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Flax Seed: Smart Food For Dieting

Updated on May 7, 2016
Ground golden flax seed is smart food for dieters.
Ground golden flax seed is smart food for dieters. | Source

Fresh Ground Flax Seed for Dieting?

Want to gain the very most health from a diet plan? It's simple! Use fresh ground flax seed.

You can be decisive about whether using flax seed in a healthy diet to help you lose weight is viable or if it sounds like a scam or a hyped commercial for a product that cannot possibly keep the promises being made about it.

Flax and Weight Loss

While there isn’t a single weight loss suggestion that is the answer for healthy dieting, I’ve found that using ground flax seed daily has proven to be very helpful.

It really does help us jumpstart our diets when it's time to drop some extra pounds, as well as help us maintain a plan that works when we use it regularly.

For those who do not want to know more but just want to do it, my recipe is three tablespoons of freshly ground golden flax seed mixed into a cup of grape juice or apple sauce once a day.

One tip you want to know right away is that you should take an extra minute to grind the batches thoroughly because your body is not designed to break down flax seed's outer hull.

Ground Flax Seed Is Smart Food!
Ground Flax Seed Is Smart Food! | Source
Flax Seed Benefits Health
Flax Seed Benefits Health | Source

More Information on Using Flax Seed for Dieting

If you tend to have any stomach upset when eating high fiber foods, begin small. It may be that starting with one tablespoon of fresh ground flax seed per day and working up to three tablespoons per day would be easier on some people’s systems.

Dividing the intake throughout the day could also be helpful to some people. While I like the antioxidants in the grape juice and I have no problem drinking it down for a quick snack so I can get on to other things, not everyone wants to do that each day.

My friend makes a meal out of hers but putting it in a blueberry smoothie everyday as her breakfast. My aunt eats hers mid-day with a smashed banana because she doesn’t like to drink anything but clear liquids. The point being, it is possible for everyone to incorporate healthy flax seed into their life.

Grinding Flax Seed For Healthy Dieting

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In the Grinder, Ready to GoGround Flax Seed Benefits Our Health
In the Grinder, Ready to Go
In the Grinder, Ready to Go | Source
Ground Flax Seed Benefits Our Health
Ground Flax Seed Benefits Our Health | Source

Flaxseed and Dieting go well Together

On an immediate basis, adding flax seed to the diet enhances efforts to drop some pounds quickly. Better yet, balanced diet that includes ground flax seed along with an exercise program will yield very satisfying results over a life time.

Deciding your strategy for weight loss and incorporating fresh ground flax seed into your recipes are great first steps to getting where you want to be in the fastest way possible.

Important Note:

Any changes to your diet for the purpose of losing weight should be discussed with your doctor. Getting the advice of a physician who has reviewed your health is your safest start to a new diet.

Using Flaxseed to Lose Weight is a Good Thing!

Replacing a meal with fresh ground flaxseed is as easy as it is smart. You can mix it with a high quality fruit-filled yogurt for a very quick and healthy meal. Stirring it into applesauce with dried fruits and nuts makes for some variety if you are using flax to replace a meal each day.

Mixing it with low-fat cottage cheese and fresh or frozen fruit also make a great easy meal. Sprinkling it into a green or a fruit salad adds both flavor and nutrition, but I personally would not like to use more than one tablespoon on a salad.

Using ground flaxseed as a healthy snack is a great way to work through a diet plan that requires eating something small every few hours. Simply grinding it and stirring it into a cup of juice as I do provides energy for that mid-day slump as well as the right nutrients for the body’s diet mode.

Flax seed can be used in many ways and its benefits are well worth chasing a few shiny strays around the kitchen. Any type of cooking may break down the nutritional benefits so I almost always use it raw, however, recent research indicates that cooking with flax seed still offers tremendous benefit. Most people prefer the lighter flavor of the golden flax seed to the brown’s stronger taste.

Among the many benefits of consuming fresh ground flax seed is that the fiber, so filled with nutrients, stimulates a sluggish system that is carrying extra weight. Also some dieters experience inflammation from increased exercise. Flax seed's inflammation fighting properties have made me a permanent fan.

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Good Things to Remember when Adding Ground Flax Seed to Your Diet:

• Grind it to a fine powder and consume it while still fresh, immediately if possible, before the nutrients oxidize so you can get the most benefit from your effort.

• Once flax seed is ground it should not be kept at room temperature. Eating it right after grinding it solves this problem, but don’t forget, it can become rancid even in the refrigerator. Storing the whole seed at room temperature is fine. It was designed for long-term storage in its own shell.

• Always be sure to drink an extra glass of water after eating or drinking your ground flax seed so that the fiber can work without stressing your body. Besides, we all need to drink extra water when dieting.

More About Flax Seed

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    • Merriweather profile image

      Merriweather 7 years ago

      Very informative. I had no idea that flax seed could become rancid. I use whole ground flax seed meal, which is apparently different from what you're describing here. I have a lot to learn!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I have been reading articles about how nutritious it is and you have given me some great ideas of how to incorporate it into our diets. Thanks!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Merriweather, do check on the best way to store the ground flax seed meal. I found this site for you start with:

      You might like to see its paragraph on "How Should I Store Flaxseed And For How Long?"

      Thanks for stopping in to this hub!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Peggy W, So glad you found it helpful. It is nutritious and ... next flax article coming soon. :) Thanks for the comment.

    • rmcrayne profile image

      rmcrayne 7 years ago from San Antonio Texas

      RT, how do you grind your seeds? In a food processor, mini electric chopper, coffee grinder?

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