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Focus on Focus

Updated on August 14, 2012

Humanity is currently going through a strange phase of evolution that can be described as revolutionary, metamorphosing, momentous and exciting.

The quality of our 'Focus' is weakening constantly, and is in the danger of being decimated in the face of distracting forces. It represents a mammoth shift occurring at a rapid pace, something the world hasn’t seen before.

The underlying theme of all the massive change is information overload, which our minds are forced to cope with every single day. It doesn’t stop there, because the overload is not constant – it’s ever growing!

If we cast our mind back to the time when there was no Internet, what do we see?

The world seemed a ‘big’ place, professionals used to ‘type’ documents, bills were paid at the counter, people turned to newspapers, radio and TV for entertainment and information, and ‘snail mail’ was the fastest means of written communication (apart from ‘fax’).

Despite conducting our daily routines using those ‘old-fashioned’ means, there was still quality time left to spend with families and loved ones, and even have a sound sleep.

Flash-forward to today, when all those tasks can be done sitting at our desk in front of the computer or using our laptops, smartphones, iPads and Kindles.

The number of distractions has increased multi-fold and we are constantly in a restless state of mind as we check our emails throughout the day, our Facebook and Twitter updates every now and then, and some of us even txt when we are driving even though that may be unlawful.

At the same time, we still turn to newspapers, radio, TV and have some amount of ‘snail mail’ to handle.

But wait a minute – our minds still remain the same units that were handling so much less till a few years ago.

Is the world pondering over what our poor minds are going through currently? Do we still possess the same focus levels today?

Given that change is a constant and can’t be avoided, we’re left with the only option of changing our approach to the changes for a happier ‘Us’.

Sometimes we may tend to regain our focus by resorting to indulgences like coffee, tea, chocolate or sweets, but these steps are usually temporary and can even lead to more anxiety and unease.

Other suggestions include: yoga, meditation, visualisation techniques, relaxation exercises, and brain teasers like crosswords.

Whatever we decide to do, it’s really important we do that ‘today’ and ‘now’, and work towards the mission of conquering these new challenges.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from NZ

      Thanks Rosyel for your feedback - hope you conquer your challenges!

    • Rosyel Sawali profile image

      Rosyel Sawali 

      6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      True, as a teacher of young children, one challenge is to help students focus on the task at hand. In a way, I'm glad that I'm a product of the "older" generation when there was less distraction than today. ^_^


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