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Fix your diet lose the fizz!

Updated on February 24, 2013

Lose the fizz find the fitness!

No more carbonating drinks
No more carbonating drinks | Source

lose the fizz regain the health

I've been certain for a long time about Cola. In fact all things fizzy! You look at my Dad's health problems for one. The fact he's drank beer all his life. And I know I'm putting him down a bit of late but... And moving on it seems whenever I see a patient on dialysis the one common denominator is they 'like a drink'.. then another ....repeat to infinity!!! As far as the medical professionj goes it's like trying to talk to a brick wall. Wall to wall denials, blanket debasement of facts either not listening /properly -or the standard one liner put down "there's no scientific evidence". One nurse in a scan saw the gas build up in my stomach and announced proudly, and with so much natural/ seemingly unforced evangical authority "it's all perfectly harmless!" you would've thought ST. Peter himself was in the room! It took me ages to realise that if there is no scientific evidence, it only means that the/enough research hasn't been done. They've been told by the people with vested interests to flog such stuff that 'it does no harm' and as they're friendly and similar in professional terms they don't bother to look at these commonalities themselves!!! I'm certain that many illness would not occur were in not for the amount of gas in food -and more importantly drink!!! The government panders to the slogan "it's perfectly safe in small amounts!" It's not designed to be drank in small amounts! It's designed to be addictive to make money for its makers!! Many a quack news bulletin has said beer has health benefits due to the hops etc. But the most stable books point out that alcohol diminishes its value. The best way to get Barley etc. is in food. Furthermore I am almost certain that those with Polycistic kidney (cists on the kidney) were quite possibly subject to gasses in pregnancy. But because many people make money out of treating such conditions will enough research ever be done to find the cause/s? -I seriously doubt it. Therefore people must make a leap of faith and educate their children, and lead by example. -If you want to get merry, at Christmas, birthdays try a short of brandy in/with a pint/half of orange cordial, or an Irish coffee (with Whyskey). Butr avoid fizz at all costs! What's more Gas being air it is most likely significantly responsible for making people look fat. Certainly fatter than they would be were the diet more natural. And lets face Water doesn't come from the cloud in such carbonated form! ----------

 I wrote the above reply in response to an email that went as follows:- We have a friend who is like you on dialysis and the thing he has in common with you is he has always drank Coca Cola. We also know someone else who is having bowel problems, the bowel attacks itself and creates cronic runs and bleeding etc and he also has always drank Coca Cola in large amounts. Why dont you do some research and see if there are any more links to Coke with other people. Maybe Coke should carry a health warning if consumed in regular and large quanties could cause health probs. Cigarettes do don't they. At least with your computer skills it would be easier for you to do and maybe help other people from having health problems and being addicted to it.

 --------------- Lately a popular person on dialysis died of a heart attack. He hadn't given up 'drinking'... You need More facts/proof -look around you!

-Some time ago, I heard a man at my dad's work went to a doctor because he was feeling bloated.  His head/arm or something was unusually large,  The doctor asked what he ate.  And was quite extensive;  he found out that the guy was drinking a bottle of fizzy pop every day.  He ordered him to stop and that bloating went down eventually -oh!  (blushes) but there's one more thing.  -Don't suppress passing wind, if you have to excuse yourself often so be it.  It is your bodies way of freeing itself from the bloating!  Don't be embarrassed.

Remember to exercise

An easy to use for beginners, at home taking up little room, will go under the bed or in a corner of the room.
An easy to use for beginners, at home taking up little room, will go under the bed or in a corner of the room. | Source

Quick Drink fizz -err, Quiz!

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Update 2013

Feel free to comment, but having said that. I felt the need to denyy a comment from an annonymous person. The person assumed that the knowledge gained was from some kind of Indian Guru type self help book. And that for that very reason, and that reason alone! I should dismiss it out of sight! Such comment as "Have a word with your doctor mate!" indicated to me that the commenter assumed that doctors (ie. GP's etc.) are the font of all knowledge, and that anything they don't know isn't worth knowing...
This person would do well to read some of my other writings. These writings are born of nearly ten years on dialysis' 3 times per week in hospital for four hours at a time, and then some! If that weren't enough 8 years before that visiting as an out patient on a regular basis. Still not convinced?

