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Mycoprotein Side Effects and Quorn Allergy Symptoms

Updated on March 22, 2013

I ate a Quorn Lasagne recently and was violently sick within two hours. I had a small suspicion that I may have a problem eating Quorn, as the last time I ate it, over a year ago, I had made a stir-fry, and had similarly been sick within a few hours.

However, I had been led to believe by Quorn over the years that its products were derived from a mushroom and therefore healthy.

Something didn't add up and I decided to find out more about Quorn.

After carrying out some initial research on the internet, I was horrified by what I found out - that Quorn is not made from a mushroom as it stated in the past, or a "vegetable protein" as currently stated but instead is made from a mould and a potentially toxic one at that.

No wonder I was so sick!

I know many vegetarians eat Quorn quite happily without side effects, but for up to 10% of people, it can cause an allergic reaction.

If Quorn is made from a mould, people need to know about it. There are some people, myself included, who are or might be allergic to mould. As a child I had an allergic reaction to Penicillin, which is a drug made from a mould, and was unable to take it.

It would help if there was a warning on the packaging, but I guess it wouldn't look very good if there was a label which said "This product is unsuitable for people who are allergic to mould".

I wanted to write this hub because I feel that the company that manufactures Quorn misleads consumers about what its products are made from and the fact that it is aware that for a minority of people, it can make them very ill, yet there is no warning of this on their packaging.

So, what is Quorn?

Back in the early 1960s, nutritionists and health experts were concerned that the predicted growth in population would mean global food and protein shortages in the future. Food scientists started a search to find new sources for food, which would help to meet the predicted increase in demand. After several years of searching around the globe, an “organism” was found occurring naturally in the soil in a field in Marlow, Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom, which ultimately gave Marlow Foods the opportunity to develop a completely new food ingredient - Mycoprotein!

Quorn is the brand name for mycoprotein, a man made protein made from mould, a type of fungus.

  • "Myco-" is from the Greek word for fungus and Mycoprotein means protein from fungi. A fungus called Fusarium is the main source of mycoprotein and it is grown in vats using glucose syrup as food. It is entirely man made.
  • The main mycoprotein products on sale in Europe and the USA is the brand Quorn. It is manufactured by Marlow Foods in the United Kingdom, who currently market it as a meat substitute in vegetarian products such as pies, lasagnas and stir fries etc. . . .
  • Quorn has been available to consumers in the UK since the mid 1980’s and has been introduced into other countries such as the US several years later.

Studies have shown that mycoprotein leads to allergic reactions for a small minority of people taking part in research

  • The British developer of mycoprotein themselves conducted a clinical study in 1977-78 that proved that the product causes sometimes-severe gastrointestinal disturbances.
  • According to a study undertaken by CSPI, it was concluded that around 4.5% of the population are intolerant to Mycoprotein.
  • In another study, in tests by the manufacturer of Quorn products themselves, Marlow Foods, a division of the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, it became apparent that for a small percentage of people who ate a Quorn product, they would go on to experience vomiting, nausea, or stomach aches within a matter of hours.

Therefore, the manufacturers themselves know there is a problem with the problem causing an allergic reaction but are choosing not to make the public aware by not putting warning labels on the products.

Why do people have an allergic reaction to Quorn?

  • Mycoprotein has a high protein content and allergens are usually proteins. Many people are allergic to protein foods such as peanuts and shellfish.
  • Many people also have allergies to fungi or moulds (including by inhalation) and that is why they may also react to Quorn.

Marlow Foods have also misled consumers on what their Quorn products are made from.

In the past Marlow Foods claimed that it was made from a mushroom. This was incorrect and a classic example of deceptive marketing. As a result the FDA and authorities in the United Kingdom forced Marlow Foods to change the labeling of Quorn foods, which had falsely claimed that mycoprotein was “mushroom in origin,” “mushroom protein,” or “a small, unassuming member of the mushroom family,” even though it’s made from a non-mushroom processed mould.

Marlow Foods continues with its misleading information. As of today – September 5th 2010, on Marlow Foods own website, they state that Quorn “is made with mycoprotein, a versatile, vegetable protein”.

I have eaten a wide variety of mushrooms and vegetables throughout my life, I am now 43, and have never been sick like this before.

I can only conclude that mycoprotein is not a mushroom or a healthy vegetable, as it currently states, but is indeed a mould, and for some people like myself a toxic one at that.

The particular fungus used, Fusarium venenatum, is known for producing mycotoxins. In fact, the word ‘venenatum’ is Latin for venomous.

Quorn’s manufacturer, Marlow Foods, states that the strain of fungus it uses supposedly does not produce toxins. (So why was I so sick?)

What is a Quorn Allergy?

A quorn allergy is an adverse reaction by the body's immune system to quorn or food containing quorn. The body's immune system produces immunoglobulin E (IgE - an antibody) and histamine in response to contact with the allergen

What are Quorn allergy symptoms?

Symptoms of having an allergy to Quorn / Mycoprotein include vomiting, diarrhea, hives, swelling, or even anaphylactic shock.

The symptoms come on very quickly. I was vomiting violently within a couple of hours.

In a CSPI-commissioned telephone survey of British consumers, approximately 4.5% of people who ate Quorn reported adverse reactions. CSPI’s analysed 597 reports of adverse reactions attributed to Quorn. Of those people, 67 percent suffered vomiting; 33 percent diarrhea; 6 percent hives or broken blood vessels in the gastrointestinal tract or eyes; and 1 percent anaphylactic reactions. Many people suffered repeated reactions, which helped them identify Quorn as the cause. Most of those reports were collected on a CSPI web site,

How many cases go unreported?

I consider the side effects from eating Quorn products are more widespread than we think.

Worryingly, over 500,000 Quorn meals are now eaten every day in the UK. Most people won’t initially make the connection between eating Quorn and feeling ill as it has a healthy image and will blame their symptoms on something else.

It wasn't until after the 3rd time that I ate Quorn and was sick yet again that I knew I had a problem with it - I had previously attributed the cause of vomiting to other reasons.

No one would choose to eat moldy food that makes you sick. I for one won’t be eating Quorn products again in a hurry. In my opinion, it should be banned.

So far, hundreds of people have commented on this article, saying they have also been ill after eating Quorn. See the comments section at the end.

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    • profile image

      Alecia 6 years ago

      Quorn has not long come to Australia, and I was excited to see it!

      After having it for about a month, I went to the doctor because I was so exhausted. She ran some tests, and found nothing, so I suffered for a little while. And then thought about what had changed - the only thing was that I was eating Quorn - and a LOT of it! (I was eating it most days). I introduced a self-imposed ban on Quorn on myself, and now, about 12 days later, I am starting to feel better. I don't feel so lethargic all the time anymore!

    • profile image

      Stephanie 6 years ago

      Many people may not even realize they are reacting to Quorn. The first time I ate it I had no reaction, the second time I experienced naseau and vomiting, but did not connect it at all. Finally, the third time I was so ill, my husband almost took me to the hospital.

      It was only because of how quickly the reaction came on that I was able to connect it. I am NOT allergic to penicillin! I am afraid to even touch a freezer case with Quorn in it.

      There should absolutely be a warning on the packaging, or on the outside of the freezer case. Thank you for the getting the word out.

    • profile image

      LOUISE 6 years ago


    • profile image

      adele 6 years ago

      I have eaten quorn on 4 occasions. The first and second time i experienced nausea, but the last two times I have been violently sick a couple of hours later. Wont be going anywhere near the stuff ever again! I agree that they should specify a possible allergic reaction.

    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago

      My 12 year old son has eaten Quorn products on 4 occasions. The first two occasions he didn't appear to experience any side effects - the last two times he has had violent vomiting (all night long) from 2 hours after consuming the product. It's vomiting like I've never seen in any of my 4 children before, coupled with extreme fatigue. I'm terrified and consumed with guilt that his body has been so poisoned at such a young age. I will be returning unused Quorn products to the supermarket and will be voicing my concerns loud and long to everyone I know.

    • profile image

      Erin 6 years ago

      My boyfriend and I were excited to have Quorn in Australia, but tonight we had it for dinner and he has had a violent reaction - vomiting as we speak. Isn't 10% of the population too high for our food standards?

    • rontlog profile image

      rontlog 6 years ago from England

      Thank you all for your comments and I'm sorry to hear many of you have been sick too.

      I wrote this hub 3 weeks ago and in that time 150 people have read it because they have had a reaction to Quorn and wanted to find out about Quorn.

      I usually get about 5 people a day reading this but Today alone I had 30 people read it!

      That is too many people being sick.

      Interestingly enough, half of the people who viewed this hub today were from Australia where Quorn has recently been introduced.

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      Research seems to state that about 1 in 150,000 people actually have a reaction to quorn, so in the UK that would be about 400 people.

      In comparison, about 0.5% of people have a peanut allergy. That's about 300,000 people in the UK.

      The only 5% value I've seen is from the organisation 'Center for Science in the Public Interest', a group notorious for not being that scientific. The study in question was performed over the phone, a classic example of a bad test as it can heavily skew the results (as it seems to have done). The study also asked if people have 'experienced vomiting' after eating quorn. Not taking in account the fact that other foods eaten at the same time or unrelated illness would've caused the same effects.

      In sure, there do seem to be those who are allergic to quorn, however the number is minute.

      If you have issues regarding my data or can provide me with further studies regarding those with allergies associated with quorn. Please email me at:

    • rontlog profile image

      rontlog 6 years ago from England

      Matt, thank you for your comments and statistics.

      Indeed the % numbers do seem small, however, the manufacturers are fully aware that it can cause a reaction for some people.

      I think the least that Quorn could do is put some information on their website.

      I am still getting 5-6 people every day reading this hub so people are looking for information.

    • profile image

      Brett 6 years ago

      I ate Quorn for the first time last night. Having seen it on a TV program here in Australia as a "healthy" substitute I thought I would try it.

      About an hour after eating I felt tired and then started violent vomiting all night (a duration of about 10 hours). Even today I am run down (due to lack of sleep). As I am not allergic to other mould based products or eggs, I made the mistake of thinking that Quorn was ok to eat.

    • profile image

      Mello 6 years ago

      I was so excited when Australia got quorn as being a vegetarian Australia does not exactly have a great range of products but I have suffered symptoms slowly getting worse like diarrhoea, bloating, weakness, muscle cramping, stomach pains, headaches, dizzinness and spending waaaaaaaay too mmuch time on the loo that I think I've almost given myself a prolapsed rectum. So am going to stop and see what happens. So not fair as it tastes awesome.

    • profile image

      Nola 6 years ago

      I've had a similar response to many comments above. I am vegetarian and was excited when Quorn came to Australia and I had another option of foods to eat. The first time I ate it, I was fine and it was delicious. But the second and third times I have had vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps. ... which led me to look up this site. My husband has not had any reaction at all.

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      I have now also made the connection between eating quorn and suffering for it! When I was younger a ate a quorn sausage and was very ill vomiting afterwards! Around 6 weeks ago I ate the quorn mince and suffered from extreme trapped wind and a feeling of nausier! Only yesterday I ate a quorn mince at a friends house and around two hours later had awful stomach ache and felt very faint! I then began vomiting. I still feel a little off today and googled quorn and sickness to see if anyone else has had a similar reaction!

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      This is so interesting to find out! I was keen for a vegetarian option in my diet so I tried Quorn now that it is available here in Australia. The first few times I had no problems. Then I had the strips and was really ill (I felt like I had to vomit, and could not even get up to shower or change clothes). I actually thought it might be caused by a virus, but then a few weeks later I had theit pieces and had the same symptoms again. That's when I realised it was the Quorn. I am giving it up now but am very disappointed because it seemed like a great alternative to tofu!

    • profile image

      olyf 6 years ago

      I'm writing this as I recover from my 3rd, and worst, reaction to this evil stuff. The first 2 times I was at home, but this time unfortunately I was at work! It's taken me 3 hits to finally work out that I can't eat this stuff. I have no other food intolerances but I have an allergy to penicillin. This stuff really should have a warning on the packet. I have emailed the UK Food Standards Agency and I will start emailing the manufacturers from tomorrow.

      Never been so sick :(

    • profile image

      mb 6 years ago


      I suspect I have an allergy to Quorn. I'm dieting and am strictly watching what I eat. I don't introduce too many new foods to my diet (outside of fruit, veg and unprocessed meat) but tried Quorn because it was high protein and low fat.

      I have only purchased the "mince" variety and have always made it as a savoury mince dish. The first time was ok - a bit more tired but nothing really of note.

      The second time - projectile vomiting, severe stomach cramps, absolute agony.

      The third time, more of the same, only worse! Although I haven't done a proper elimination diet I suspect Quorn is the problem. It is interesting to note that my partner has no problem at all (he has had four Quron meals to date – and it looks like he will be finishing the packet because I’m not touching it!).

      I have suffered from food reactions before (IBS, and lactose intolerant), but the symptoms were nothing this – nothing so painful or violent. I’ve never had a problem other protein rich foods (e.g. peanuts or shell fish), I am allergic to some types (brands) of penicillin (hives and swelling).

      Thanks for the initial post – plus thanks to all those who list their symptoms. I know Quron is something I will be giving a miss in the future, just to be on the safe side.

    • profile image

      Sm 6 years ago

      Used to eat quorn several years ago when on a diet with no side effects. However this time round, i was eating quorn sausages, and with 3 episodes of severe vomiting within 2 hours of eating i have stopped eating them, although I seemed fine with quorn burgers. That was until last time i ate them, and yes, within 2 hours i was sick again! definitely stopped all quorn products now.

