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(WARNING) - These Facts Will Make You Happy

Updated on June 29, 2015

These are Facts

  1. It takes more energy to frown than to smile this may be because there are 37 muscles necessary to frown and 22 to smile.
  2. Looking at other people smiling or laughing might cause a severe case of happiness look bellow for examples.
  3. Watching animals being happy may also cause the same symptoms look bellow for examples.
  4. Reading articles dedicated to making people happy might cause a traumatic sense of contempt.
  5. Awkward Moments, Cats, and Babies are the leading cause of smiles.
  6. Snails are the laziest creatures in the insect world, besides from being extremly slow they have been known to sleep for over three years!
  7. Writing articles dedicated to making people happy might also cause a traumatic sense of contempt.
  8. For years it has been known that six has been afraid of seven. No one knows why, but we suspect it is because seven eight nine.
  9. The chances of winning the lottery can be greater than being struck by lighting. Lottery players might be delighted to hear that 44 people die each year due to lighting.
  10. The most intellegent people of the world are often a victim of happiness Look bellow.

Happiness is contageous

Buddah a severly happy man

Another senseless victim (trigger warning)

Happiness in idoicy


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    • profile image

      lousay 6 years ago

      soman, you are mean.

    • profile image

      caitlin Harvey 7 years ago

      well, i did not find that factual at all !


      and i did NOT smile :/


    • profile image

      soman 7 years ago

      wow that baby looks cute and a piece of shit.

    • profile image

      my self 8 years ago

      Pretty awesome page if i do say so my self

    • profile image

      zandye 8 years ago

      yo its a nice pagee

    • divacratus profile image

      Kalpana Iyer 8 years ago from India

      Haha! Cute page. I love anything that makes me smile. Keep em coming!

    • nonny126 profile image

      nonny126 8 years ago

      snails are not insects dumb school knows that baby was so funny though

    • BrianFanslau profile image

      BrianFanslau 8 years ago from Eagan, MN

      Love the Baby! :)

    • nicefaceidiot profile image

      nicefaceidiot 8 years ago

      WOW nice video it made me smile. AND HAPPYNESS IS NOT A DECEASE! LOOOLLL