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Flat tummy mummy

Updated on February 21, 2016

Put your exercise planner in your weekly planner

Stick to the planner, buy a pedometer, get on those 10,000 steps a day to start with.

Well it seems very tough in the mind but it is not that exhausting. Just need to get your foot into it. Do it at home, take few steps in your backyard and garden. Walk around the house. Just dont sit. You see how many calories you have burned just with that.

Go stroll the road opposite the house a few small walks.

Keep the television for only 1hr a day. get off that couch.

Think before you eat: Learn to say to that tempting yummy piece of cake when you visit a friend. Instead ask her to chop fruit for you. Dont look at those coloured bottles filled with soft drinks. Keep that sugar away. Your body doesnt need that sugar as it has a lot filled in. Drop all that down. When you crave for food or yummy desserts just say only few days and everything you say that it works. say it all the time!

Treat yourself with something new like a new pair of earrings, new shoes or go watch a movie.

Dont' go hungry: Remember when you get hungry your body speaks of eating and over eating. So going for a visit to a friend go full tummy so you say no thank you, i am too full. your friend will not feel bad if you tell her you are on a exercise planner and diet.

Join the club: Keep up the momentum, get some volunteer job for a few hours.

When you think of going to the fridge to look for something, step back, make a cup of green tea and go for a bath. If you had a bath, do some reading.


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