    • profile image

      TB 6 years ago

      as with the majority, I tried Quorn thing it would be a healthy alternative to meat but was violently sick within an hour of eating the Quorn burgers. I did try again on a separate occasion where the same happened, that as enough I learnt to leave well alone!!!!

      Although I am allergic to penecillin I would never have made any connection, something should be done to make the company provide a warning on the pack to advise that there may be this type of side effect.

    • profile image

      Sam D 6 years ago

      I'm so glad to have stumbled across this page! The first few times I ate quorn, I was fine. I live in the UK, and was away at university the first time I tried it. It seemed a delicious alternative to soya, which I am allergic to. Then one day, after eating quorn, I became violently sick hours later. I had terrible stomach cramps, and nausea. I spent the night sat on the toilet with diarrhoea, whilst vomitting into a bucket at the same time. I was so ill that I honestly thought I was dying. I didn't realise it was the quorn, until I'd had three further episodes, all after eating quorn. I have a number of food allergies, but this is by far the most unpleasant experience I've had! :-(

    • profile image

      Carol 6 years ago

      I'm really interested to see that so many people have suffered reactions to Quorn, as I didn't realise it was so common. I suffered such a severe reation that I honestly thought I was going to die, so I haven't eaten Quorn for around 15 years but will never forget what it did to me! The first time I ate it, I had no reaction, the second time I was sick a few times (but didn't link it to the Quorn), the third time, within two hours of eating it, I was violently sick, had severe diarrhoea, suffered from slurred speech and was very dizzy and light headed. I couldn't think straight, my arms and legs became very heavy and I got pins and needles in them and I had trouble standing and was unable to walk. I tried to phone my mum but couldn't remember the number on the first few attempts then when I did remember it, I couldn't make my fingers press the buttons on the phone. This all lasted for around ten hours and was extremely frightening. I then spent the next few days feeling as if I had a bad hangover. I definitely think there should be a clear warning on the packet about possible reactions. I will never touch Quorn again and I would never let my children eat it. It's vile stuff!

    • profile image

      lee 6 years ago

      i would like to say i too was excited trying quorn as i am a vegetarian, but within an hour of having the

      'mince' i had extreemly severe burning, like an ulcer, and massive swelling of my stomach.

      i went to bed quite ill and woke in the morning with massive swelling in my hands and itching, i couldn't bend my fingers.

      then within 15 minutes my throat started to swell and i

      felt i couldn't breathe.

      i honestly thought this is it im dying,.

      i didn't put it down to quorn until later that night when i was talking to a friend.

      Now looking at what it is i realise.

      i am extremely allergic to mold. had i have realised this i would never had bought it.

      Thankyou for this web site, it is most reasuring and usefull.

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      Had an awful reaction to quorn last night - like many other sufferers the story is the same - tried quorn a while back, felt a bit sick and unwell. Tried it again a few years later and the reaction was worse. Had it unwittingly last night and it only took an hour to make me ill - violent vomitting, diarrhea, sweating, fainting - have NEVER been so sick in my 43 years - was truly awful. I am a very healthy person, not allergic to anything else. This stuff should come with a health warning - I fear that if someone with a weakened immune system had this kind of reaction, it could kill them. Nasty stuff, still weak and suffering nausea today. The mere thought of the stuff makes me shudder!

    • profile image

      Debra 6 years ago

      I am very cautious about new foods and bought Quorn burgers after reading on the box that it is made from a mycoprotein similar to mushrooms. We like mushrooms so I got them to try. My husband and myself had the burgers with no apparent adverse reactions and they tasted ok, so I got some of the 'chick'n' nuggets. My 11 year old son had some for supper at 5pm and around 11pm was saying that his stomach felt like he'd been punched. The pain worsened until he was in agony. He finally vomited violently several times throughout the night and had severe diarrhea as well. He was almost delirious through the night with pain, dizziness, hot and cold flashes, feeling 'weird' all over, weakness, and the next morning still can't walk without dry heaving. The Quorn was the only unusual thing he's eaten and after looking up the reactions people have, I am appalled that this is marketed as 'similar to mushrooms'. I have never seen anything except food poisoning make a person so ill. The fact that it is a mycotoxin explains the severity of his illness. I am extremely angry to have put my son through this to say the least! If I'd had any indication of the possibility of severe illness due to this product and its unusual ingredients (which are not natural or like mushrooms at all) I never would have considered it as a good possibility for my family. Then perhaps my son would have been spared this extreme illness.

    • profile image

      Debbie 6 years ago

      Thankful for this site. Now realised that I am probably allergic to Quorn. At work two weeks ago and had noodles with what I now know as Quorn. Was so ill but put it down to a bug. Had vegetable lasagne two days ago and the same symptons, sickness, diarrhea, hot/cold and the worst headache. Someone mentioned it could be the quorn and since googling it cannot believe this product is still on the shelves. I still feel sick with a headache and barely eating, just want to feel 'normal' again.

    • profile image

      Bobbie 6 years ago

      As a nutritionist, I can tell you that these comments claiming an allergy to Quorn, you are severely mis-informed.

      However, a very small percentage of people MAY have an adverse reaction to components of the ingredients, but this DOES NOT mean you have an allergy to Quorn. If you suspect an allergy, please consult your doctor for an allergy test and that can determine exactly what substances you are allergic to. Some people may also have an intolerance (note, NOT an allergy) to certain foods. This can also be diagnosed by your doctor.

      A VERY VERY small percentage of people may well be allergic to ingredients used. For example, if you are allergic to penicillin (and have had this verified by your doctor by an allergy test), it is possible (not probable) you may have an allergy to Quorn. But please do not confuse the terms allergy and intolerance.

      The more people that write on here that they are 'allergic', the worse it looks for Quorn. However, to blame the Quorn brand without being properly tested is detrimental and defamatory to the Quorn brand.

      I'm not suggesting this foodstuff is for everyone, but remember there are only a VERY small percentage of people for whom this is a problem. And that millions of people worldwide eat it without any adverse reactions at all.

      Current food labelling laws do NOT require this food to be labelled as potentially being conducive to adverse reactions to a small number of people. It is the same as any other food, as ALL food has the potential to create an adverse reaction.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      Fair comment from Bobbie I suppose. It's not great to make assumptions! I will be going to my doctors asap to confirm that it was indeed Quorn that caused me to suffer this horrible reaction. My story is the same as everyone else so I won't go into detail. It sounds like the statistic for this allergic reaction/intolerance to Quorn are not clear. What is clear is that there is a severe reaction caused by Quorn which the manufactures seem to accept. I would like to see a warning on the packet so that consumers can link there sickness to quorn the first time they have it and go to confirm at the doctors. Rather than suffering the horrible symptoms multiple times (3 times for me!!). Let's see how far this thread goes! You never know something might actually happen!!!

    • profile image

      Helen 6 years ago

      Like most people on here, I had eaten Quorn two or three times before with no ill effect. However, the next time I had it, I felt ill within about 15 minutes and started to be very sick. I thought it was strange, and the next time I used Quorn I carefully ate just a tiny amount - felt ill immediately and will not have it anywhere near me now.

    • profile image

      Tom 6 years ago

      I had Quorn in a bolognese sauce a couple of months ago and to be honest I was vomitting within a couple of hours but I didn't twig until last night when I had it again that what had made me ill back then was the Quorn.

      A couple of hours after last nights meal I started to get stomach cramps which rapidly progressed to an hour long stint of D&V. I was sweating profusely and as dizzy as hell. I could barely walk I had so little energy. I am as dehydrated as hell today so I can guarantee this much: I shall not be going anywhere near the stuff again - although other people in the house eat it without any reaction I will add.

    • rontlog profile image

      rontlog 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for all your comments.

      As an update, I wrote this article about 10 months ago and every day get between 10 to 15 people a day reading it with the total so far being 1372. Of these 478 people have been from the UK and 148 from Australia, where Quorn has recently been introduced.

      Bobbie (Nutritionist)- Thank you for your comments from a nutritionists point of view. It appears there may be a link with being allergic to penicillin.

      As a child I was unable to take Penicillin.

    • profile image

      Dave Dickson 6 years ago

      Hi, and a massive thank you for the info. I have been ill now for three days, vomitting, headache, feel absolutely lousy. Thought I had something serious wrong with me, but I had a Quorn speg bol on Thursday. Thank god for you guys.

      By the way, I too cannot take penicillin, and that is a mould too.

    • profile image

      Mairead 6 years ago

      Hi. Thanks for the interesting article. I came across it because I was googling whether someone with a mushroom/fungal allergy can eat Quorn.

      I'm a long-time veggie and have been eating Quorn products for years - certainly more than 10 - and have never had any ill-effects. My partner however is not a veggie and because of his allergy, I've never cooked anything with it for him; which is inconvenient. I'd love to hear if anyone else has had any problems or successes with this.

      I would just like to throw out there that there are other additives in the product, such as eggs and some milk, which can have adverse effects. But I certainly agree that the labelling needs to be clearer and not as misleading as it was and still is. I only just found out what mycoprotein actually is, and while I'll still eat it, (it's no more offensive to me than eating blue cheese), I don't appreciate being mislead.

    • profile image

      Nique 6 years ago

      Can you eat Quorn if you are allergic to mushrooms?

    • rontlog profile image

      rontlog 6 years ago from England

      Nique, Quorn is not made from mushrooms. It is made from a mould. I have no problem eating mushrooms but I can't eat Quorn as I am unable to eat foods containing moulds.

    • Mariel1938 profile image

      Mariel1938 6 years ago

      Due to worsening IBS and fibromyalgia, I started researching food additives. Went to eat some Quorn just now, and checked the box, then looked up mycoprotein. I had not eaten any for quite a while, and I guess I won't again. I also am allergic to penicillin!

    • profile image

      Gillian Koorey 6 years ago

      Thanks to all who have reported their experiences using Quorn. I just got inquisitive as to what micoprotein is made up of as I was having it tonight for the second time. I'm now going to go to the freezer and throw it in the bin. Nice taste but no thanks. Not worth the risk.

    • profile image

      ang555 6 years ago

      I wish I could give you a hug for writing this! I had eaten Quorn in the past, no problems. But in the last month, I started getting awful stomach pains after eating it, nausea but no vomiting and I didn't link the two together until tonight. I was ready to drive myself to the hospital but I decided to vomit and get whatever was in me OUT! Sure enough, I just did a little research, came across your article, and it all makes sense. I am also allergic to penicillin...I hope I never feel like this again. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      I have eaten Quorn for years and loved it but at the end of last year I was violently sick and suffered agonising stomach pains after a Quorn meal. It was only after this happened twice more that I twigged it was the Quorn. I have no other allergies at all and am surprised to have actually developed an allery to this product. Oddly, the fact it was made from a mould never put me off but I suppose logically my body is only doing its job by getting rid of the stuff as quickly as possible.

    • profile image

      Maibritt 6 years ago

      I had Quorn yesterday and was sooo ill - I thought I was going to die. I am from Denmark where Quorn has recently been introduced. We don't have many vegetarian options here so was very pleased to see Quorn being introduced. I am not allergic to Penicillin, but certainty my body is intolerant to Quorn. I do feel there should be a warning on the package as Quorn (judging from the above) makes some people very ill indeed.

    • profile image

      webwahm 6 years ago

      I've eaten Quorn ever since it came out here in the UK. In the past 3 weeks I've been violently sick 3 times, with terrible, twisting stomach cramps. Only last night, after another meal with Quorn, did I suspect a connection. It comes on very suddenly a few hours after eating, and boy are you ill. I don't have any allergy except hayfever, and last year I ended up with pine mouth from pine nuts, but I'm not taking the chance again of eating Quorn (which is a problem, because it's a main source of protein for me) I don't understand why, after most of my adult life eating the stuff, I should react so badly all of a sudden.

    • profile image

      Gaynor 6 years ago

      My 5 year old daughter has suffered an allergic reaction to Quorn (on what we now realise is several occasions). She today ate Quorn sausages at school and became unwell, hot, sweaty and feeling sick. By the time we got home she vomitted until it was all up. Looking back we now realise she is allergic to it. We have had 4/5 other occasions over the past three years when we ate either Quorn mince or Quorn sausages and she was sick within 3-4 hours - violently so until it was all up. Not nice for anyone and certainly not for a young child! Having made the connection for sure I decided to research it and came across this hub. Thank you - we now know my daughter is Quorn allergic.

    • profile image

      RC 6 years ago

      I too have suffered at the hands of Quorn. I had it twice and was delighted with the taste. The third time, my whole family ate the fake sausages (including a 5 and 7 year old) and 4 hours later I felt awful and was violently sick. I wasn't sure if it was Quorn as I had eaten other stuff and none of the rest of the family were ill.

      One week later, I had a different Quorn dish and was violently sick in exactly the same manner, confirming it was the Quorn. It was the first time I had vomited (alcohol free!) in about 25 years. I have no other known allergies. The stuff is evil!

    • profile image

      RC 6 years ago

      I should add that the statistics that people are disputing here might be skewed by the fact that, based on my own experience and quite a few of the people on this page, it may take a few times eating Quorn for the allergy to kick in. I ate Quorn twice with no issues. Then the third and fourth time it went horribly wrong. I've no doubt that, if I decided to eat a "mycoprotein" dish again, I would be ill but I'm not about to test that theory!

      For the record, I am not allergic to Penicillin nor do I have any other known allergies.

