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Flat back posture: where does the booty begins and where does it end?

Updated on January 4, 2017

Baby got back; no literally she got back

Have you ever looked at someone as they’re walking away and wonder what in the world are they sitting on? I mean you can’t tell where their booty begins and where it ends; it almost looks like it’s nothing but back. The correct term for this is called flat back; Flat back is a posture deviation where your lower back losses it’s natural curve, making it appear as if you have no butt. Accompanied to the flat back is rounded shoulders, a sunken chest, tight upper abdominals and pectoral muscles, weak neck flexors (front of neck) and tight neck extensors (back of neck). Unlike scoliosis, flat back is a posture deviation that can be fixed through the proper workout.

Get your groove back (how to fix)

To fix this posture deviation, let’s start from the neck and work our way down to the pelvis.

Neck & shoulders

One of the symptoms of flat back posture is a stiff neck and adding insult to injury is sitting at your desk all day walking with your head down in your phone; you need to loosen up the motion in your neck. There are ways to relieve the tension in your neck; one of which is to go see a chiropractor. They can find the joints in your neck that are locked up and loosen those joints. Another way to loosen up the motion in your neck is with these exercises and stretches:

  • · Neck retraction- Bring the head back keeping your eyes forward then return to neutral position
  • · Rotation- Turn your head right over your shoulder so that your nose is over your shoulder ten return to the neutral position, then repeat to the other side.
  • Head drop- tilt your head back as comfortably possible pointing your chin to the ceiling then return to the neutral position.

Door strecth


Your shoulders are rounded, because they are weak and underused; to combat rounded shoulders it’s important to work your trap and shoulders. A quick way to tell is your shoulders are rounded is stand up and look at your thumbs; if your thumbs are pointing towards each other then you have rounded shoulders. On the other hand, if your posture was correct then your thumbs would point forward. Rounded shoulders limits mobility, which will affect your everyday living. Here are some exercises and stretches to combat your rounded shoulders:

1. Scapular pushups- Begin in a normal pull-up position with a palms-away grip and hands shoulder-width apart.

2. From a full hang, with just slightly shrugged shoulders, you want to draw the scapula down and together, thus raising your body slightly but without bending your arms and pulling as in a regular pull-up.

3. Hold the top position for one second, then return to the starting position. The range of motion is only a few inches to a foot or two

4. Do six to twelve reps, keeping nearly straight arms and tight spinal erectors and glutes throughout.

5. Do two sets with a three-minute rest in between.

Y raisers-

Lie face down on the floor with your shoulders fixed out on a diagonal Keeping your core tight, raise your arms off the ground. Make sure to keep your arms straight the entire time. Pause at the top, and then slowly return to the starting position. l angle so that your hands line up with ears. Your body should be in the shape of a Y with thumbs pointing up.

External rotator cuff exercise

Raise the pulley until it is even with your elbow. You’ll be standing sideways next to the weight. Grasp the cable attachment with your far arm while keeping your elbow close to your side and forearm across your stomach. With your palm facing in, pull the cable away from the body, then return, repeat, and switch.

Door stretch

To perform the door shoulder stretch, stand a few steps in front of a doorway. Raise one of your arms and reach back until you are grasping the doorway frame with your thumb facing up. Your arm should be above your head. Turn your body away from your outstretched arm until you feel a gentle stretch in your shoulder. Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds and repeat with the other arm.


Flat back posture gives you tight abs, which causes a lot of problems in your everyday activities. On the plus side, they’re strong abs, but they also affect your posture, so it’s important that you stretch them. One way to get a get abdominal stretch is with a Swiss ball; it can help you stretch the oblique as well.


The pelvis rotates backwards from the ideal neutral position; this is also known as posterior pelvic tilt. This causes the rounding of the natural curve, giving you the “no butt” look. This idea here is to stretch the hamstrings, strengthen the hip flexors and practice forward pelvic tilts.

Stretching the hamstring

Straight leg raise- Lie on your back and lift your leg straight up while keeping your knee straight.

90-degree bend leg raise

Lie on your back and lift as you would in a straight leg raise then drive your knee as close to your chest as possible. Next, clasp your hands behind you then raise your leg and be sure to flex your foot.

Pelvic rock

Strengthening the hip flexors

Single leg hip lift

Lie down with your legs bent and one off the floor. Lift your hips in the air while contracting your glutes.

Practice pelvic tilt

Practice tilting your pelvic tilt with the pelvic rock

There are many exercises that can combat the flat back posture, but keep in mind that your daily living is also a reason why you may suffer from “no butt” syndrome; so be sure you are sitting straight up in your sit, or in your car. Walking around with your head in your cell phone also contribute, so hold your head up and get some fresh air.


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