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Foam Rolling Exercises And Tips

Updated on December 7, 2013

Though a foam roller looks very simple but actually this six to twelve inches long cylindrical log can provide lots of benefits. You can call it an additional equipment for message therapy, exercises, etc. The foam rollers can be of different sizes and shapes. The half round foam rollers are for beginners and full round ones are for advanced users. This device is inexpensive, light weight and versatile so in almost every athletic training place, you will see foam rollers.

There are several benefits that rollers have. If you stay for a long time at a computer you may feel muscular tension around the neck. Also, strenuous exercise can lead to injuries in the gym. Generally, it is used to provide mysofascial release. Below, you can find some uses of foam rollers.

Balance training

Those who are into balance training can stand up on the foam roller and can achieve balancing. As the surface of this equipment is unstable so balancing on it is a great challenge for the user and a person can understand about the strength of his body. Beginners must start with the half round ones and once they have improved the balance then can try the full one.

Self massaging

The muscles and tendons can be stretched using this equipment. If you use a foam roller against your body weight then it will help to increase blood circulation which will soothe the tightened tissues. You can use foam rollers to reduce sensitivity in your muscles and tissues, also known as self-myofascial release technique. Using this technique you will improve body posture and flexibility and reduce injuries. More than that, it will relieve joint stress and muscle soreness, and corrects muscle imbalances.

Doing yoga

For yoga instructors foam roller also provides great help. With this simple tool, some yoga exercises have become more beneficial for people. Foam roller exercises seem to look like yoga practices because this tool puts the body into different positions and can help balance your muscles. Adding a foam roller to yoga session can enhance the group classes and may include more work for muscle groups.


For simple stretching such as pulling, bending, pushing exercises a foam roller can provide huge help. Known as self-myofascial release, this method of stretching allows for the removal of scar tissue. You should stretch your muscles after each foam rolling session. Adding this tool has made simple stretching more interesting.

Posture improvement and core strength

There are some foam roller exercises which can improve posture of people. If the core area of the body is developed, the spine can get good strength and become stable as well. As a result your body can get good support. Always one should concentrate on developing the core area because the over-all strength of the body will improve.

Those who are seeking of physiotherapy are prescribed to go for foam roller exercises. People who are suffering from paralysis or arthritis can use foam roller because it can improve the blood circulation and the condition of the sufferer will improve after using it. This tool is available in almost all the sports equipment selling shops.

Foam rolling workout


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