    • profile image

      Bernie 6 years ago

      Just had a really bad reaction which i think is down to Quorn. I have eaten it in the past and have had no problems then a few months ago i suffered vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrohea after a lunch with quorn. I did not really make a link then, but yesterday evening I had two quorn burgers and within 2 hours I had violent vomiting associated with cramps and diarrohea which lasted over 5 hours and has left me drained. I will never touch quorn products again .I have never had allergies to food or drugs in the past and do not want a repeat of my nightmare night ever again.

    • profile image

      CJ 6 years ago

      I have tried Quorn products twice, nine months apart. Both times I fell violently sick within 1 to 2 hours. I have never been so sick after consuming any food or beverage before. In fact these two instances are the only times I have vomited in many many years. I have a strong gut with no known allergies or food intolerance. Never again will I touch a Quorn product.

    • profile image

      Rory Sewell 5 years ago

      I have experienced 3 'bouts' of extremely severe vomiting and diarrhea over the past 2 months. I have now attributed all of these to Quorn. Each bout started within an hour of eating the food (wasn't aware I was eating it the first time as my wife cooked a chilli for myself and our kids).

      The last bout was the most severe, I have never experienced sickness like it and nor do I wish to again. My wife was so concerned that she called an ambulance.

      I appreciate comments regarding other foods which are as or more dangerous (peanuts etc) to some people however everyone is aware of these dangers and they are clearly publicised. I am incensed that the manufactures of quorn are still able to mislead the public as to its origins and that there is no requirement to print warnings on all of its products.

      My advise to anyone would be to avoid this food type...

    • profile image

      Michael Hann 5 years ago

      I was 71 when I first experienced a reaction to Quorn. It was Easter 2009 and my daughter cooked spaghetti bolognese and about an hour after the meal I extremely ill with vomiting and felt really unwell. I had also eaten chocolate cake for dessert, so I put the sickness down to it. We visited her 6 months later and again had spaghetti bolognese. It was our grandchild's birthday and we had chocolate cake. Again about an hour later I was violently ill with vomiting. I then decided I would never eat chocolate cake again. We visited my daughter 3 weeks ago and believe it or not had spaghetti and again I was very ill with vomiting. It was then that I was told it must be the Quorn. I am asthmatic and allergic to penicillin. Having now checked this site I now know it was the Quorn. I have to say I have never felt so ill in my life, and at one point I didn't care if I lived or died. My final comment is that there should be some health warnings on the packaging.

    • profile image

      Richard Smith 5 years ago

      Some years ago I cooked a chilli con-carne using quorn as a meat substitute and was violently sick a few hours later. As a control experiment I cooked the same meal a week later with the same result. I also believe that my digestive system has not been the same since as it seems overly sensitive.

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      Well my my! I'm not mad after all! I've been eating Quorn for years, I then fell pregnant and after having the baby discovered I thought(baby hormone's) had become intolerant to Quorn. So laid off it, now several years on thought I would give it a go again. Surprise surprise! sickness like you wouldn't believe, headache, dizziness, hot/cold sweats. Mrrrm I certainly won't be eating it again, nor will I risk my family, sorry Quorn. I've always had what I can only explain as an iron stomach, never been allergic to penicillin or anything else. Only Quorn or something in Quorn, so if a VERY VERY large percentage of the population ate Quorn the numbers may be different? sorry Bobbie, Quorn has not effected you and if it had you may feel very different? I do feel that if this was affecting the meat eating population it would be in the headlines? rant over ;)

    • profile image

      tessie27 5 years ago

      I first ate Quorn over 18 years ago when Sainsbury's introduced a 'meat free pie'. After suffering -- really suffering all night, I wrote to Marlow Foods and merely received a 20 page 'allergy questionnaire in size 8 font A5. If I have eaten it inadvertently since, have suffered the most awful stomach ache and vomiting. I detest it!In fact, I hated it so much I set up a YAHOO group Quorn allergies -- JOIN UP!!!!

    • profile image

      tessie27 5 years ago

      I forgot to add the following url that may respond to Bobbie's comment.

      I have been following reactions to Quorn with great interest and responded to the CSPI appeal for adverse reactions to the product in the British press in the early 2000s.

      The following is from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, in case the url doesn't show up as a link:

      The first evidence that Quorn causes severe vomiting and stomach ache came in 1977 from a clinical study conducted by the developer of Quorn. That research was never published. In subsequent years, more research has demonstrated that Quorn causes gastrointestinal and other adverse reactions, including hives and breathing difficulties. These are the key studies:

      RHM (unpublished 1977-78 study)

      This controlled clinical study was conducted by the company that developed Quorn. Ten percent of the 200 subjects who ate Quorn experienced nausea, vomiting, or stomach ache, compared to five percent of 100 subjects in a control group. This is the first known study that demonstrated that Quorn could cause adverse effects. It appears that when Marlow Foods notified the Food and Drug Administration that Quorn should be considered "Generally Recognized As Safe," it did not acknowledge the existence or results of this study. It is not known whether the study was submitted to the British government when Quorn was first used. The study was obtained from a food additive petition filed with the FDA.

      Udall et al. (Am J Clin Nutr. 1984;40:285-292)

      This study did not find any problem in 100 college students who ate Quorn for 30 days. However, co-author Nevin Scrimshaw in 2003 told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that "I have no doubt from the evidence currently available that the fungal product being marketed as Quorn, and that is causing an alarmingly high frequency of allergic reactions, some of them quite serious, is not the same product we tested. He added: "I am appalled that this material is allowed to stay on the market."

      Tee et al. (Clin Exper Allergy. 1993:23:257-260)

      This study was the first to appear in the medical literature and indicated possible safety problems with Quorn. The study involved 10 Britons who believed that Quorn caused vomiting or stomach ache. The study used classic allergy tests (like the skin-prick test) to assess the patients. There were weak indications that Quorn was allergenic, but the test methods used are considered insensitive and not highly accurate. The subjects were not fed Quorn foods, which might have elicited adverse reactions.

      Katona SJ, Kaminski ER. (J Clin Pathol. 2002 Nov;55(11):876-877)

      This letter from British researchers reported sensitivity to Quorn in a mold-allergic patient.

      Hoff et al. (J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2003 May;111(5):1106-1110)

      These European researchers proved that Quorn caused an asthmatic reaction in a patient. They identified the particular protein that caused the allergic reaction. This paper is important.

      Jacobson, M.F. (Allergy. 2003 May;58(5):455-456)

      This letter, submitted by the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, described the adverse reactions reported by the first 284 people who contacted CSPI. It was the first item in the medical literature that indicated that Quorn caused widespread reactions, including vomiting, stomach ache, hives, and breathing difficulties.

      Van Durme P, Ceuppens JL, Cadot P. (J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2003 Aug;112(2): 452-454)

      Belgian researchers identified a young woman who suffered a severe anaphylactic-type allergic reaction after her first ingestion of Quorn. Skin prick tests were highly positive with Quorn extracts. The researchers deduced that Quorn can be cross-reactive with inhaled mold spores.

      Jacobson, M.F. (Am J Med 2003 Sep;115:334)

      This letter, submitted by the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, described the adverse reactions received by CSPI. The letter cites a survey showing that mycoprotein is more likely to cause adverse reactions than shellfish, milk, peanuts, and other common food allergens.


      The nutritionalist who contacted me from the Food Standards Agency following the submission of my reaction (the same as most people's -- severe cramps, painful vomiting, dizziness) said in his personal opinion it was a combination of the product's origin PLUS the extreme spinning process it undergoes (to produce the 'meat-like' texture) that makes it impossible for some people to digest. details the number of Britons who reported adverse reactions in response to the CSPI's request.

    • profile image

      Amy H 5 years ago

      I have been a vegetarian for about 15 years now and I have always loved both quorn and mushrooms. I used to get occasional migraines and sickness but could never identify the cause. However for some reason over the past few months I have noticed an adverse reaction every time I eat quorn or anything with mushrooms in. My body reacts as if it has eaten something poisonous and it starts with a headache and within a few hours I'm sick.

      I think I'm going to see the doctor and try to get confirmation. I'm definitely intollerant to something that goes into quorn products!

      Interesting to see I'm not alone in this.

      I'm really disappointed to not be able to eat quorn anymore. As a veggie that seriously limits my options!

    • profile image

      Denny 5 years ago

      Thanks for the article. I have used Quorn to cook for myself and for my family for over ten years. The last two times I have cooked 'family favourites' (quorn lasagne, and quorn shep pie) I have been severely sick, after watching my belly swell for about an hour. Second time, the onset of this was after about 20 mins; others in the family were fine. What a shame! Quorn has been a brilliant meat substitute to our menus. Your mention of possible links between penicillin allergies could be the deciding factore for me, as I am just that and need to wear a bracelet to flag this up to medics. BUT why so long in my allergic reaction? I wonder if a change in manifacture is to blame. I think I will compromise next time by continuing to use it in part, but avoiding it myself....

    • profile image

      Pam 5 years ago

      I'm in the US where Quorn is now sold. I used in a recipe I've made many times previously with a soy-based protein product. The first time I used it I felt slightly queasy but didn't think anything of it. The next time I used it in the same recipe I vomited within 2 to 3 hours of eating it. Since my husband didn't get sick I thought perhaps I contracted a stomach virus. I ate it again this past Thursday and was even more violently ill than the previous time. I still don't feel totally well yet and have to wonder about what sort of long-term effect might incur. I have never had any food allergies nor have I ever had reactions to penicillin. I certainly will never try Quorn again.

    • profile image

      Caroline 5 years ago

      Hi I live in the Uk & started a diet a few months ago. I thought I would try quorn to help shift some weight but I did so in ways I did not expect !!! At first I had no idea what was making me feel so sick & making me spend long periods of time on the loo in agony :( Blamed lots of things along the way but it was when I was looking on the net trying to find the difference in fat content between extra lean mince & quorn. By accident I came across an article about quorn causing nasty side affects! I looked back at my food diary & sure enough I had eaten 2 meals with quorn around my last episode. I have not touched in for a week & I feel great. I dont feel really tired or ill & my stomach is back to normal thankfully. I think people should be more aware of this problem just like the may contain nuts allergy etc as it is not pleasant at all. I would have still been going through all that had I not stumbled across those articles. I will me mentioning it at my next slimming class !

    • profile image

      Sue 5 years ago

      All my family (2 adults, 3 children)are vegetarian, we have been eating Quorn for over 12 years. None of us have ever had a reaction. We don't eat it very often, maybe once a week, or sometimes once a month, depending on if I am rushed and don't have time to cook properly!

      It is interested to read about where the Quorn comes from.

    • profile image

      Ann 5 years ago

      I've been eating quorn on and off for a while, and never had any reaction. However, on Monday after eating quorn sausages, about 2-3 hours later I had cold sweats, felt sick, and even blacked out. I put it down to the cold I had. However, yesterday I had the same product for supper, and about 2 hours later felt extremely sick. I spent the whole night with my head in a bucket and feel appalling today, headache/achy body etc. Even thinking about quorn makes me feel sick now.

    • profile image

      2old2Bold 5 years ago

      About 1 in 140,000 have a reaction to Quorn science not anecdotes.

    • profile image

      momof3 5 years ago

      I am in the US where this product is now sold. I have been buying it for my kids for 2 years when I am rushed and need a quick meal for them as we do not eat meat. I never really ate much of it myself because I tend to serve it for lunches and I usually eat a different lunch than they do. However, this summer on vacation I had a chicken patty at dinner with my kids. About 2 hours later I had what I thought was just intense gas pains. That evening I was in incredible stomach pain, vomiting and had extreme diarrhea. I had to take anti gas and pepto medicine to stop myself from going to the bathroom non stop. I did not link this to the chicken patty until TODAY SIX MONTHS LATER when I went to buy the product again and it now says on the box that it might cause a bad reaction. WELL IT DID NOT SAY THAT BEFORE! I would never have fed this product to my children for the past 2 years had I known there was even a chance that something like that could happen to them! Granted they have not been sick, as far as I know or not sick like I was as a result of eating it...but who knows what it's done to them. I am baffled that this product was being sold without it clearly indicating that someone could become extremely ill after eating it. I will not be buying it again and plan to tell my grocer about this as well. I also want to say that I have NO food allergies and have never experienced anything like that following consumption of any other meat substitute products.

    • profile image

      Carol Howlett uk 5 years ago

      I ate Quorn on 2 occasions and was very sick after a couple of hours. I ate it a third time and was violently sick within minutes and was unwell for several days. Needless to say I have not eaten it since.

    • profile image

      Jan 5 years ago

      Was very interested to come across this site. I too have tried Quorn products on 3 occasions, albeit a few years ago, and on each occasion was violently sick, with very sudden projectile vomiting, within a couple of hours of eating Quorn. On the last occasion I had been very unwell for a few hours before I was actually sick. At the time I decided, sadly, that much as I liked the product, it did not like me.

      As a few years have passed, I thought I'd give it another go but I have decided, after reading this, that I'd be safer not to take the risk. I have had hay fever in the past but am not allergic to penicillin. This is the only time I've ever had a consistent reaction to a foodstuff.

      Whether it is an allergy or intolerance to Quorn or something else in the product, I never thought to report this to the manufacturer or anyone else doing a study as I just accepted that Quorn was not for me and just wonder how many other people out there have done the same.

    • profile image

      Jo 5 years ago

      I have used quorn a couple of times and was violently ill after both meals. The second time I was alone in the house and became quite frightened as I was so ill I thought I was going to pass out. I had violent stomach cramps for hours afterwards. I will certainly never touch the stuff again. Not sure that there is a common ingredient but I am also allergic to Marmite.

