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Follow These Ten Rules for Great Health

Updated on September 26, 2016
Follow these tips for great health
Follow these tips for great health | Source


The most important thing to maintain good health is to develop beneficial-to-health daily habits.

This hub, therefore, shares ten important health rules to live by. If you incorporate them into your daily life, you'll no longer need to spend money on expensive medicines or on seeing doctors.

These ten health tips are excellent preventative measures rather than cures. Therefore, it's worth applying them from this day forward, so that you're protected from any kind of diseases.

Health Rule No. 1 - Drink Enough Water


To help the body flush out daily toxins, make sure to drink enough water. Each person, depending on the body mass as well as climatic conditions, will need to drink a different quantity of water.

In order to be sure that you drink enough water, you should get into the habit of having a bottle of water with you wherever you go. As soon as you feel thirsty, sip it. Also, drink plenty of water after meals.

In addition to this, try to replace soft drinks or hot drinks such as tea or coffee with water.

Water is the most natural drink of all, perfectly suited for humans and animals - not so much modern inventions like soft drinks or coffee; therefore, try to choose water over any other drink as much as possible.

What's more, in order to maintain good health, try to obtain best quality water. Spring water is your best choice; some people claim that distilled water is great too. It's soft and therefore pleasant to drink, and it is claimed that distilled water helps to detoxify, though it is advised to drink it only occasionally, like during body detox.

Another option is to get a good-quality water filter, especially if you cannot easily and affordably obtain spring or distilled water. This will probably prove to be much more economical in the long term, as well as environment-friendly, since you won't need to buy bottled water from stores.

Finally, you should drink room-temperature water, because if it's too cold, it unnecessarily stresses out the human system and may be bad for teeth. If it's too hot, it may damage your gums, causing them to bleed or soften, and may erode teeth enamel.

Health Rule No. 2 - Get Enough Sleep


To assure great health, make sure that you get plenty of rest. Without proper rest your immune system won't function to its highest capacity; therefore, you're more likely to become sick.

What's also important to know is that whenever you are down with some illness, or have any kind of injury, get extra sleep. This assures that you don't waste your energy unnecessarily, and this saved energy can then be used to heal your body quicker.

You might notice that animals follow this rule naturally - whenever they are sick or injured, they sleep a lot. They do it for a very good reason - it assures quick recovery!

Extra sleep should also be never missed by women who are menstruating. Since that's the time when the female body is getting detoxified and loses a large amount of blood, the energy levels can be very low.

This poses a threat to the body's immune system, as there's not much energy left to properly protect the body against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, to assure good health and disease protection, menstruating women should get plenty of sleep and avoid engaging in tiring manual labor.

Health Rule No. 3 - Get Enough Fresh Air

Try to get out of the city into the fresh air of the countryside as much as you can. Fresh air is one of the most important health prerequisites. Good quality air not only assures health, but also uplifts and relaxes.

Try to spend as much time as you can by the seaside, near waterfalls and lakes. Try to visit forests or at least parks; spend time in untouched-by-civilization countries and villages.

If you live in the city, and the air is very polluted, you may decide to install an air purifier at home. If the air is dry in your house or apartment, you may want to install air humidifier instead.

Health Rule No. 4 - Reduce Stress to the Minimum


Stress is responsible for many illnesses; the body that's continuously on the alert mode wastes a large amount of energy on a daily basis and therefore little of it is left to assure the correct functioning of body systems.

This, of course, eventually causes some sort of body dysfunction, and an eventual illness.

To prevent this from happening, lead a stress-free life. Although some may say that this is easier said than done, I think most stress is caused by living in the rat race.

It's important to understand that when we die, we take nothing together with us to the life after death. So it's not wise to labor all one's life to acquire material riches.

When a person understands that she needs very little to live happily, she naturally no longer thinks it necessary to work long hours or compete to get a promotion. Of course, it's important to do any work as perfectly as one can, but the quality and quantity are two different things.

Therefore, try to reduce your work hours and try to downgrade and simplify your life. It's not the material things that make one happy; it's a waste of life to spend all one's time trying to earn more and more money.

It's really not important what kind of job you have; what's important is whether you're kind to others, and whether you live a moral life that's an ideal template for others to follow. Treating others with love and kindness and well as abiding by true morals of Christianity is so deeply satisfying that no amount of material riches could equal it.

Health Rule No. 5 - Strive to Have Your Perfect Occupation

Since work takes up most of your time, it's most important to do the work that you really enjoy.

Taking daily steps towards such an objective is the best investment you can make towards your health.

Daily happiness caused by daily engaging in the work that you love assures a happy mind, and therefore better health.

The reason most people don't work in the fields of their own choosing is because they give up too soon in trying to make their dream a reality. It takes around a year or two to establish yourself in any kind of field, especially when it comes to self-employment. So if you have a long-term vision, and work every day providing the best value that you can, you must, with time, establish yourself.

Therefore take this tip very seriously - finally being able to do what you love will surely protect you from many common diseases caused by low moods and by the hatred of one’s work.

Health Rule No. 6 - Conserve your energy


People usually unknowingly waste large amounts of energy, leaving less of it available for the immune system to protect the body from diseases.

