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Flat Tummy Secrets – Ex Model Reveal Secrets to Flat Sexy Tummy

Updated on April 1, 2010

Have you ever heard of an ex-model name Zoe? No, how about other famous celebrities like Shakira, Paul Walker, Kate Hudson, Janet Jackson, or Brad Pitt? Want to know what an ex model and other famous celebrities have in common? They all have flat gorgeous tummies!! And today we are going to reveal some of their secrets so you can also have a flat tummy that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Flat Tummy Secrets Reveal

  1. A year after the ex-model Zoe had her baby boy; she has a gorgeous flat tummy. What’s her secret? Weight lifting and a healthy diet.
  2. How about Shakira? She has healthy eating habits, dances, does light weight lifting, and uses an elliptical machine to obtain that flat tummy she’s always showing.
  3. Paul Walker eats smart, does weight lifting, and a lot of martial arts to keep his rock hard abs and flat tummy.
  4. Kate Hudson does not do any weight lifting to maintain her flat tummy. Instead she exercises for three hours a day, has a low carb diet and limits her calories intake to a low 1500 a day, all to keep her flat tummy.
  5. Janet Jackson does cardio and strength training to maintain her flat tummy. She also has a low carb, low calorie diet that helps her maintain her sexy flat tummy.
  6. How about Brad Pit? This famous fellow also fallows a low carb diet to maintain his flat tummy, along with various types of exercise. (especially cardio)

As you can see, although this famous people all have different jobs in the entertaining world, they all have a flat belly, and they all follow a somewhat similar exercise routine and eating habits. Why? Well the answer is quite simple. Weight lifting is a great way to tone and exercise your muscles; therefore if you want a flat tummy, weight lifting is a great option. Dance, martial arts, cardio, and strength training are all exercises that include a whole body workout, which means more calories burned and sexier, harder, flat tummies. You probably asking your self why not abdominals, right? The truth is that if you want a flat tummy you need to do exercises that burn calories, therefore if you only do abdominals you will not burn enough calories to get a flat tummy, so if you want a flat tummy, start thinking of an exercise plan that will make you sweat and burn calories.

Having a healthy eating habit is also great way to obtain and maintain a flat tummy. Why? A lot of foods today have a lot of bad cholesterol that, ones digested, end up as fat in our tummy. As a result, eating a low carb diet will not only help you maintain a flat tummy, but it will also make it easier to keep an overall good weight.

As you can, you do not have to be an ex-model, a singer, or an actress to obtain and maintain a flat tummy. All you need to do is adopt and maintain a good exercise routine, along with good eating habits and you too can have the flat tummy of an ex-model!!


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