    • profile image

      **Marty**1st-part** 5 years ago

      I had some Quorn yesterday and around 2-3 hours later I felt horrendous. I could barely move, my stomach wasn't that sore and I didn't have cramps or pain, but I just felt as though the life had been sucked out of me. I felt very lethargic and ended up sleeping on the couch for an hour. Problem is, I've just eaten a Quorn meal again for dinner tonight (on a health kick) and I'm feeling a little ill. I'll report back if anything bad happens, and then I know for sure it's the Quorn!!

    • profile image

      Bryn jones 5 years ago

      Thankyou so much for bringing this subject to attention, I only wish I was aware and read it before my experience.

      I have purchased quorn foods and on both occasions had the same experience. As others have said on the first occasion I did not associate it with the quorn meal.

      My experience was severe stomach pains after about 3 to 4 hours, I then blacked out, came to in a total sweat followed by vomiting and diahorea, this followed by the shivers for a further 4 hours.

      I only thank god that I hadn't been driving a car, the consequences don't bare thinking about.

      I have bought this to the attention of my local supermarket and shown them the facial injuries from my blackout.

    • profile image

      K neary 5 years ago

      Only noticed the connection when I ate my second quorn meal last night and vomited 2hours later , the same as last week , fine for 2hours then it came on very quickly, also woke up with a stinking headache both times the next morning ! Feel like I have been poisoned! My worry is for children and pregnant ladies who think they are eating mushrooms likevi did !

    • profile image

      Sharon 5 years ago

      I have never suffered from any food intolerance till I started eating Quorn. The last twice I have eaten it I have suffered from stomach cramps and wind. Thought I would give it another go last night and ate two quorn sausages. A few hours later I had violent stomach cramps, couldn't get off the toilet and felt as though I was going to pass out. This morning I am left with a very bad headache. That is it , will not be eating quorn again.

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      It took me a few times of eating it to work out that quorn gave me horrendous stomach pains . Last night I ate a chili that I didn't know had some quorn in it ; within an hour I was vomitting violently and according to my husband appeared to pass out . I decided to Google Quorn and allergies , and found this . I'm very allergic to Penecilin ( hives in the throat ) . Surely there should be a warning on the product ?

    • profile image

      tessie 5 years ago

      All of the recent additions to this page are exactly what make the posting that our comments are 'anecdotal' not 'science' (see three months ago) farcical. The poster must obviously work for the producers of Quorn!!!

    • rontlog profile image

      rontlog 5 years ago from England

      *** Update from the author of this article ***

      Thank you to everyone who has written about their experience with Quorn. I am sorry that, like myself, you have all been so ill after eating it.

      I originally wrote the article 18 months ago because there was very little information out there.

      Since then, nearly 5,000 people have found and read this article. That is on average 10 people a day, although during the last month (Jan 2012) it has risen to 20 people a day.

      I know many people eat Quorn without any reaction, my husband included, but I am sure all of your comments will help to assure future readers that it isn't just them.

      To date I have not been contacted by Quorn and asked to remove this article.

      One positive step forward is that, according to one commentator from the US (see above), Quorn has put a warning on its packaging that it may cause an adverse reaction. About time too.

    • profile image

      Lima 5 years ago

      Yesterday I ate Quorn, as my boyfriend insisted it is healthy. I did not dear to eat it for years. I was right, I am allergic to penicilin, and I got breathing difficulties and itchy skin rash. I did not blame the quorn until I ate it again next day, with even more severe symptoms!

      This stuff is a health hazard!

    • profile image

      Janet 5 years ago

      Hi, just posting to add that my husband has had a similar but milder reaction to others on here. I googled quorn and sickness as I was surprised he was reacting to such a healthy product!!! What an eye opener.

      I bought quorn thinking it would be healthy and low fat and also as I hate buying chicken for welfare reasons but my husband is always wanting me to buy it. I thought I'd found a great solution! I tried the quorn turkey escalopes with lemon pepper coating and loved them. First time he just felt queasy and did not blame the quorn. Second time he was very sick during the night and was off work the day after feeling really offside all day.

      He tried a chicken masala ( on a friday because of work!) and felt much worse than the last time so like others on here he is feeling worse each time.

      I've had no reaction and I do have hay fever and have had reactions to cosmetics before.

      I will finish off the items that we have left myself and will not buy any more.

    • profile image

      Juanita 5 years ago

      I have eaten Quorn on four occasions. The first time I had no reaction at all, the second time I had a sore tummy and the third time I was vomited for an hour or so. It was then that I thought Quorn was not for me and decided not to eat it again.

      I had it again one night without thinking and that was a really bad mistake. I was violently ill and my body decided to expel everything in it in about three minutes flat and I felt very very ill all night and had a terrible taste in my mouth. In the morning I discovered I had a purple rash on my face and welts. I then goggled Quorn and discovered how evil it is. I was tired and unwell for a week, and could not get rid of the horrible taste in my mouth.

      I actually think that if I ate Quorn again it might kill me. I now don't even go near the freezer in the supermarket that has Quorn in it.

      I have never had an allergic reaction to anything before and I hope not to ever again. This stuff should be taken out of the shops.

    • profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago

      My family tried Quorn in spag bol last night. After two hours my husband's body turned bright red all over and his face was as white as a ghost. He was furiously itching all over, scratching himself so much he bled. Then his lips started to swell. We rushed to the clinic where fortunately they were still open. They gave him a cortisone shot and antihisimine shot and sent him home. He immediately collapsed into bed, dizzy and unable to speak properly. Next day, (today) he has slept all day, and is still exhausted. The worst thing however is that he felt and still feels very lightheaded, is unable to think straight, and just feels very weird and strange, I was told this product was made from mushrooms when offered it by a merchandiser in the supermarket. Never again.

    • profile image

      Cris 5 years ago

      I am vegetarian and have been eating quorn about 2 or 3 times a week, for about 3 years, and didn't have problems.

      I think all your comments are really relevant and that it is very important to show people that there is an allergy risk.

      Although, some of you should think a bit more before saying that to product is itself bad. No one conclude that peanuts are bad even tough there are lots of people with allergy to it too.

      By no means I am not protecting quorn. And I do think everyone should be aware of what is eating. But allergy cases don't mean that the product is crap.

      I hope the company start to be more clear in the packages to avoid more issues like you had.

    • profile image

      Angela 5 years ago

      Same for me am afraid. I couldn't understand the feeling, like someone else said, like I'd been punched in the stomach. Didn't know if I was going to be sick or diorrhea. Googled because only had this feeling and illness last week after quorn bolognaise. Didn't think for a minute it was the quorn but have had it again tonight and hey presto........laying on my bed ill with exactly the same symptoms that are still fresh in my mind! I read the packaging after feeling ill again tonight and does say may cause food intolerance but I have never suffered side effects from anything before. I have eaten Quorn in the past because I have vegetarian friends but so rarely that I can't recall whether I was affected or not! And like people have said, you wouldn't make the connection to a 'healthy' food. There has recently been a spate of Quorn advertisements on tv telling us how low in fat it is which is what prompted me to buy it so have a feeling there may be some more cases!!!! I am going to write to Quorn and go to the doctors as there is no point in feeling this ill and not letting anybody know!

    • profile image

      sara lawrence 5 years ago

      Hi, after eating some bacon rashers made from Quorn, i started to feel sick and tired like I had no energy so I went to bed for an hour. A few hours later (still feeling terrible) I started to get stomach cramps and and urgent need for the toilet. I had terrible diahrea which lasted about an hour but after that i started feeling better.

      Im so dissapointed as with Quorn, becoming a veggie would be so much easier.

      Quorn do not state n the packet that this product may cause vomiting diarhoea dizzyness and all of the above i have read about because people would simply not purchase Quorn and Quorn would go out of business. Surely a safer meat alternative can be produced?

    • profile image

      Becky 5 years ago

      My husband and I have been eating quorn for several months now with no adverse reactions. However, I am also allergic to penicillin and I am wondering if an intolerance will develop?? I did not know the whole story behind the quorn product though and do agree they need to specify the source, I thought it was a type of mushroom. Their website also leads you to believe it is a fungus not a mold.

    • profile image

      Caroline 5 years ago

      .Just had a third session of projectile vomiting this evening after eating Quorn sausages. Red eyes, blotchy face, uncontrollable shaking, really sore stomach and dodgy rear end. Boy, do I feel ill!

      I've given up eating meat for Lent and was just about to pack it in as a bad idea when I thought I'd google 'sick with Quorn'. I'm amazed how many people have had the same and far worse reaction to a widely available foodstuff. You're fooled by the packaging into thinking you're eating something wonderfully healthy when the reality for many people is that it's harmful and potentially dangerous. Proceed with caution!

    • profile image

      meggie 5 years ago

      hi guys,i have had a reaction in the past,but just after a had quorn for lunch and a strong reaction(2 hours of violent vomiting,diarrhea,nausea)i realized this product must have caused is unbelievable they can sell this product and none knows about such a dangerous allergic reaction!I have NO food allergies whatsoever,thats why their little understatement "warning" never made me aware!I will let EVERYONE i know about this!

    • profile image

      dave 5 years ago

      hi, im dave and i can eat this without a problem and have been doing for several years now, yet few people react badly so you want to ban it in general? sureeee ;D

    • profile image

      Jess 5 years ago

      I have eaten Quorn products lately due to giving up meat for lent. The first two or 3 times I dont remember having any reactions but I am not positive that I didn't experience any nausea. The last two times though I have experienced violent vomiting and severe stomach pains. I read on the box that some people may have an intolerance to the product but how do you know without trying. But I have a severe allergy to mold and penicillin had I been provided with the correct information I would have never tried this product to begin with.

    • profile image

      Kim 5 years ago

      Same as most of you I have been sick all night after eating quorn. Like many it took me three times of getting sick to put it down to this product. Neither my husband or daughter has reacted to meals using quorn thank goodness, though I will recommend that they don't eat it any longer. How many people need to become ill before a product in Australia is tested again? I would be happy to sign a complaint.

    • Caitlin Pyle profile image

      Caitlin Pyle 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Dang. I've never been sick eating it but it doesn't taste very good. I think the name is misleading, too -- Quorn sounds like Quinoa and Corn together. I'd rather make my own burgers out of real mushrooms... guess I won't be using that $1.50 off Quorn coupon I've got in my coupon wallet... haha

    • profile image

      katie 5 years ago

      Quorn will always give me an upset stomach - nausea, extremely bad stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea.

    • profile image

      Natalie 5 years ago

      Thank goodness for this site.

      I tried Quorn 2 weeks ago after being recommended by a friend. About 5 hours later, I was vommitting severly and sick all night. As a strict vegetarian for many years, I thought my body didn't like the texture of the mince.

      Last night, I tried the cheese and spinach schnitzels. Once again, 5 hours later I was violently vommitting

    • profile image

      Natalie 5 years ago

      Thank goodness for this site.

      I tried Quorn 2 weeks ago after being recommended by a friend. About 5 hours later, I was vommitting severely and sick all night. As a strict vegetarian for many years, I thought my body didn't like the texture of the mince, but didn't think much of it.

      Last night, I tried the cheese and spinach schnitzels. Once again, 5 hours later I was violently vommitting. This time I was much worse and at one stage thought I would need to go to hospital. I have never felt so ill in my life.

      I was quite concerned that there was something wrong with me until I found this site. As a child, I had an allergic reaction to penicillin and have never had it since. Obviously, I am allergric to the mould that this product is made from.

      I am shocked and alarmed that this product is allowed to be sold in Australia and/or that there is no sufficient warning. There is a very small footnote listed on the back of pack, near the nutritional information. It reads as, "Quorn foods are made with mycoprotein, from a nutritious member of the fungi family. Mycoprotein is high in protein and fibre. This may cause an intolerance in some people."

      I bought this product at Coles and will be contacting them to inform them what has happened to me.

    • profile image

      Hilary 5 years ago

      Just worked out that the violent v and d headache hot and cold sweats ihad last night and the previous Friday night were after eating quorn. Still feel as if I've been kicked in the stomach and have a really really bad headache today. I was appalled to find out what it is made of. There should be a warning, it looks to me by the number of comments here alone never mind other sites, and where it hasn't been reported that a full scale study is needed, not just giving it to people once but over a number of occasions, and not just a couple of hundred. It took 4 times before I was sick.

    • profile image

      Anna 5 years ago

      I have eaten Quorn for many years with no reaction until last year. Now I suffer with very bad tummy, vomiting etc a few hours after I ate it. I wonder if they have changed the some ingredient recently?!

    • profile image

      Kate 5 years ago

      Thank you for posting this. I am allergic to penicillin and recently was also excited to see Quorn for sale in Australia. I ate Quorn last night and have since had stomach cramps and the runs. No vomiting. It was only now that I remembered being sick once when I lived overseas and someone fed me Quorn.

    • profile image

      Lucinda 5 years ago

      I realised that I am allergic to Quorn a number of years ago after the third time of eating it and being violently sick within a couple of hours. I am concerned to see that it is regularly used as a vegetarian option in school dinners where I live in Cornwall.

    • profile image

      Michelle 5 years ago

      I have just read the comments on here and I would like to thank you all. Now I know I am not going mad. I had Quorn as part of a low fat diet for the first time a week or 2 ago. First my hands began to swell and the skin peeled off. I had no way of connecting it to Quorn. I then had it again on Friday. On Friday, I had Quorn mince. Soon after I was projectile vomiting. I put it down to eating too much as I am on a diet. On Sunday, I had a Quorn fillet with a baked potato. I was then violently ill. And this didn't stop to 2/3 of the next day. I will NEVER eat this again and I will make sure everyone I know is aware of the reaction I've had.

