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Flax Oil and CLA: Do They Help You Lose Weight?

Updated on March 06, 2013

With so many different diet options available to you, it can be really difficult to decide which ones are worth trying and which ones are just myths. The best thing that you can do to make sure that you engage in healthy weight loss that is right for your dietary needs is to do a lot of research in advance about your different options. By helping yourself to be more informed, you can make good diet decisions. Hopefully, that's how you've come across this article; you want to know more about the pros and cons of weight loss with flax oil and CLA so that you can decide if this is a good dietary choice for you.

Here are the basics about flax oil, CLA and weight loss:

  • Flax oil and CLA are both natural products which are reported to have a number of different health benefits.
  • Flax is a plant; the oil comes from its seeds. CLA is an acid that comes from meat and dairy products. For this reason, people who are vegetarian or vegan regularly choose flax oil over CLA if they are considering using these products.
  • Studies have shown that CLA can help people to lose weight, reducing body fat especially in the abdominal region. However there are some people who believe that its use can cause insulin resistance and lead to diabetes in people who are extremely overweight. This means that CLA is best for weight loss in people who have only a little bit of weight to lose.
  • Flax, on the other hand, has been show to limit the risk of diabetes.
  • Both flax oil and CLA are actually forms of fat which surprises many people since they are used for weight loss. However, people actually need the right kinds of fat in their body to maintain a stable and healthy weight so these "good fats" can assist with improved diet and weight loss.

So, those are the basics. But what you want to know is whether you can lose weight by consuming flax oil and CLA. Unfortunately, there's not a simple answer to this question. The general answer is that most people who are only slightly overweight will see some benefits when incorporating either flax oil or CLA into their diet. The right fats used in combination with a good diet and an exercise program will lead to the boy stabilizing at the weight that is right for the individual.

If you're looking for a quick weight loss fix, you aren't going to find it with CLA or flax oil. But if you're looking to set yourself up on a new diet program that includes changes which you can incorporate into a long term plan, then CLA or flax oil might be good for you. Individuals who are looking to lose a healthy amount of weight through a goal-setting process will find that supplements such as these can be a part of that plan. So, as you're looking into the options that you have for dieting, you might want to keep these on the list of things to learn more about.


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