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Fix our Thinking

Updated on August 7, 2015

Our thoughts play major role in our life. In any event, we either think positively or negatively. Good thoughts and Good deeds bring us lots of Positive vibration and the opposite happens when we have negative thoughts.

Sometimes too many obstacles or diversions in our path can throw us off balance. and our perspective may stir up unwanted thoughts.

Its not always tackling an issue can help us because it can cause us to get deeper and trigger a conflict in mind. For me personally, I believe in putting the problem aside for a while and tackle the issue when we are more calmer and have a fresh start.



Be the 'captain' of your own thoughts, train to navigate and manure your thoughts and feelings to a good purpose. No point crying over spilled milk, thinking or replaying the issue in mind.

Navigate it to other places so that when we are calmer we can come back to the hurdle or problem. Looking at something with a fresher mind is way better then during the moment of anxiety. This is very much different then running away from problems or conflicts.

Sometimes when a student is studying for the exams there will be times when they are not able to concentrate in their material. Sometimes, forcing ourselves to study when we are tired may not worth the time spent as nothing is absorbed. It is time for a break, so navigating our thoughts elsewhere can actually be very helpful and productive.


Recharge Your Batteries

Its time we take action of our conscious and subconscious mind. Take time to enjoy something we love doing, this can help us to fix and create a new feeling. Recharge those batteries.

  1. Start smiling at the next person you pass on the street
  2. Take a shower
  3. Play in the rain
  4. Smell the flower
  5. Eat that delicious cake/chocolate you have been desiring for
  6. Take the dog out to the park, throw some balls
  7. Shopping helps some people
  8. Exercise
  9. Sleep

Cheer Up

Recently I found something that actually can help me to come out of any mood. I found super energy from New Age Music. Just moving my shoulders or tapping my legs for it is super energy booster. Moving on the floor of my home actually revitalizes me and make me feel youthful.

It creates an awesome feeling of 'Bang' and excitement for the 2 hours i have it on, nothing else can penetrate my mind or thoughts at that very moment. Even now I am shaking my shoulders and moving my hands. Thankful to my teenage nephew for introducing this to me.

All those 'Sounds of Nature' did not help much but this is just different. Just put your earphone and start slow, you may increase the volume as it goes on...

Probably you may find interest in something else .. just look around ..


Still can not Navigate ..then .. Let it Out

Set the alarm clock to go off in 2 hours, close the door and Cry .. Cry your heart out. Can do it in the shower too .. My husband likes to drive out to somewhere alone, far away from the public.

Just get everything out of your chest. Crying is not weakness, it is just a way to release stress and everything that has been bottled up inside us. Reminder !! Do not hold anything inside when we are crying, pour out everything. Sometimes, some events that happened long long ago during our school days can even pop up.

For me personally, I like to watch some emotional movies just to get my tears flowing. Once it starts my own emotions takes over and my mind runs wild thinking of anything and everything that has been bottled up.

Another approach that i like to use is writing a note or letter filled with emotions. As we go on writing the tears will start to flow reliving those moment like a letter to our mother or to God expressing our pain.

Why we set the alarm .. well that is when its supposed to be re-Awakening moments .. for us to recuperate and start planning to move on. Stop then and there ...

Movies that can make ME Cry

The Pursuit to Happyness

Marley and Me





Saving Private Ryan

The Notebook

The Legend

Rising Up

Eventually all things will fall into place. Our problems will not magically disappear but we will be able to find ways to approach them with clearer mind. Whenever we have a fall, do not immediately start giving in to failure or even try to solve it at that very moment.

Always remember we are not the only one to face failure in life. Many others have gone through the experience and those people who are successful are the ones who got up and moved on with life.



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    • Hazel Abee profile imageAUTHOR

      Hazel Abee 

      3 years ago from Malaysia

      Noted .. it was like repeating the same thing when I tried to elaborate but will try again to fill in more information .. thanks for the feedback

    • yourgoodtips profile image

      Alex moya fernandez 

      3 years ago from Barcelona

      Nice hub. Useful Info althought I personally found the chapters slightly brief. I would prefer if they were a bit longer giving more examples. But it doesn't mean it's not OK, I found it really useful :).

      Thank you.


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