    • profile image

      Keeta 5 years ago

      I ate half of a southern style chicken burger quorn thing a while ago, woke up half way through the night choking on my own vomit, I ran to the bathroom and then spent 4 hours vomiting and heaving up the water I was drinking from the tap- I collapsed, could not call for help, could not walk and felt like I was ridiculously drunk- I honestly thought I was going to die! I woke up the next day on the bathroom tiles , in shock, had slept through work, and had to take the rest of the day off work, was very sore in the abs for the next 2 days from the constant heaving! The crazy thing is i didn't even make the connection 4 days later when I ate the other half!!! I had to read the bloody warning in a book about the GI diet!!! It finally all made sense- I checked the package and it had the smallest warning on it- "may cause intolerances" - as far as I am concerned an intolerance doesn't make your bloody life flash before your eyes! Am disgusted this crap isbeing marketed as akin to mushrooms! ( the reason I bought it in the first place) . I have no known food specific allergies nor am I allergic to penicillin . It's awful and I shudder to think this man made junk will kill someone one of these days.

    • profile image

      Danielle 5 years ago

      Like so many of the comments above I had only had Quorn about 3 times... and had an upset stomach after each occurrence but didn't link it back to the Quorn. Then last night I ate Quorn Cumberland Sausages and within two hours was violently ill and vomiting. This went on for about two hours and then I got diarrhoea which has continued throughout the night and next day. I thought I must've had a gastro bug until I looked up Quorn on the net today and have found that many people have had the same reaction. Had I have done my research properly before I would never have eaten it.

      I agree that the small warning on the packaging 'Contains egg, milk, barley & wheat gluten. This may cause intolerance in some people.' is not enough. I am not allergic to any of those products and yet I became very ill after eating Quorn so obviously it is the Mycoprotein that is the issue.

      My other concern is the number of people that develop a worse reaction after having it a few times... what does this mean for people that haven't made the connection? I agree with the comment above- I am worried that it will kill someone one day.

    • profile image

      Howiet1971 5 years ago

      I am vege so find that Quorn mince is essential in making chilli / bolgnese etc. it doesn't make me sick, however I do get a terrible stomach the following day, going up to 7-8 times with diarrhea. It's not pleasant and is deifnatly after every time i eat quorn without any doubt.

    • profile image

      Denise 5 years ago

      I am form the UK

      I can't tell you how ill I am after eating Quorn - but what I hadn't realised until today it that it's not an unknown phenomenum in other people too. I had belived that Quorn is made form mushrooms and I LOVE them. I am however very allergic to penillin. I made the link about not being able to tolerate Quorn just like the author after several bouts of hideous illness after eating Quorn products (dreadful and almost instant diarhorrea, a horrid feeling of being totally bloated with stomach pains and headache, passing out, uncontrollable projectile vomiting and then feeling dreadful for 2-3 days) and so check ingredients VERY carefully. Worryingly twice recently I have had similar symptoms after eating mince based products which didn't mention containing any mycroportien - but which I would swear from how I felt actually contained this vile and evil stuff.

      Just last week I was so ill in the middle of a west end show in London after having eaten a pre-show meal of lasagne that the theatre staff called an ambulance!

      The restaurant denied that the lasagne had contained anything other than minced steak but I'm pretty sure I know different.

    • profile image

      debby chadwick 5 years ago

      This is such an intersting article my daughter went to a party the other day and had some quorn nuggets her throat swelled, she is allergic to penicillin and is asthmatic they are going to be allergy testing her soon and I think we have the culprit many thanks

    • profile image

      Emma D 5 years ago

      I have known I had a Quorn allergy / intolerance for many years, but didn't realise how common it was.

      The first couple of times I had it, I ended up in A&E with such severe vomiting that finally I was retching then passing out each time. I didn't associate my symptoms with Quorn initially, thinking as I guess most people do, that as it was made from mushroom protein and I can eat mushrooms that it could only be some kind of bug. On the 3rd occasion, I realised that there must be some connection and since then I have never knowingly eaten it. However, as I have been a veggie for 22 years, I do occasionally get given Quorn without me realising. On each occasion, I have been very, very unwell afterwards.

    • profile image

      Aline Hargreaves 5 years ago

      My husband had several occasions of vomiting at family gatherings that we put down to a sickness bug caught from the children.On a recent occasion we had all had the same food,he was the only person to be sick and we thought that quorn might be something to do with it.I looked it up online and I was amazed at the number of people who had had similar reactions,needless to say he will be giving quorn a wide berth from now on.

    • profile image

      Rhoda 5 years ago

      These experiences are all so similar to mine about 12 years ago and I haven't touched Quorn since. The first and second time I was very sick a few hours later and didn't link it to the Quorn - maybe it was the glass of wine or the cheese or something... The third time I was projectile vomiting and hyperventilating instantly and couldn't move for hours and I finally realised why. On a later occasion I was sick after simply eating meat cooked on the same grill as Quorn. My partner at the time was using it because he wanted to eat 'healthier', but I'll be sticking to meat. I wouldn't dare touch anything vegetarian in a cafe after that.

    • profile image

      Marie G 5 years ago

      My daughter who is veggie and a good cookmade me a nice chilli a while back with Quorm that night I was so ill with D@V stomach cramps and server sweating and felt terrible not had any again until last night chilli again made with Quorn well again I was so ill I had to call my daughter to come and at one stage I could not breathe we thought we would have to call an ambulance and again the D@V continued for several hours my daughter stayed the night with me and this morning I feel like I have gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. I have just found this site and just wanted to add my experience with you all, but will not be eating Quorn again although my daughter is fine and is relieved that she did not poison me.

    • profile image

      rebecca 5 years ago

      Severe Itching & Swelling is what is happening to me at this moment! Ive bought and eaten Quorn chicken chunks about 10 times in the past and I ate two Chicken patties last night and about an hour later I was itching all over and swelling of my lips. I had no idea it might be the Quorn until I narrowed down that that was all I ate. I have no food allergies at all. I guess I am allergic to mold, as Im sure most people are. I took some allergy tabs last night so I could sleep and now I am having another flair up getting itchy and blotchy and swelling. Im so disappointed because I am a vegetarian and was hoping that Quorn would be a great meat substitute for most my meals. Guess not. I do wonder how many people are out there having adverse reactions and not knowing its the Quorn to blame. So glad I did some research!! Sorry Quorn, wont be buying you again.

    • profile image

      Cathy Campbell 5 years ago

      Firstly - thanks for writing this hub and making it so easy to find in the google search!

      Well, you can add my name to the list - as I just joined "the club". I may have eaten a quorn product at some time in distant past, but recently deliberately bought a product with the plan to eat it on a more regular basis ... and I too (foolishly) thought that the "mycoprotein" meant it was a mushroom derivative (what a fool!). First time I ate it, I felt a little unwell, but put it down to other factors (cold, tired, long day). Second time, felt similar and suspected there was something up ... but unknowingly went back for a third try yesterday. Within a couple of hours I was feeling nausea and a bit wooly-headed ... Four hours after eating the product I was violently sick and had severe diarrhoea. Needless to say the rest of the product will be going in the bin. I actually get a similar reaction to a rather well known pasta sauce, which kind of makes you wonder about the way they've listed the ingredients ... (and believe me - I'm not an allergy or food intolerance type of person - I'm healthy and have the constitution of cast iron!) ...

      Thanks again for the heads-up ... now instead of being lazy and using a packaged "veggie burger", I will have to make my own - so that I know it contains veggies such as mushrooms and not mould!

    • profile image

      Tracey 5 years ago

      Iv been eating the product for 12 years and thankfully have never had any problems. I feed it to my family about four times a week and we all love it.

      I wish they sold as many items here as they do in England.

      I will gladly take any coupons going :)

    • profile image

      Soph81 4 years ago

      I've been eating quorn ever since it came out in the UK so for many many years now. My immediate family stopped eating it a few years back after one of them reacted badly to it but I was always fine. A few months ago I tried the quorn bacon style rashers and experienced severe stomach cramping and diarrhoea, thought it was coincidence but when I tried the same product again, exactly the same symptoms cropped up. I then thought it may just be that product but I had the quorn frozen sausages last night and experienced exactly the same. I am not allergic to penicillin though one of my children is, he is fine with quorn. I am intolerant to soya though which means my choice in veggie alternatives was already severely limited.

    • profile image

      lisa b 4 years ago

      I had a quorn product for the second time today, the first time (about a month ago) i felt very nauseus but wasn't sick and thought nothing of it, today about 2 hours after eating it suffered from V&D with stomach cramps, which went after about 3 hours. I am intolerant to goats cheese and this had exactly the same effect on me! A warning on the packaging would have stopped me from purchasing this product in the first place!

    • profile image

      jemma 4 years ago

      I had a BBQ on sunday and whilst the rest of my housemates ate meat and drank, I made a few jokes about them being drunken boys and that the meat will probably end up undercooked and make them ill. It was actually me throwing up violently the rest of Sunday night! It's now wednesday and I am still feeling to vulnerable to eat properly again and very delirious. This is a very interesting, yet slightly scary article! Being a veggie since I was about 6 I have eaten Quorn for years and years. This is the first time I have had any issues with it, if it is down to this, which seems now quite likely. I was the only one out of 6 to get ill, when we all ate exactly the same except I had Quorn burgers instead of meat, I have been going on at them for the fact that Quorn can't make you ill as it is so good for you, but obviously I should do some more research. What do us veggies do now? :(

    • profile image

      Nikkie 4 years ago

      Hello. I have studied nutrition extensively over the past 20 years (referring to Bobble's comment quite awhile back) and would like to add my 2 cents worth.

      NOT all allergies will show up in a Dr's test - very often allergies are at an early stage and therefore won't be detected. Also, unless the Dr can test for a specific substance, you may not get an accurate result. I.E. you may be tested for an allergy to moulds etc however that may or may not indicate your reaction to the specific substance in Quorn products. I say this as I truly believe that we must listen to our bodies first and foremost.

      If I may add to this thread with my experience .... I ate Quorn last night for the first time, the result was horrific. All the more so because i'm currently pregnant and the reaction I had could have harmed my unborn baby. I'm flabbergasted that this product doesn't have clear and concise information on it's packaging. I'm highly allergic to penicillen, as is my 5 yr old son, and i'm now guessing my 12 month old son, who also ate Quorn last night and were violently ill as a result.

      It's pure negligence on the behalf of the manufacturers - how long will it be before a more extreme reaction occurs? How many extreme reactions will it take before the manufacturers are forced to act responsibly????

    • profile image

      chris rose 4 years ago

      Evil stuff worst 5 days of my life, never have I felt so awful and I have had double phnomonia!

    • profile image

      Rob 4 years ago

      I really wish I'd spotted this article before I bought Quorn products. For me it's a similar story. Tried it twice and no problem. This was the Quorn mince and yesterday I had the Quorn Southern Style Burgers and within in a couple of hours I became violently ill. Started with sweat breaking out and nausea followed by vomiting and diarrhoea. Feeling better today though so i'm glad for that but I will not even touch these products again. Now, here in australia it does say on the package; "Quorn foods are made with mycoprotein, from a nutritious member of the fungi family. Mycoprotein is high in protein and fibre. This may cause an intolerance in some people". I have eaten high protein foods and high fibre foods before and can tell you that I have never became violently ill like last night or felt any discomfort whatsoever. So it is fair to say that I did not feel at all alarmed by this message on the box. Now I know what the real cause could be I find this message misleading. And I have to agree that this product should either have a proper description of contents and side effects or should be banned.

    • profile image

      nicole 4 years ago

      I too vomited 4 hours after eating Quorn products. This happened twice so I am very confident it was the Quorn that caused the reaction.

    • profile image

      sophie 4 years ago

      On the back of quorn in the UK it actually says "quorn is made of myoprotein and is high in fibre and protein which may cause allergies in some people" :)

    • profile image

      Barb 4 years ago

      I have eaten Quorn four times.

      After the first two I felt queasy, last week I had violent vomiting after eating the schnitzel product and today after lunch of tacos made with Quorn mince I have been vomiting all afternoon.

      I have never reacted badly to foods in the past and can eat all sorts of mushrooms, moulds in cheeses and have always had a strong digestive system but I will never touch this product again !!

    • profile image

      Kathy 4 years ago

      I've had Quorn 4 times and violently sick each time -- embarrassed that it took so long to make the connection. Have never had any other food or penicillin allergy, so, in spite of the (small) warning label, I didn't really think of the Quorn as the culprit. Husband and son had no ill effects. Mostly just glad to have my experience validated here, as the hospital rather pooh-poohed the whole thing. Thanks for making all of these comments available.

    • profile image

      Maybea 4 years ago

      After eating Quorn several times I came to realise that it made me ill. I stopped eating it. However, I inadvertently ate quorn in a meal whilst dining out and within two hours, was in hospital. I completely lost consciousness in addition to all the effects listed above by other people. When I regained consciousness, I informed both the ambulance and hospital staff of the cause. No one had heard of any other reported difficulties.

      It took me over week to recover!

    • profile image

      Dp 4 years ago

      Mum bought quorn mince because of the horse meat fiasco, put it this way, i'd rather of had the horse! Within hours I had bad stomach cramps and set up camp in the toilet! The others were fine but never again for me! A day later i still have the stomach pains.

