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Floaters in the Eye – Are Eye Floaters Harmful

Updated on October 14, 2010

Recently I started observing some thing in my left eye like a small transparent spot/string that moves around in my field of vision. When I tried to look at it, it quickly moves out of my visual field. It is more noticeable when I look at a white wall.

It is not obstructing my view, but I notice that it is there all the time. When I wear sun glasses, I don't observe it as much. When I noticed for the first time, I was concerned because I didn't know what it was. Not sure if it is a sign of some thing more serious.

When I started doing more research on it, I came to know that it is called floater and a very common situation for many people.

Floaters in the Eye
Floaters in the Eye

Even though I gathered some information and came to know that it was not anything serious, still I decided to visit an eye specialist to make sure my eye is healthy. The latest appointment I could get with the eye doctor was three weeks away. Still I took the appointment as I know that it was not a serious condition.

Nurse checked my vision and said that it is better than 20/20. Then she had put some drops in my eye (three types of them) and said it will dilate my eyes (whatever that means). She measured the eye pressure and said it was good. Also she told me that I will not be able to do things like reading a book or using a computer for next five hours so.

After 15 minutes, the doctor examined my eye with the tools they have. Doctor repeated the information (which I already know by this time - thank god it wasn't different) about floaters in the eye and explained what they are and how they form in the eye. He said they are not harmful and there is no way to remove them.

Here is some background information about floaters in the eye:

Eye is filled with a thick fluid called vitreous. As we age, changes occur and fluid like substance inside the eyes becomes more liquid. Microscopic fibers within the fluid string together and form shadows on the retina, which appear as floaters.

My eye doctor told me that if I see sudden increase in number of floaters or see flashes, I should contact him immediately. He said these can be symptoms of a retinal tear or a retinal detachment, which requires immediate attention.

After having floaters in the eye for few weeks, you get used to it. Once in a while you observe it but it would not bother you any more.

I asked my eye doctor if there is any way to remove the floaters in my eye. He said, only way to remove them is to replace the fluid inside the with artificial fluid and it would be a major process.

Even though many believe that floaters cannot be removed, while searching on the internet I found some doctors offering solutions to remove floaters in the eye. An eye is very sensitive and vital part in the body (doesn't mean to sound like other parts of the body are not important). So you have to be really careful if choose to opt for removing floaters in the eye through a surgical procedure or through any other form of treatment.


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    • profile image

      Enck 4 years ago

      The only real "Cure" for Eye Floaters:

    • profile image

      Enck 6 years ago

      The harmless floaters usually look like colorless crystal (translucent) strands and dots. Generally, people younger than 40 experience this kind of floaters. Careful observation reveals that they are regular forms of transparent strands and tiny spheres.

      There is no treatment for harmless eye floaters, they are invisible to eye doctors. They are just a matter of perception. The acuity of visual system (retina + brain) is high enough to discern them. There is a spiritual tradition, Dzogchen, which considers them as Togal Visions. They are direct perception of reality without mind contours. Eye Floaters offer a lesson in the life. Their message is: learn to love life as it is and yourself as you are. The formula of this message is plain and simple: Unconditional Love.

      But only the harmless ones and the eye doctors can determine if they are benign or not.

    • Sekharg profile image

      Sekharg 7 years ago from USA


      Good to know that you had written an eBook on removing eye floaters. If I could suggest one thing that would be this. Add satisfaction guarantee/money back guarantee information on the webpage.

      That would give people confidence that you stand by the quality of information found in your eBook. It would definitely increase conversions and sales.

      My two cents.


    • profile image

      Chantal 7 years ago

      Eye floaters are typically harmless, especially if you have been to an eye doctor and confirmed that you do not have a retinal tear. There are several things you can do to cut down drastically on the floaters. I highly recommend visiting my site,, for more information on this subject because there are easy ways to cope with this problem without resorting to surgery.

      Best of luck.


      "The Eye Floater Solution" by Chantal Romy