to call the police, but he never did.

The police had told me previously that he was bothering me because I was a woman living alone, and they could not do anything because no one ever see's him doing what he has been doing for the last five years. I had enough, and when the company I worked for closed down, and I could not find any work in that county, my sons came with a truck and moved me. I walked away, and the house is still sitting there, waiting for foreclosure. Now my lawn and shrubs and woods will take over his at some point and time.

I knew that it was only a matter of time that I would be attacked by his pitt bulls or burned out by the many fires. I sold everything that he could steal, including the fencing and plants. I could never catch him, but he was always stealing from my yard. Now I know why the previous owner, a single woman left that house, why she had all the security features, and why she would not even meet with me there when I bought the place. The economy and market is so bad in Florida that my value dropped from $161,000 to $ 37,000. The refinance I took was a shady loan, and that is why the servicing lender can not foreclose,it has been 13 months.

I went back to the house, about six months ago, and my anxiety started building as soon as I approached the street. I do not know what is going to happen with this property if the servicng lender can not produce the original note, and so far they can not. I do not want to go back there as long as he is still there in the neighborhood.

What a difference moving has made for me. I rented a apartment in a small community, and have the nicest next door neighbor. I can walk, I can go to the pool, check my mail without any anxiety or fear. I sleep well, and I have great police protection in this town. The apartment size is comparable to what I had in the house, no garage but that is okay. The expenses are less, I can have a pet if I want one. I am so close to shopping, the interstate and no one bothers me.

I had a house in this county on 2.25 acres, I will never, ever purchase a property again that is so close to another home. I  never in my life had to deal with such a mental person who enjoyed tormenting people for no reason. I hope that who ever buys my house will give him a good run for his money and make his life as miserable as possible. It has been 9 months of bliss and peace and quiet. It is a shame that I had to leave for fear  that I would cause him pain and suffering and have to deal with the consequence of my actions, when he did not ever once have to be responsible for his behavior or his actions towards me for five long years.

I know that what goes around comes around and  vengence is mine saith the lord.





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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    was his name jerry? i think were' stuck with him now.

  • shaekelly profile image


    7 years ago from Alabama

    I know this story was not supposed to amuse me, but i'm sorry it did, especially when i read the comments. You are a great writer.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I also had a lunatic neighbor. This nut job broke into my home, vandalized my vehicles, robbed me of all media. And drove by each night at odd hours. His kids were little terrors too. Any talking ro them was met with vulgarity. Yes I moved but there are those that are violent and can not be delth with in normal ways. Most people recognize and avoid rhem. They will get there just desserts some day and usually live unhappy empty lives. Fortunately it was only A temporary setback for th ose who can leave.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I have a neighbor that is very similar to yours and he blocks me on the road with his car. We had 3 pets go missing in a two week period. Then his son called me on the phone and said he killed my dog. And they took posters down of the missing pets I put up on the street corners and drove back and forth in front of my house with the poster on their cars. The father who is 47 threatened to beat up my son at the bus stop so I have to drive him down there now for his safty. Sure seems like there is something the police could do to people like this I am about to walk away from my home too. But it sure stinks that a person would have to do something like this and ruin their credit just because a neighbor wants to be a jerk!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    this guy does sound nuts at least in theory but here it is here how do you know for certain he was a drug dealer you werent very specific and please do not say because of his dogs that means nothing perhaps he was just mentaly incompadent sounds it by what you said like with him only painting the front of his house


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