    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      I was invited to dinner by my vegetarian friend who cooked Quorn. Within 1.5 hours while walking home I was vomiting vilolently 6 times! I couldn't understand why I was feeling that way! I was invited by the same friend a few months later and she had cooked Quorn again and with couple of hours I felt exactly the same as last time and voniting all over the back streets on my way home! That is how I made the connection, but didn't know there was such a thing as allergy to Quorn. I am glad to have my suspecions confrmed. I go place when I see the Quorn packs on supermarket shelves!

    • profile image

      Nicole 4 years ago

      I'm reading this article because I don't trust myself to go back to bed yet. We just had the Quorn herb and garlic fillets for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed them - now 4 hours later I'm suffering with some pretty bad vomiting! Enough so to be up after midnight researching my dinner :(

    • profile image

      Claudia 4 years ago

      I was so excited to find Quorn products (UK) were actually palatable and spent a good week enjoying quite a lot of them. I had a terrible reaction - I was completely fatigued and could not functio cognitively. Exhaustion. I felt sicker each day and reviewed what I was eating as I was otherwise healthy and the only new addition had been the Quorn. I immediately eradicated them and three days later was back to normal. I never TOUCH them now. It should be clearly labelled as artificially/laboratory created as I wouldn't have touched the stuff had I not thought it was mushroom based. This article is great. I also think the nutritionist's perspective is irrelevant really - rather imposing - when there's so many of us here feeling so unwell, the ''terminology'' we select to use, is unimportant, neither is ''preserving'' the Quorn brand's reputation high on my list, which makes me think he was unlikely to be a nutritionist and more likely a Quorn marketing manager.

    • profile image

      Jules 4 years ago

      I'm absolutely amazed at this site and the responses to it. It's a revelation! Thanks so much for providing this illuminating information.

      I ate Quorn on very few occasions years ago and cannot say that I noticed anything untoward. Recently I have tried it again and made a couple of evening meals with it.

      After the first meal I awoke in the middle of the night, my heart thumping and my mind racing. No headache, no vomiting, no sweats, but a strange wide-awakeness; I wondered if it could have been the Quorn but as it seemed to be such an innocuous substance I didn't give it much credence. However, I decided to wait a couple of weeks and try again, just to see.

      Last night, within a couple of hours of eating the Quorn my stomach was complaining, I had some diarrhoea but didn't feel sick. However, I lay awake until 2am experiencing the same frantic symptoms of heart pounding and over-stimulated brain as before. My gut is still not right.

      I have already concluded that it was the Quorn and decided to steer clear in the future. This led me on to looking into the substance to learn precisely what it was - like many, I had always thought it to be mushroom based.

      Reading other people's experiences it seems to me that a problematic response to Quorn can be accumulative - for some, the first few times are Ok...then the full and unpleasant picture appears with subsequent exposures to it.

      I will avoid it from now on - I'm lucky enough to have recognised the warnings!

      Interestingly, I'm allergic to most antibiotics, including penicillins.

    • profile image

      Micheller 4 years ago

      Hi, like so many others I found your page when trying to find out what had happened to me. I had eaten quorn mince and two hours later was violently sick, skin flushed and with awful cramping. I too had a similar experience with quorn about ten years ago but failed to connect the two. I'm not allergic to penicillin , but my reaction to the quorn was just plain scary, I'm concerned that with no way of ascertaining who is vulnerable to reaction, there should be warnings on packaging. People who are immune compromised or vulnerable in other ways should be advised of the risk, I shudder to think if I had given this to my 12 month old child

    • profile image

      angi 4 years ago

      hi I used to eat this years ago, and fine, BUt i have eaten it a couple of times in the last year, and narrowed this reaction down to Quorn, last night I cooked it instead of chicken, and within 2 hours I had difficulty in breathing, sweating VERY badly and all my clothes were soaking and I had numb/ tingling hands but i was not sick, the other 3 people that ate it including a 4 year old, were fine, I will NEVER eat this again, I like it as I am not keen on eating meat!

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      I have had exactly the same reaction to eating Quorn as others. After eating it for the second time I was very ill last night, repeatedly sick. I put the first case down to a different food, but now realise it is the Quorn. I an still feeling unwell as I write this.

    • profile image

      Frank 4 years ago

      My family has eaten Quorn for years, both in the UK and Australia and have never had any issues at all. We have Quorn 2/3 times every week. Whilst some people may be allergic to Quorn, maybe because there may be gluten or egg in it rather than the mycoprotein itself, most are not allergic and benefit from this meat alternative. Maybe sometimes people got sick from the other food in the meal or from an earlier meal. Food poisoning may appear the next day after a meal, and that will be the case with some of above. Look up Wiki and you will see the alternative, red meat is much worse for you, and sometimes permanent.

    • profile image

      Gill 4 years ago

      After suffering with cancer, I thought I would try to eat less red meat and consume more veggies to help my body to recover from chemo. I have now been very ill twice after eating Quorn mince. I wasn't sick but had terrible stomach pains and diaorrhea. I thought it was a vegetable protein, maybe soya, and couldn't understand why I could eat other pulses with no problem. I was horrified when I discovered it was a mould and also possibly contains toxins. Shall be avoiding this in the future. Interestingly, after cancer treatment I have also become allergic to penicillin, only mention this as I saw some others who were intolerant also had a penicillin allergy. Just goes to show, you need to read the packet and do your homework. I am too trusting of food manufacturers.

    • profile image

      Ali 4 years ago

      I found out a few years ago that I was allergic to quorn as I experienced severe cramps and sickness after eating it. I have avoided it for years as a result, but unfortunately I went out last night and was offered a veggie burger. I should have questioned them but risked it and it was obviously a quorn burger as I have paid the price today! I was awake all night feeling sick and with stomach cramp. Today I am so bloated and tired. I've since discovered several other people I know have experienced the same symptoms. I have contacted the manufacturers who fobbed me off. Should be a warning on the packaging

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      Quorn almost killed me. It is the most diceptive product on the market and I will be doing everything in my power to ban it from our markets. Cost me thousands of dollars worth of hospitalization and treatment.

    • profile image

      Sue 4 years ago

      I ate quorn mince in UK 5 years ago with no ill effects but since then have suffered a bleeding duodenal ulcer. I bought quornburgers in our New Zealand supermarket last week (the first time I have seen them here) and last evening was violently sick with accompanying diarrhoea some four hours after eating a quorn burger. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one but surely there should be a somewhat more visible warning on the packet.

    • profile image

      Gem 4 years ago

      Every time I eat it I am violently ill, now I know the connection I shudder at the site of it in the supermarket! It should have something on the packet, it is dangerous!

    • profile image

      Bob 4 years ago

      Had spaghetti bolognese Monday night as usual only change Quorn instead of Soya mince. 2 hours later violently ill with vomiting and diarrhoea for next 8 hours. Had trouble keeping my eyes open from onset for next 24 hours. 36 hours later still feel a bit dazed. My wife just threw the packet away. Goodbye Quorn for ever I hope!!

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      I first ate this in the 1980's and it took 3 times before I realised it was Quorn that was making me violently sick. I wrote to Marlow and they offered to fund me travelling to London to have a general allergy test. They didn't show me the results but said they were negative! I have since eaten Quorn twice unknowingly and also become violently ill.

      I was told 1 in 65 people are allergic to it.

      My mother is allergic to penicillin, so possibly some connection there.

    • profile image

      Bratman 3 years ago

      Strange how Americans and Aussies are submitted to a negative reaction to Qourn but us British can eat it without symptoms. I used to eat it all the time when I was a vegetarian, now I'm vegan I've found more sources of natural protein and cut Qourn out. Just for the record I never got ill from any Qourn products and neither did my girlfriend, friends or family.

      Maybe because it comes from British soil foreign bodies aren't ready for it?

    • profile image

      Michael 3 years ago

      Bratman, you're wrong - 'us British' can't all eat it without a reaction. I've eaten it 3 times with the end result being hours of violent vomiting and diarrhea, followed by 2 days of muscle pain and exhaustion from the ordeal my body had gone through.

      I only made the connection after the 3rd time of eating (which was also the worst reaction), thinking it unlikely that I would have gotten sick from something made from mushrooms. I only discovered the truth of Quorn after searching online and finding other people with the same story as me. So Bratman, just because you didn't get ill doesn't mean there aren't others who did.

      I live in Norway now, where nobody seems to have heard of Quorn - I sincerely hope it remains that way.

    • profile image

      Bob 3 years ago

      Must admit I am English and my entry is a few above. Also it took about 2 weeks before my brain felt like it was functioning normally.

    • profile image

      nev 3 years ago

      I am trying to cut back on meat in my diet. Tried Qourn and was violently ill on three occasions before I realised the culprit.

    • profile image

      D Neal 3 years ago

      My adult son recovering from leukemia made violetenly sick from Quorn products I made tacos one night ( using the ground beef Quorn) and within 3 hours he was violently ill. I did not connect it with the Quorn product at that time. Then a week later had their stuffed chicken breast (quorn product) and once again within hours he was violently sick. When I realized that both times he had eaten this product I started an internet search and found this article. I think it is horrible that Quorn does not tell people. A person recovering from leukemia already has an immune system that has been compromised, this could have killed him!!! I am outraged and throwing out ther rest of there product that I have in my freezer! Shame on this company for no warning on their labels.

    • profile image

      lucyvanpelt 3 years ago

      It makes me feel better to know I am not alone in what I suffered after eating these products. Like many others, I had eaten Quorn products in the past with no known issues that I can recall. Then about three years ago I had a Quorn patty for dinner and an hour or so later had my head in the toilet. I was sick a good portion of that night, but I chalked it up to a stomach bug. Either way, I didn't eat any other products until a few months ago when I noticed them on sale at the store. Unfortunately, I chose to have another patty for lunch when I was home alone with my baby girl. An hour or so after eating, I felt weird and tingly, then started having major hot flashes, and then was violently ill for a few hours. I felt horrible having to keep my poor daughter in her bouncy seat next to the toilet so I could watch her while I was sick. Great for people who can still eat their products, though I would advise to eat with caution since the reaction seems to creep up on you over time, but there needs to be some sort of warning on these. I won't be eating any of their products again.

    • profile image

      Choclover 3 years ago

      I've read these comments with interest as I developed a severe reaction to Quorn about 16 years ago (I'm British!) and have tried to avoid the product as much as possible since.

      I needed to have an endoscope as they wanted to see if I had an alcer from the severe pains I was having. Interestingly, the side effects of eating Quorn made be severely sensitive to ANY foods for a few months after I stopped eating it. I suffered from bouts of cramps and bloating after eating Quorn until it passed through my digestional tract.

      Now I see this product being increased in the supermarket and our local hospital uses it as a meat substitute.

      It's becoming more difficult to avoid and I always question what the burgers are made of at local BBQ's in case I inadvertently eat it again.

      My husband and daughter also react to it. That's a higher statistic than one we are led to believe! My daughter is allergic to penicillin but neither my husband and I are.

      I was also told when I described this as an intollerance that any reaction to something is an allergy. It plays down the reaction which of course can increase in reaction each time you are exposed to it, and may end up being anaphylactic. Make sure you describe this as an allergy so it's treated seriously by others around you.

    • profile image

      LL 3 years ago

      To the people commenting about how Quorn is safe to eat and they have had no problems at all- I was one of you! I ate Quorn regularly for years and told tons of people to try it - told people who said it was bad that they were wrong.

      Most people have acute reactions within a few hours from eating it. I had no noticeable reaction. But as time passed I became increasingly more tired and sick. So sick to the point were I couldn't function normally. After going to my doctor she determined that the cause was the Quorn.

      This is because Quorn is mold and mold is toxic to everyone.

      If you are eating Quorn and find yourself feeling sick - but can't figure out why - it might be from the Quorn. I stopped eating it over a year ago but I am still sick! Slowly recovering.

    • profile image

      Angus 3 years ago

      I live in South Africa and discovered Quorn for the first time about a month ago... It was great the first few times I ate it but I noticed I was increasingly nauseous after each meal (I attributed this to some type of stomach bug that was maybe doing the rounds and was optimistic it would pass)... alas the final nail came last night when I at quorn mince and was nauseous within an hour followed by violent vomiting, stomach cramps and upset stomach. Having done some research and having made the connection, I will never eat this stuff again. I am allergic to penicillin and suspect that was what caused my reaction. There should be a clear warning on this so-called "food"

    • profile image

      Dean 3 years ago

      I for many years have also eaten the product, with apparently no side effects, until a couple of days ago! The only thing that made me think that Quorn might be the cause was that I cooked it for myself and my parents. My mother was fine, but my father ( who has never eaten it before) and I had exactly the same symptoms, at exactly the same time. It couldn't be food poisoning as my mother had no issues.

      We both awoke to cramps, the loosest stools he or I have ever had, dizziness, hot flushes and nausea.

      It's two days ago, and I still feel weak. I count myself lucky that it was not as sever as some people, however I too was led to believe that it was a harmless mushroom based product. It's not! It's mould!!!

      In fact, it kinda reminds me of the film Soylent Green. Although hopefully it's not really made from people.

      It's time that we did away with these heavily processed foods. We need to go back to nature, not invent stuff from a potentially toxic mould.

      I'm now thinking that perhaps my so called diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, and it's increased symptoms over the last 3 to 4 years could be that I have been cooking this stuff on a regular basis. My girlfriend is vegetarian, and so when I cook for her quorn is or more accurately was on the menu.

      I will not be eating this product again, after all I have read, and I will be warning people about the true nature of this myco protein. I had no idea that so many people were so affected, or that the manufactures know it can cause many people, many different issues.