For example, people who cannot control their emotions waste immense amounts of energy on a daily basis through emotional outbursts. Also, people who forgot the sound Christian morals to do with marriage, for example, waste great amounts of energy through frequent sexual encounters that only leave them feeling empty and depressed.

Furthermore, people waste energy when they have no set priorities in life. They start one thing, then quit it and pursue a new activity with great passion, only to again stop half-way. This applies to activities like trying to become self-employed, planning one's day, as well as how one goes about intimate relationships.

To avoid wasting energy in such a useless manner, it's crucial to get your priorities right. In order not to waste energy on doubt and confusion, your most important values in life must not clash. You would do well to select one major objective in life so that all the others align with it, and so that all your decisions are easily made as they are made according to that one priority.

For example, my priority is the major commandment of the New Testament:

To love God with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my mind. (Matthew 22:37)

The second commandment is...

To love your neighbor as you love yourself (Matthew 22:39)

These commandments leave no doubt in my mind about what action to take; if it's the action that's loving towards God and people, it's the right action; if it hurts other people and is not in harmony with God's will, I'm not going to take it.

Such set priorities protect me from all sorts of doubts and confusion; I know which action to take every time, and therefore save time and energy by sticking to the best selected choice. I hope this will encourage you to too know your values, as well as to select the most important one in your life.

Health Rule No. 7 - Maintain A Positive Attitude

Negative attitude not only causes health problems over time, but it also makes other people unhappy. For the sake of others alone people should try to get in control of their emotional states.

I'm sure you know people who, by their very presence and the look that they give to others, make others upset. Please, do not be this person. Everywhere they go they only create misery.

Make sure that everywhere you go you create only happiness, or at least not upset anyone. If you make others feel happy, they'll make you feel happy in return. This will start a beautiful, ever-increasing happiness give-and-take circle.

Keeping yourself in such a state will assure great health, because your body systems won't be disturbed - they will continue working in harmony with each other, thus maintaining your good health.

Health Rule No. 8 - Lead A Regular Life


The body can get easily stressed out if you happen to lead an irregular life. Therefore, you should try to adjust your lifestyle to make it as regular and as natural as possible.

For example, it's good to get into the habit of waking up with the sun, and going to sleep soon after the sunset.

It's also beneficial to eat at set times, though that doesn't mean that you should eat when the set time comes yet you're not hungry. In such a case, it's worth skipping a meal, as fasting is beneficial for health too, and it also develops patience and mental strength.

As nature works in cycles, so the human being should work in a similar, predictable, way. That doesn't mean that humans should become like robots; of course, variety is welcomed.

It's possible to have variety in regularity, so that regularity doesn't become dull. For example, you can have food of different sorts at set times; you can do different kinds of chores on a day assigned for cleaning your home; you can sleep at set times, though not always in your own home. You can jog, go for a walk or do some stretching at the time assigned for some exercise.

Also, some people are affected by irregularity more severely than others. Some people really suffer because of, for example, having to do irregular shifts at work; some are affected much less. But no matter how much affected you get, regular life assures better health, as it doesn't stress out human body system.

Health Rule No. 9 - Eat Less


Most diseases start because of wrong food habits. They originate, therefore, in a stomach.

For example, if you overeat, the food inside your stomach rots, creating harmful toxins which little by little poison the human system.

The toxins attack the weakest points in a human body (different humans have different weak points), and, if due to the wrong food habits the person continues causing toxins, eventually that weak point gives in and a disease, such as cancer or arthritis, starts developing.

To prevent this, the most important advice I can give you is to eat less. It's far better to eat less than to eat more. Because if you eat too much, it's likely that the food will take a long time to digest and it may start rotting before it gets digested, thus creating toxins. However, if you eat less, the food will fully digest, and after that you will be able to eat again.

Also, make sure that you leave plenty of time for the food to digest before taking another meal. It's best to have three or two main meals, and not to snack in-between. The snacks that people eat are usually too fatty or sugary as well as loaded with unnatural ingredients. So it's best to avoid them at all costs.

Also, if the meal is still digesting, and you start snacking, you're risking of creating toxins in the stomach too. So it's better to eat two or three main meals, and not to snack at all.

Health Rule No. 10 - Make Sure Your Bowel Movements Are Regular And Complete


Although this advice is usually less known, it's as important as the one about eating less. In order to maintain great health, you must have regular and complete bowel movements.

Due to the modern stress-filled lifestyle, people don't even have enough time for complete bowel movements! They spend a few minutes in the bathroom, neglect the urges to go to the bathroom whilst at work, and then suffer from constipation and other health problems.

The body can be compared to the drainage system. I know this comparison isn't appealing, but it perfectly illustrates what I'm trying to explain. You know that the drainage system shouldn't be clogged in order for it to function well. So the same applies to the body. If you want to have the body that's resistant to diseases, you must make sure that the system which assures continuous flushing out of toxins works well. And this system is the elimination system.

Therefore, get into the habit of leaving enough time for full bowel movements to take place each and every day. I advise to have set times in the morning and in the evening for bowel movements. Do not rush the bowel movement, to make sure that the elimination is full, and therefore you don't retain any toxins that create diseases in your body.


Please take the mentioned pieces of advice seriously. If you apply these ten health tips in your daily life, not only will you save money by not needing to buy medicines and see physicians, but you'll also enjoy a much better quality of life due to great health.

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