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Flax Seed: Make Soothing Comfort Packs

Updated on May 6, 2016
Flax Packs are Easy to Create and Besides their Benefits, they make Amazing Little Gifts
Flax Packs are Easy to Create and Besides their Benefits, they make Amazing Little Gifts | Source

Hot or Cold, Comfort Packs made from Flax Grains Meet the Need

Have you heard of the hot/cold packs made with buckwheat, rice, or other grains? They really do work wonders on tired neck muscles, cramping backs, and chilly toes.

However, there are a few specific differences in the seeds. Flaxseed is lighter weight than the average grain used for making hot/cold packs, but all of its benefits are worth taking a look at.

A Quick Look at Flax Packs

Primarily, the advantages of using flax seed include:

• The small seeds will mold around body parts more easily than larger grains.

• Flax seed’s high concentration of oil means that the pack will hold heat longer, especially in a pocket or under a blanket.

• Because other grains contain more water they dry out quicker than flax’s oils meaning that the flax pack has a longer life.

My favorite combination for hot/cold packs is to mix 1-2 tablespoons of lavender flower seed with every 3 cups of golden flax seed. Prepare it in a glass measuring cup that has a pour spout so you are ready to fill your pack right away.

Besides enjoying the mixture's fragrance while your put your pack together, relaxing with the flax’s heat and lavender’s fragrance is a special treat at the end of a long day. When it is cold and you want to warm up quick, having a flax pack with lavender ready to heat is simply marvelous.

Many people find lavender’s scent especially desirable for evenings because it promotes restful sleep. Bear in mind, though, that the brown flax seed has a strong scent that can be a little overwhelming when heated and stick with the popular golden flax when making comfort packs.

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Now could be your best time to design personalized flax seed comfort packs and finish ahead of time so you can be ready to use them as gifts during the giving season at the end of the year. Hostess gifts, added to a bow on a gift of scarves, gloves, or hats, or a set in a pretty box for a busy mom--there are a lot of reasons to create customized flax packs for the people in your life!

❤ Why Flax Seed Packs?

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Flax Seed Packs Create SmilesGolden Flax Seed Make The Best PacksDo Not Wet Flax Seed PacksUse A Pillowcase On Flax Seed PacksDon't Overheat Flax Seed PacksMix Flax Seed With A Little Lavender Seed
Flax Seed Packs Create Smiles
Flax Seed Packs Create Smiles | Source
Golden Flax Seed Make The Best Packs
Golden Flax Seed Make The Best Packs | Source
Do Not Wet Flax Seed Packs
Do Not Wet Flax Seed Packs | Source
Use A Pillowcase On Flax Seed Packs
Use A Pillowcase On Flax Seed Packs | Source
Don't Overheat Flax Seed Packs
Don't Overheat Flax Seed Packs | Source
Mix Flax Seed With A Little Lavender Seed
Mix Flax Seed With A Little Lavender Seed | Source

Comfort Packs Made from Flax Seed Grains

Sewing a cotton square or circle from tightly woven (not gauzy) fabric, leaving a one-inch opening is the best way to begin making the sacks for flax hot/cold packs for soothing comfort.

Also, a loosely formed heart shape is a great neck soother, and a long narrow sack can be wrapped around a knee or ankle. Be careful to use a microwave safe fabric that will not catch fire when heated.

Corduroy fabric is a bonus because it holds the heat in the pack really well. I do not like to use a sock for this project because it is possible for the grain seeds to work their way out of the knitted fabric.

Use a funnel to slowly fill the fabric sack to approximately three-quarters full. Stitch up the one-inch opening, either by hand or machine. Then make a little pillowcase for the filled sack to help keep the sack itself clean. For a child, making a small pillowcase out of soft fleece with a velcro closure could be very nice.

No matter what the pillowcase fabric may be made of, do not put it in the microwave to heat with the flax pack. Heat the flax pack sans the pillow case. Remember, too, that flax seed sacks should never be allowed to get wet.

Both flax and lavender have high oil concentrations so only a little microwave heating is necessary. Good care should be taken during the heating process. Experiment with heating in your microwave by starting small and extending the time in small increments.

In my microwave I heat a hand-sized flax and lavender hot pack for twenty seconds on one side and twenty on the other for long lasting heat. Anymore and my hot pack’s flax grain oils are burned. Start with ten-second intervals to test your microwave’s strength.

Three Tips to Remember:

• Be sure not to overheat a flaxseed hot pack.

• Remove pillowcase to heat.

• Do not wet flax seed pack, wash only the pillowcase.

Homemade Flax Pack

Enjoy Using Flax Seed Packs, but Don't Forget that they can Make Great Gifts

Hope you enjoy the warmth and fragrance of your first flax seed sack so much that you are inspired to make more. You can experiment with making some other styles using different fragrances, original shapes, and various pillowcase fabrics.

A wake up call with citrus to keep you warm on a frosty morning’s walk, a cinnamon and ginger fragrance for warming up with a good book--the possibilities are really interesting to think through when you consider the benefits of fragrances in our lives. Just be sure to have fun making, using, and giving them!

While my favorite way to use one is for soothing warmth, don't forget that a cold flax seed pack is useful to help reduce inflammation. It is a good idea to have a few dedicated cold packs sealed in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer in case of an injury.

Making these cold packs out of red and white fabric sewn in a red cross design could help you remember that it is important to be sure to return them to their correct storage when they warm up. Using fabric paint to put a smiley face on them couldn't hurt. :)

The healing benefits of flax seed packs, hot or cold, make keeping them on hand an excellent idea. As a personalized gift, they can't be topped!

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Aromatic Lavender Packs

Have You Ever Used a Comfort Pack Filled with Flax Grain Seeds?

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    • Merriweather profile image

      Merriweather 7 years ago

      Very cool idea. I used a sock filled with rice and heated in the microwave to soothe my lower back during at least one pregnancy. Your suggestion sounds like a great one for putting on your face to help soothe painful sinuses during cold season.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Oh this is so great! I happen to have a ton of flax seeds in the fridge, real lavender from my cousin's garden - and an achy shoulder (from writing all day). I can do this. Thanks - I'll bookmark this.

      Wonderful! Great information! I'm excited!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Merriweather, I'm so glad you shared a good idea for using the flax packs. Thank you for commenting!

      BkCreative, Oooh, I hope you get fast relief from your flax pack. Thanks for your kind response!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Oh...and to think for cold packs I just used frozen veggies like peas wrapped in kitchen towels. Yours sounds like a better idea for sure! :-) Would love one of yours right now wrapped around my neck.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Well, I wish you had one then! They are easy to make... :)

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