      Perhaps I have been slowly poisoning myself over an extended period of time.

      I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has issues with this product

      I am in the U.K.

    • em1ma profile image

      em1ma 3 years ago

      * Man-made.

      * Don't be fooled by someone who calls herself a 'Nutritionist' (sic).

      * If it's potentially toxic / can have cumulative toxicity, as mentioned over and over again, it should be avoided - any sane person would advise that.

    • profile image

      S26 3 years ago

      I am a registered nurse, I have no allergies, I take no medications for anything, I have no disease or illness, and have never experienced any adverse reactions from anything I have eaten in my entire existence and went into severe anaphylactic shock the third time I ate Quorn Grounds AND ALMOST DIED HAD PARAMEDICS NOT MADE IT TO MY HOUSE IN TIME TO RUSH ME TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM! The first time I ate Quorn Grounds I had no reactions. The second time I ate Quorn Grounds I felt "not right", tightness in chest, slight tingling in my face and neck, stomach felt queasy, but I attributed it to a meat burger I had earlier in the day and blamed that instead of this "healthy meatless and soyless" product. I slept it off and woke up okay. The third time I ate Quorn Grounds was January 2nd, 2014 at 3:30 am and about 10-20 minutes later I noticed the tingling sensation in my hands, feet, neck, and face. My heart was racing, I felt light headed, my blood pressure was dropping. I began to feel itchy so I got up and looked at myself in the mirror and was HORRIFIED to see my entire body red and covered in RASHES. I stared at my reflection and noticed that my lips were swelling, my eyes were swelling so much that I could barely see out of them, my hands, tongue. and then my throat began to swell and I could barely see since my eyes were so swollen but I finally found my home phone and called 911.This all happened within a matter of minutes. I could barely talk to the operator because my tongue and throat was so swollen and I fainted shortly before firefighters and paramedics reached my house. Had it been a few minutes later, it might have been too late for me and I probably wouldn't be here writing you this message to tell you about my experience and hopefully raise awareness of this product and the possible complications from consuming it. Thankfully the doctor and nurses saved my life and about two hours after the symptoms subsided, the symptoms came back and they gave me more medications and kept me for observation for several more hours. This has been the scariest situation I have ever experienced and I now have to carry an Epinephrine pen with me at all times for the rest of my life should I ever have another allergic reaction because once you have an allergic reaction, you are at risk of having another one. Consumers should be warned about this ingredient "mycoprotein" which comes from the mold Fusarium venenatum (venenatum is Latin for filled with venom!) that is used in Quorn products. I understand that not everyone will have an adverse reaction to consuming mycoprotein, same as how not everyone will have an allergic reaction to peanuts, eggs, etc, but there should be some warning on the product package itself or displayed where the product is located in the store because had there been some warning about this new ingredient that I have never tried before - I NEVER would have purchased it or I would have done a quick online search of this ingredient that states an allergic reaction might occur. I don't know what changes will be made, if at all, from sharing my story with you, but I hope that no one will ever have to go through what I did and that I pray that their outcome isn't a fatal one and I urge that something should be done. I am not a vegetarian, I am not vegan, I am not on any special diet, I consume wheat, shellfish, eggs, gluten, peanuts, milk, etc, but my fiancé is a vegetarian and wanted to try this new product. Mycoprotein is a fairly new allergen that most people, like myself, know nothing about until they become sick from consuming it. If more people actually tried this product then maybe the percentages of adverse reactions would be higher if they reported it - if they even know that it was Quorn that caused it. I can only imagine how many unreported cases there are. I have many carnivorous friends who don't care to try "fake meat", but if they did try it, maybe they would have the same outcome as I did... but I will NEVER recommend this product to ANYONE. I'm just a stranger, someone behind a computer screen that you can't put a face with the name and know nothing about other than what I've disclosed in this message, but what happened to me can happen to someone you love or kill them... and why would you wait to do something about it then after the fact? I'm not asking to have Quorn products removed from store shelves, but simply some sort of warning should be displayed on the packages themselves or in the store in the location the products are sold.

    • profile image

      DAVID 3 years ago

      had a quorn meal two days ago and was vomiting violently within 3 hours. Casting my mind back I realised that the only time I had ever experienced this kind of food poisoning in the last 20 years or so was having consumed quorn sausages. On the first occasion I assumed that the cause must have been an unrelated bug. However, I now know that quorn poisoning must be responsible as the reaction was so swift and violent. I have subsequently researched this subject and realise that quorn allergy is a real problem for a significant proportion of the population. Surely it is time for the food standards agency to insist on a warning to be displayed on all quorn products.

    • profile image

      carmel 3 years ago

      Even my jar of peanut butter has an allergen statement on it - surely the same should apply for this product. Like many other people it took me three times to figure out it was Quorn making me ill but I am really worried about accidentally ingesting it again from an unexpected source. I was so crook this time I don't want to think what might happen if I had it again.

      I still eat my peanut butter, despite the allergy warning and I'm sure people would still eat Quorn if it had such a warning. At least it would be an informed decision.

    • profile image

      kelly 3 years ago

      I am appalled to hear that this product is still on the supermarket shelves! tonight was the 2nd time I have tried it my husband refused to have it after the first time as he was sick with diarrhoea and nausea - I had mild nausea at that time but wasn't convinced that it was from the mince we'd had that night well now I am! as im leaning over a bucket at my bed - disgusted by this manufacturers negligence! the consumer must be warned of the high potential for illness I am not allergic to foodiof which this is not, toxic trouble my supermarket will be hearing from me tomorrow!

    • profile image

      Kez 3 years ago

      The first time I tried Quorn I was so impressed! A "mushroom-based " fungus that's a healthy meat alternative AND cheaper than meat! What's not to love? Turns out everything! I had severe cramps and broke out in a sweat the second time I ate the stuff and then last night I was actually sick. It was horrible. After reading about other people also having a bad reaction I'm 100% certain it was the Quorn. I'm not intolerant to anything and I will eat just about everything within reason so being so ill on this stuff was a genuine shock. I've thrown the left overs away and I will certainly NEVER eat it again! I will also be checking other meat substitute foods to ensure they don't contain "mycoprotien".

    • profile image

      paul 3 years ago

      I have no known food allergies, can eat eggs, love peanuts, take paracetamol,the proverbial cast iron stomach, never missed a day of work through illness. Two weeks ago we had Quorn in an Indian sauce, later that night I was so violently sick I had sore ribs for 3 days afterwards, I put it down to a 24hr bug. Last night I had Quorn mince in a chilli dish. Same reaction. I was only told this morning that I had eaten Quorn last night as I assumed it was normal minced beef.

    • profile image

      Georgia 3 years ago

      Hey everyone,

      I was really excited when we finally started having more supermarkets selling Quorn here in Germany as I had fallen in love with the products last time I was in England.

      Everything was fine the first few times but two weeks ago I had Quorn lasagna and was incredibly sick (vomiting and all) afterwards. I didn't suspect the lasagna since nobody else had been sick.

      Today I made myself some pasta with Quorn sauce and only three hours later the nausea is back full swing.

      I loved Quorn. I hate being allergic to it but after everything I have read here I won't try again...

    • profile image

      Ayesha 3 years ago

      im allergic to penicillin, being a vegetarian tried this product and was violently violently ill, i did not click it was from this product then had it again several weeks later and again the same reaction.

      im absolutely disgusted that this product is not labeled clear enough, who would no what the f mycoprotine is?

      quorn needs to do something about this, it is very hazardous to some people.

    • profile image

      Emma 3 years ago

      My husband and I are both vegetarian (ovo-lacto-pesc-vegetarian) and have eaten Quorn regularly as an alternative source of protein for a number of years. Admittedly, I do not particularly like the taste or texture of it but have not noticed too much of a problem although I don't feel particularly great after eating it. However, the last couple of times I've eaten it, I have had very bad (almost debilitating) stomach cramps. The following morning I also had diarrhea. I ate the mince and although I did not react in the same way as some of these other poor people on here I will avoid this in the future.

    • profile image

      Jane 3 years ago

      I ate quorn twice and on both occasions was very sick after two hours. I realised it was the quorn after the second time I ate it. I won't touch the stuff now and don't let my family eat it either.

      According to the manufacturers website my reaction is very very rare. Doesn't appear so rare to me!

    • profile image

      Julie 3 years ago

      Had quorn several times before with no memorable reactions, so never thought twice about the fact I am allergic to mushrooms. 9 days ago, for the first time in 33 years, I thought I had food poisoning as i actually vomited. Not something I do. It was about 5 hours after eating quorn. Didn't think it was that at all. Yesterday, I had quorn again and within 2 hours was violently ill. Once it is out of my system I am fine, though I did sleep for several hours after leaving work yesterday afternoon. Today I have found several sites where people discuss these types of reactions to quorn and I know I won't be touching it again. I eat blue cheese, so it never occurred to me mold would be a problem. Never had penicillin, so can't comment there, but I am definitely not allergic to dairy or eggs... Thanks for this post and the subsequent comments. Sad to see so many people so adversely affected by a "health" product.

    • profile image

      Lutzie 3 years ago

      Quorn was launched in South Africa in November 2013 and I started buying it a few weeks ago. I initially prepared the schnitzels and the mince for my vegetarian husband and he enjoyed them, no problem. We then moved onto the Chicken cubes/chunks prepared in a sauce, also no problem. THEN - last week I made him hotdogs with the Viennas and within 3 hours, he was vomitting. I did not think it was Quorn and put it down to a tummy bug. This past Sunday evening, I prepared the cubes again in a gravy and again within 3 hours, he was vomitting, but this time it was severe and went on for ages. I finally connected the dots and googled yesterday to see if anyone else had complained about Quorn online. Oh my word, I was shocked to see that the internet is filled with people saying how ill Quorn made them. I have contacted the Head Office here in South Africa and explained my concerns as they need to adjust the packaging to not just say that Mycoprotein can cause intolerance. Severe vomiting is not just an intolerance, it is an allergic reaction. I did not even know what Mycoprotein was until I ran a search on it yesterday! My hubbie is allergic to Penicillin, so I do not believe this is a coincidence. We will not be purchasing any Quorn products from now on and will be making our vegetarian friends aware of the possible dangers.

    • profile image

      Lynn martin 2 years ago

      I ate Quorn for years with no problems. I had it a few years ago and was violently sick, thought it was a bug I had got. Several weeks later I had Quorn again with the same thing happening. I haven't eaten it for 2 years now, well until last night that is. I had a Quorn burger within a few hours I was doubled up with stomach cramps then spent the whole night vomiting. I will not be eating it again.

    • profile image

      Becky 2 years ago

      I had suspicions I was allergic to quorn after two times of eating it then having extreme stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting but I wasn't sure as I have a sensitive stomach anyway. Last night at a BBQ I ate a veggie burger not realising it was quorn and now I have been awake all night with the same symptoms. It's the most painful stomach cramps I've ever had and I'm exhausted, dehydrated and shaky. I will never touch quorn again.

    • profile image

      Crypticmiss 2 years ago

      I ate quorn products occasionally for a number of years without any problems then I had quorn pate half a tub and experienced stomach cramps for a few hours. i did not link it to the quorn but I finished the tub the following day and this time experienced cramps for 24 hours. I associated this with the pate itself rather than the quorn, so avoided it in future. On returning from a holiday we had no food in apart from quorn fillet ready meal, which I had eaten before so did not think anything of eating it, however on this occasion I was in bed for 3 days with extreme cramps in my stomach. It seemed like every time I ate quorn the effects were worse than the last time so I now avoid it at all costs. i have never vomited with it but have since read reports of people vomiting continuously for hours. I am not sure why I was ok eating it for so long and why the reaction suddenly started, but I definitely don't want to have the effects again or even worse.

    • profile image

      Alison 2 years ago

      Ok just had QUORN for the first time and I can say that I definitely do not feel great. I am vegetarian and for the past few weeks I have been eating un-processed foods and feeling great. By boyfriend wanted to make bolognese and so I suggested it because I thought it was an innocent soy product--- OK THEN WE LOOKED AT THE INGREDIENTS. Seriously people what did you think you were eating!!! It is a TOTALLY processed food. We bought it with full understanding that it was a freaky weird and chemical product and we decided to experiment with it and see what it was like. So it came as no surprise that even though it tasted good it also tasted very sweet and salty and basically a bit like fast food. I decided never to eat it again and threw the rest out. I don't get you people who are vegetarian but fill your diets with processed chemical foods on a daily basis. Just make a vegetarian sauce next time-- that is what I told my boyfriend to do. What is the point in trying to eat healthier and then eating this crap? At least we actually decided to try it knowing what it was and so we did not have to wait for three times or five times or ten years to figure it out. GET WITH IT PEOPLE!!!

    • profile image

      bettie 2 years ago

      i ate quorn regularly for a year. because i had no other option. i was being fed it by a vegetarian i was staying with. at first i had no severe reaction just maybe slight diarrhoea which i didn't connect at first, then one day i had the most severe stomach cramps imaginable. i thought i may die. thankfully within a few hours it went away and never had another reaction. i believe this reaction was caused by quorn. if anyone reads this please please do NOT eat quorn, it causes some people to go into anaphalactic shock. its not worth risking it. PLUS that fact thats its made so strangely is enough to put me well off. just because you arent having a reaction doesn't mean its doing your body any good. i think it should be banned!! its a criminal food substittute!

    • profile image

      Shelly 2 years ago

      Thank you, for this hub!