Recently, I spent 6 weeks in hospital with Septacemia. It took them 3 weeks to realise that I am unable to take very high doses of antibiotic orally. By then I was malnourished, had lost 10 stone, and was on the ready list for ICU. Besides this I've had the odd week or so now and then with other problems. More than enough to come to know the attitudes and opininons of many doctors, and others in the medical profession for that matter!

The term "Profession", or "Professional" merely indicates that some kind of service is being paid for. And is, somewhere down the line -even on the NHS. What is assumed too often is that this is the best possible. Yet with shortages, cut backs etc. People don't really have the time or energy to look at how things might be improved. And as we know front line staff are being cut back, so it stands to reason a lot behind the scenes will suffer. Good Luck to the research facilities, I say! It is only recently that research places have started advertising for public help. This suggests a desparation.

And as far as the researching itself goes. I often hear the argument "There's no evidence to suggest ..."
This only means that no research has been done, or certainly no conclusive research. Though what the difference is most of the time is hard to say! So there's no research been done to test the harm that fizz in drinks may cause. But you will have heard the term "Garbage In, Garbage Out" as a computer term. Basically what you feed into the computer is returned out in much the same way. If you tell it to PRINT something it does. If You spell PRINY wrong (as shown) You get a syntax error message. Now, for the real evidence and proof.

I assert the claim that much of the health problems today are attributable to gas, inherent, or added to food and particularly drink. Though the medical proffession seem to have cowtowed to the consumer industry on the matter by not researching further -if at all! Has thereby taken the word of an organisation whose best interests it is to sell as many of the items it can, and thereby is very much in its best interests to label it 'safe'.
Personal Evidence -and not, or not just the works of a self help book/s (And there are some decent books of many and varied subjects around- But personal evidence where I was in so much pain I could not stand up straight, and I felt looking at it that indegestion remedies were designed to suppress the gas, and so I started burping. For as long and as often as I needed to to make the pain go away. Doctors don't know everything, they just like to think they do for the sake of their own egos, and what is more. They like every-one else to think they do as this appeals to their sense of power. This gives them the green light to do whatever they want to do!

You don't go to the garage with a faulty indicator light, and the mechanic says right, I'll fix your exhaust! So, why should this power be taken away from the patient to decide what needs fixing?


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    • days leaper profile imageAUTHOR

      days leaper 

      8 years ago from england

      Thanks for your kind comments Pamela99, and it is so nice of you to sign up as a fan. I keep up to date with all fans, though this is a very time permitting thing. I will always look to find something I feel able to comment on -for all those listed as fans- if I feel it will enhance their Hub etc.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Your article is very interesting. I quite drinking all carbonated beverages a couple of years ago. I have no idea how they affect the kidneys but they have absolutely no nutritional value. I read somewhere that one cola a day can wipe out your immune system response for that day. I don't know if that have been scientifically proven.

      Votes/ Rated awesome.

    • days leaper profile imageAUTHOR

      days leaper 

      9 years ago from england

      Kaie: Do You know that if you heat "Soda" on a low setting for approx. 10 mins (time depends on level of carbonation). Youy can flatten it!

      Be warned though, it gets a bit syruppy -cure this alot by adding still water like Evian goes well with cola.

      Another note is that "Diet" isn't that good for you, as fructose-glucose will help remove potassium "vitamin K" with exercise. The natural form of sugar is removed in diet versions as it was/is thought to be "The" Health problem.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 

      9 years ago

      I very rarely drink any type of soda anymore................. makes me feel yucky, but every once in awhile I have an overwhelming urge to open a diet dr, pepper or a diet coke and then........... well, I indulge.......... only to feel yucky later! This was great! Kaie


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