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Flu Season is Right Around the Corner. So Is It Time to Get a Flu Shot?

Updated on September 27, 2011

Flu Vaccines


Flu Season is Right Around the Corner. So Is It Time to Get a Flu Shot?

I live in Florida and we have flu season year around blame it on the Tropics. But flu shots are only available in the September. I don’t think anyone likes shots but people also hate being sick even worse. So if you hate getting sick I would suggest you get the flu shot. They are available this year in grocery stores, pharmacy’s and at your doctor’s office.

Who Should Be Vaccinated?

Anyone who the doctor recommends gets vaccinated. But of particular important is young children, pregnant women and the elderly. I also suggest vaccinating anyone that is school age.

When To Be Vaccinated?

No time like the present. Or you can make a doctor’s appointment to obtain your vaccination.

What To Do Before Vaccination?

Taking a dose of Motrin before the shot helps recover from the injection. So if you are so inclined take an analgesic before receiving the vaccine.

Side Effects?

My son had his today. He has a rare disorder and Autism and after the shot he went home and slept the rest of the day but he is up now and okay. So I would say you might feel like taking a nap but nothing to severe.

Did I Have A Shot?

No I am not in a high risk category and we have limited supplies of vaccines in my area and frequently run out for high risk populations. I too hate getting sick but I am young enough I will survive it. After everyone that is high risk in my area is vaccinated I will make an appointment at the local health department to see if I can obtain a vaccination.

Does the Flu Shot Guarantee You Will Not Get the Flu?

No but it minimizes the likelihood. Unfortunately the flu mutates throughout the season so the flu vaccination you are injected with at the beginning f the season may be completely different strain then the flu at the end of the season. That is why in Florida we are often confronted with having to have multiple flu vaccines. I think we have had the bird flu, the swine flu and the regular flu one season.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Danette,

      You know the Navy wouldn't give those shots unless they believed it was good for their people. My grandfather was in the Navy as well. I understand your husband's position because i once received the flu shot days before I came down with the flu and I blamed the shot.

      I worked with high risk populations and it was not uncommon for to be exposed to everything. The flu shot was highly recommend. The only people who really have an argument against the flu shot are those who are allegric to eggs. We cultivate our vaccines in eggs not in birds and mice. But it a subcutaneous injection and a little benedrly before the shot takes care of any allergic reaction.

      Good for you Danette. My 96 year old friend who died this past January (Heart Failure)swore by the flu shot. And if it gives you 96 quality years then it is well worth it.

      Thanks again for reading, commenting and providing feedback.

      All My Best,


    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      I've gotten a flu shot every year for the past probably 20+ years, ever since I was in the Navy and we 'had' to. I don't have any problems getting it but my husband refuses to get one. He says it makes him sick. But at his age (61) and a light smoker, I wish he would.

      Nice info here.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi silver lining 5,

      My Mother thought exactly the way you do. She was totally against the injections. It is a subcatenous shot which means it is going into your skin. Do you realize the things that have gotten into your skin over the years?

      The flu kills pregnant women, children and elderly people by the hundreds of thousands each year. Certainly you wouldn't advocate at risk populations not to recieve a simple flu vaccine that could save their lives?

      My son has a rare disorder and autism and his doctors who I know are acting in his best interest insist he gets the flu shot. And I can be highly highly critical of our government as I write political satire but I do believe they are acting in what they believe is the best interest of our at risk population by providing flu vaccines.

      My son is fine after his flu shot by the way so apparently the flu shots are not so dangerous after all.

      And my Mother that held the same beliefs as you died at the age of 70 a really horrific death.


    • silver lining 5 profile image

      silver lining 5 6 years ago from Southwest

      I have never had a flu shot, I had a rough flu when I was about 12 years old then another one when I was about 40, I have not had the flu since. I don't believe in putting foreign agents into my body if I don't see an absolute need to. I believe these shots which may contain blood agents from mice, birds, etc., are not safe, if you have a disease and your immune system is already compromised you may be setting yourself up to making your illness more dangerous to yourself. I have to say though, your body, your right.