      Two weeks ago made stir fry with quorn chicken, my partner reacted two hours later volently sick with severe stomach cramps & diarrhoea, we put it down to a Gastric type flu or bug, took days for him to recover.

      I made another dinner tonight, with quorn chicken within two Hours my partner has been violently sick with severe stomach cramps,he is now in bed exchausted. I have never seen him so ill?

      Luckily came across this hub and now I know the reason for his severe reaction. Thrown all of the quorn out and will never use this product again.

    • profile image

      jozella 2 years ago

      I ate 3 sausages yesterday ad have never been so violently ill in all my life. Had a few cocktail sausages 2 weeks ago and did not feel well, nauseous but It went away. Then exactly 4 hrs after eating the sausages yesterday I vomited really really badly all night long. The taste of that fake smoked sausage would not go away. I will never touch that stuff ever again. What is annoying is that my vegetarian friend insists that it is so great and healthy but how can it be? poison.

    • profile image

      aj Graves 2 years ago

      Have recently consumed Quorn Peppered Steaks and was vomiting repeatedly after about 2 hours. Wife consumed same and showed no effects. Was under the impression that vegetarian steaks etc were soya based but am wiser now. Thanks for article.


      Tony Graves

      Nottingham UK

    • profile image

      Les D 2 years ago

      In a sense I'm relieved to find this article and the comments from other sufferers since it confirms my own experience. I can now make sure of avoiding Quorn and probably all other mycoprotein products.

      Like others here, I suffered acute vomiting and weakness to the point of physical collapse. Fortunately I was in a place where a wheelchair was available as I had to be scooped up off the floor and wheeled to my room. It took about 12 hours for the symptoms to go and then I was back to normal except for a certain weakness from the violence of vomiting and there was a need to reintroduce food gradually.

    • profile image

      Les D 2 years ago

      In a sense I'm relieved to find this article and the comments from other sufferers since it confirms my own experience. I can now make sure of avoiding Quorn and probably all other mycoprotein products.

      Like others here, I suffered acute vomiting and weakness to the point of physical collapse. Fortunately I was in a place where a wheelchair was available as I had to be scooped up off the floor and wheeled to my room. It took about 12 hours for the symptoms to go and then I was back to normal except for a certain weakness from the violence of vomiting and there was a need to reintroduce food gradually.

    • profile image

      Les D 2 years ago

      In a sense I'm relieved to find this article and the comments from other sufferers since it confirms my own experience. I can now make sure of avoiding Quorn and probably all other mycoprotein products.

      Like others here, I suffered acute vomiting and weakness to the point of physical collapse. Fortunately I was in a place where a wheelchair was available as I had to be scooped up off the floor and wheeled to my room. It took about 12 hours for the symptoms to go and then I was back to normal except for a certain weakness from the violence of vomiting and there was a need to reintroduce food gradually.

    • profile image

      Angela Durham, England 2 years ago

      I am currently in bed ill!!! Became violently sick after eating Quorn mince at lunch time ..this is the third time. Didn't realise it was the Quorn....until now.OMG it should come with a warning!!! Or have it banned.....what's it gonna take....someone to die. Can't believe all these people who are ill it is POISON ....mould poison....thank you to everyone who has commented. I will NEVER EVER EAT it again....feel dreadful

    • profile image

      Doug H. 2 years ago

      I was first ill with violent vomiting over a year and Quorn was a suspect. In the end I put it down to a blood thinning drug that I was taking at the time. I was vomiting specks of blood and my stools were very dark. I stopped taking the drug and the symptoms went away. I coincidently stopped eating Quorn. Now, year later, I have just eaten cottage pie made with Quorn mince (for the fisrt time since last year) and was violently sick with diarrhea. Isn't it about time a proper investigation was made into this?

    • profile image

      Sarah 2 years ago

      I've just made the connection between eating quorn and my symptoms. A few weeks ago I suddenly felt weak, dizzy, hot and nauseous about 2 hours after eating a quorn spag bol. I was then violently sick and had bad stomach cramps. At the time, I just thought it was a sickness bug. Today I thought I'd try some quorn sausages for breakfast and just suffered the same symptoms again. I then made the connection and searched for 'quorn reactions' and found this article. My family have eaten the same meals with me and haven't had a reaction and I also don't suffer from any known penicillin allergy. I really think there should be some sort of warning on quorn products as this reaction is very severe and seems to be affecting a lot of people. Can't understand why this stuff is still on the shelves and I'll definitely be avoiding it again at all costs!!

    • profile image

      Mo 2 years ago

      I just don`t know how this product can still be sold let alone marketed as healthy. It took me a while to realise it was Quorne that was making me ill. I have avoided it like the plague for years, earlier though I had a bowl of some food my housemate made and an hour later I started to feel ill with stomach cramps. I looked at the packet in the bin and she had used evil quorn, this is going to be a fun night!!!! Thanks for sharing everyone, I thought I was going mad when I worked out it was this healthily product making me ill. I guess the question is now, how can we stop the product being sold without a warning label listing the side effects.

    • profile image

      tessie27 2 years ago

      My gripe is that they advertise it as a health food too!

      Rip Off Britain has just broadcast a programme on food. If enough people contact the team, they may just investigate the vile product for the next series:

      Here's hoping!

    • profile image

      Julia 23 months ago

      At last I know I'm not the only person! Ok, I do also eat meat, but every now and then will eat veggie. Fine with Linda McCartney, even hubby thought it was meat, but within 2 hours of eating quorn I am ALWAYS sick. Strange thing is, as soon as I have brought it up, I am fine again.

    • profile image

      Peter 19 months ago

      I recently started eating Quorn and had similar experiences to others. I had no reactions the first time, the second time I felt a bit nauseous but last night, a couple of hours after eating it I was violently sick. I won't be eating it again!

    • profile image

      Megan 18 months ago

      Ate a quorn pie, throat swollen up and can't swallow.


    • profile image

      Another Peter 18 months ago

      Reading other people's experiences makes me think that I was lucky to have only eaten small portions of quorn and realised after two meals that it was the cause of headache, nausia, sweating, shakes, sneezing and violent vomiting which luckily only lasted about an hour. For 67 years I have had no allergies or food intolerances. Links to other allergies seem to me to be a red herring.

      Why has there been no properly reported investigations of these worrying reactions? What is the true incidence of these adverse reactions? Surely Marlow Food (Aka. RHM/ICI) are not impartial observers to assess this.

    • profile image

      Lesley 18 months ago

      Within 2 hours of eating a small portion of Quorn mince I started having hot flushes and feeling uneasy. I then broke out into the worst itching I have ever experienced. The itch turned into whelts and rash which covered most of my body, especially the soft areas. 4 anti histamine tabs and some cort cream later,I slowly regained my sanity. This was the first and only time Quorn will enter our house.

    • profile image

      Danielle 15 months ago

      I have had two sever reactions to Quorn that hospitalised me both times. Within ten to fifteen minutes of eating Quorn pieces I got sever upper abdomen discomfort which then over the course of about twelve hours work through my digestive tract as waves of spasms incredibly painful. Also causing bowel motions and bladder emptying as the pressure from spasms pushes everything out. Also Nausea. Treated with Morphine and Maxilon and rehydrated both times. Never going near this stuff again.

    • profile image

      monkman77 15 months ago

      I discovered earlier this year after 3 -4 times that I'm allergic to quorn though it feels more like I'm poisoned. My wife bless her was trying to get me to eat healthier and was mixing it in with minced meat. I thought it might be a gall bladder issue with fat so she upped the amount assuming that it would reduce the fat of the meal.

      Each attack came on faster and more severe than the last. Violent vomitting of everything for hours and the other end too. I also got a debilitating headache which went from the front of my head to the back for about 20 seconds it felt like the lining of my brain was in agony, after which I was only capable of curling up in the foetal position until the morning. Nothing makes me as ill as that stuff, I too get the jitters when I see the box I hope I never eat another piece again. Thank goodness my wife discovered the allergic reaction otherwise it would never have made that connection.

    • profile image

      andrea 14 months ago

      I googled this today as I started eating quorn a couple of months ago thinking it was a healthy alternative to fatty meat and the first few times I was ok, then I made a batch of cottage pies to freeze and after I ate one I was violently sick 2 hours after consuming which lasted all night, i'd cleaned the oven that day with a strong oven cleaner and put it down to that, a week later it happened exactly the same again, so then I read that you shouldn't refreeze quorn so put it down to that. Last night I used a handful of quorn to make a spaghetti bolognaise for myself and ate it freshly cooked, 2 hours later I was violently vomiting for 6 hours! I am not allergic to penicillin or nuts or eggs, nothing has made me as ill as this poison and people should be warned better than some small print I found on the packet this morning stating you could have an allergic reaction to this product. I myself too believed falsely it was derived from one of my favourite foods mushrooms.

    • profile image

      Bella 14 months ago

      I recently bought some quorn products to try and reacted strangely but didn't attribute it to the products until I read the back of the bag which said some people have adverse reactions to it. I'm allergic to penicillin which could contribute

    • profile image

      Jan 14 months ago

      Had Quorn mince twice. Both times really severe sickness and diarrhoea within a couple of hours lasting all night. Only after the second time did I make the link. I can normally eat anything and very rarely have an upset stomach. I have no known allergies to any foods or penicillin etc but do suffer from hay fever and have an allergic reaction to dust and some animals. Maybe a connection with other allergies? I certainly won't be eating it again.

    • profile image

      Courtney 13 months ago

      My short experience with Quorn was not good. Sure, it tasted awesome, but I got a serious allergic reaction to it. I will mention that I have an allergy to mold, but I'm not allergic to any type of mushroom. Here's what happened to me- I only ate Quorn 3 times, but by the 3rd time there was no doubt I was allergic to it.

      1st time: mild upset stomach & irritated throat. 2nd time: indigestion, irritated mouth & throat, mild puffiness around my lips. Neither one of those times was I particularly alarmed, but did take note of it the second time. The 3rd time was far worse: in addition to the symptoms I experienced before, I started to experience swelling of my face & mouth. My husband almost took me to the ER, but didn't when the Benydryl I took seemed like it was finally starting to work. Lesson learned. I will never eat Quorn again.

      My advice is this: Do not eat Quorn if you have any type of mold allergy. It could get bad.

    • profile image

      Val 11 months ago

      Hi, I've been eating quorn for years and never had a problem until about 3 months ago. After eating a lasagne made with quorn I got terrible stomach cramps and pain - felt very very nauseas although not actually sick and just was awake all night thinking I was about to throw up. I felt horrible. Didn't connect it with the quorn until last night - had sausages made with quorn and the whole thing started again, only worse! On looking it up on the internet, I realised there was a connection. all the quorn in my freezer is going in the bin!

    • profile image

      Gigi 9 months ago

      I made the grand mistake of having Quorn nuggets for two nights in a row. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a lazy cook and if they sold bachelor chow in a can, I would buy it. I thought Quorn was an easy meal option. But not one hour after eating it on night 2, I felt weak and my heart rate started to race to the point that my arms were twitching with each beat. I had a horrible headache. I've felt a little fuzzy after eating it before, but this was the last straw. I've thrown the rest of it out and consider this unsafe. Luckily, I felt wiped out but survivable an hour after it started. If it had gone on, then I would have sought out emergency medical attention.

      Despite my experience, I wonder how is it that they can sell a mould in any country, and pass it off as food? Don't they know that people have mould allergies? That they are raking in cash from selling this potentially deadly product is unconscionable!

    • profile image

      Louise 4 months ago

      Sounds like my experience was completely typical. Had quorn a few times a few months ago, always struggled to sleep afterwards and suffered from wind and terrible diarrhoea the following day but didn't think much of it. Made a quorn lasagne last night and it was so much worse - I was vomiting for hours and still feel bad 24 hours later. Won't touch it again.

    • profile image

      IMW 3 months ago

      This is absurd. You devoted an entire website to this.

      Many cheeses are also made with mold. You probably eat cheese all the time and *gasp* don't get sick. Just because something is made with mold, spores, or even bugs, doesn't mean it's automatically horrifying and bad for everyone. Or.. maybe you are allergic to cheese! Which is fine - and you probably don't go around devoting websites to the worldwide danger that is aged cheeses, just because of your situation.

      Some people are also allergic to chicken. (my daughter is!).. should we then label packages of chicken as having potential allergic consequences? What about garlic? (she's also allergic to that!) Since a subset of folks have garlic allergies, should we specifically label that as a warning on all foods?

      You noted that this strain of fungus or mold is stated not to produce toxin, and then consider that suspicious because you therefore can't understand why you got sick. Because your body didn't like it. Simply put. Some people are allergic to cucumbers; that doesn't mean it's poisonous or toxic. It just means your body doesn't like it, doesn't recognize it, and attacked it.

      Having an allergy to a food does not mean it's a "bad food" or dangerous. It's only bad and dangerous to your body. And in that case you shouldn't eat it. I can't believe I'm even trying to explain this. Hopefully at least one reader will see this comment and be touched with a moment of common sense.

    • profile image

      Tesssie27 2 months ago

      " ...."Unlike the mushrooms that have been eaten for millennia, this is a new entrant into the human food supply. There had been remarkably little safety testing done of Quorn’s fungus, though what had been done wasn’t all that reassuring. One early company-sponsored test found that 10 percent of 200 test subjects who ate the fungus experienced nausea, vomiting, or stomach ache, compared with five percent in a control group.

      The Latin name of the fungus, Fusarium venenatum, should have tipped off regulators: venenatum means ‘venomous.’

      So now Quorn’s Toad is out of the Hole, as it were.


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