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Flash Eze Menopause Hot Flash Treatment

Updated on January 14, 2011

Menopause hot flash relief Video

Flash Eez Menopause Hot Flash relief

The Flash-Eze Finger Ring is a new alternative Non Drug menopause hot flashes treatment for rleif of Hot Flashes, or Hot flushes. The Flash Eez works on the same principle as one of the most ancient Chinese practices known as acupunture. According to acupunture theory, “Chi” circulates in the body along twelve major energy pathways know as meridians. These meridians are then linked to certain organs within the bodies micro electrical system. Oriental Yin-Yang theory is believed to achieved the state of Chi (bio-energy) when your bodies negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) internal energies are in balanced. According to tradition, "chi" has been described as a natural force which allows your body and mind to perform to there Maximum potential

The Flash-Eze Finger Rings were designed specifically to capture natural ionized properties and embed them into the secret materials which have been formulated for use within the production of the Flash-Eze Finger Ring. The ring is designed to be worn on the end of the the little finger, and whilst being worn the secret properties contained within the ring then balance the positive and negative energy forces of your body to achieve a state of “Chi,” thus ensuring relief from Hot Flushes and night sweats. The effects can be felt almost immediately once the rings are placed on the little finger, which then enables you to feel and perform at your best by relieving the hot flash symptoms.

The Flash-eze Finger Ring is a revolutionary New wellness product for menopause hot flash treatment and relief.

Flash Eez Finger Rings

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The Main Elements of Menopause treatment

  • Flash-Eez Finger Rings contain an exclusive ionization process.
  • Exclusive formulated process makes Flash EEz finger rings like no other Hot Flush Remedy.
  • Flash-Eez Finger Rings designed specifically to relieve sufferers from the effects of Hot Flushes
  • Amazing results with the relief of Hot Flashes have been reported after wearing a Flash-Eez Finger Ring for only a few minutes.
  • The Flash-Eez Finger Ring was designed specifically to relieve all the debilitating symptoms of Hot Flushes, or as it is known in many parts of the World, Hot flashes.
  • Enjoy a more active lifestyle and provide you with an overall sense of well-being

If you suffer form those dreaded Hot Flushed try one for yourself and discover the difference a Flash-Eez Finger Ring can make!

Hot flash Treatment


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    • profile image

      Eric 7 years ago

      Looks like you have a revolutionary product here to help with people who can't take prescriptions or hormone replacement therapy. I will most definately try some for my wife.