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Food Pyramid Are Outdated

Updated on June 20, 2011

Blood Type Diet

Today, most people are eating according to food pyramid, which took over carbohydrate or protein, eat less oily, eat more vegetable and so on.... . But did you know that eating foods based on blood type is more appropriate than follow the food pyramid guide?

Diet based on blood type was introduced by Dr. Peter D'Adamo conducting research on all types of blood indicates the physiological effects of lectin that occurs in the body. Lectin is a protein found in food, especially the pea plant. Each protein is absorbed by the body, where according to him, only appropriate with certain blood types.

In his book, "Eat Right For Your Type" which was published in 1996 through research conducted for many years, explained that each person has different reactions to foods based on blood type they have. According to him, a diet that did not work closely with the relevance of this to add that the lectin foods that are not compatible with certain blood types, which will bring adverse effect on individual health complications such as coagulation of red blood cells and other complications.

This is different with the person who intake food according to their blood type because it gives them positive emotional, easy to deal with stress and increase resistance to disease. In addition to appropriate diet blood type, it is also believed that it can restore the function of body systems and improve metabolism.

As we know, blood consists of four type, that is A, B, AB and O

Diet For Blood Type A

In Dr. Peter D'Adamo's books, he suggest to person who was blood type A diet with foods containing a small lectin. This is because if the lectin content is taken in large quantities will cause stomach problems. According to him, those individuals who have blood type A will produce more mucus content than other blood types. This situation will raises the risk of an allergic type diseases such as asthma, ear infections and respiratory disorders.

For blood type A, animal-based food sources such as fish and poultry can be taken, but in limited quantities.

Individuals with this blood type are also encouraged to taking more milk which have through a fermentation process, such as sour milk, cream without fat, natural cheese, eggs of the type of organic or free-range chicken (in limited numbers), fat (in limited numbers, legumes and whole grains and soy milk. They also must take vegetables and fruits in large quantities.

Foods that should be avoided is seafood white fish such as barramundi, white squid, beef, meat, milk, cheese, processed products industry, beans, breads, pastries, cakes, potatoes, mangoes, papayas, oranges, bananas, corn oil and peanut oil.

Special Features of Blood Type A Individuals

• Have a sensitive digestive system
• Need to avoid foods from the dairy and meat products
• It is recommended to be vegetarian or eat a high carbohydrate rate, but low in fat
• Reduce stress with meditation, or exercise
• Have enough sleep

Recommended Diet menu for Blood Type A Individuals

Breakfast: Water mixed with lime juice and oat
Snack: Grape Juice / Coffee
Lunch: Salad and a piece of whole wheat bread and herbal tea
Snack: Two pieces of rice cakes and green tea
Dinner: Pasta without meat mixed broccoli, yogurt and herbal tea

Diet For Blood Type B

In contrast to blood type A individuals, individuals of blood type B is more flexible. Dr Peter D'Adamo suggest the blood type B person to avoid frozen food and canned food, while encourage intake milk-based food that contains high carbohydrates .Owners of the blood group B is very easy to infected witht immune-related diseases and viruses, they are advised to take magnesium-rich green vegetables in large quantities.

Foods that recommended are beef, kibas mutton, rabbits, fish, all dairy products except for 'blue chesse' and ice cream, organic eggs and chicken, olive oil, red rice, white rice, rice-based foods and fruits.

While the need to reduce intake of food is chicken, crab, shrimp, shellfish, eggs, quail, duck, sesame oil, corn oil, sun seed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, coconut, coconut milk, soy, peanuts, beans sunflower, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts pistacio, tempeh, tofu, beans, wheat-based foods, instant noodles, glutinous rice, carrots, tomatoes and corn.

Special Features of Blood Type B Individual

• Promoted to a diet with a variety of foods, but should limit the intake of meat.
• It is recommended to take food and milk-based beverages to enhance the immune system.
• Sports done right is swimming, playing tennis, walking and meditating.
• To overcome stress, they should have a hobby and creativity-based activities.

Recommended Diet menu for Blood Type B Individuals

Breakfast: Cereal, banana and a glass of low fat milk
Snack: Grape Juice
Lunch: A piece of chicken breast and two slices of bread, salad and herbal tea
Snack: orange juice / yogurt and herbal tea
Dinner: A piece of smoked fish, boiled vegetables, fresh fruits and herbal tea

Diet For Blood Type AB

Diet for person who is blood type AB will be the combination of diet blood types A and B. Easily infected disease is sinus, ear infections, and respiratory disorders. The recommended intake of food is seafood, all kinds of eggs (except duck), milk (fermented), olive oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, peanut oil, all vegetables except corn, bean sprouts and mushrooms and all kinds of fruits, except citrus fruits.

Person with blood type AB should limit the intake of beef, shrimp and fish, milk and all dairy products and processed meats. Legume-based foods must be taken in small quantities. Cut down on intake wheat such as bread, cakes, pastries and pasta.

Special Features of Blood Type AB Individual

• Have a sensitive digestive system
• Recommended to take food in small quantities but often
• For more energy, exercise every morning encouraged

Recommended Diet menu for Blood Type AB Individuals

Breakfast: Lime water juice, grape juice, two slices of bread and a piece of cheese
Snack: Yogurt
Lunch: Four slices of chicken breast, salad, two pieces of plum and herbal tea
Snacks: Cheesecake and herbal tea
Dinner: Omelet, fruit salad and coffee

Diet For Blood Type O

Dr. Peter D'Adamo suggested that person with blood type O intake a lot of food with high protein like fish or meat (except processed meat), vegetables, eggs and peanuts while low in carbohydrate, and avoid dairy products and wheat. He suggested that owners of these blood types to limit intake of fruits.

Owners of blood type O should avoid all types of cereal, pasta and rice. Dr. Peter D'Adamo also lists the types of food such as vegetables have to avoid intake broccoli, cabbage, bean sprouts, eggplant, mushrooms, and potatoes. For the owners of this type of blood, egg, milk, wheat and beans are not needed because the body has received nourishment from meat sources. Avoid citrus because it can cause intestinal poisoning to person who blood type is O.

Special Features of Blood Type O Individual

• Have a better immune system than other types of blood groups

• Easy to adapt to different foods

• To deal with stress, it is advisable to do aerobics

• It is advisable to take food with high protein and low in carbohydrates, such as meats,fruits, fish, vegetables

• Risk exposed to inflammation and organ damage such as arthritis if food intake is not appropriate.

Recommended Diet menu for Blood Type O Individuals

Breakfast: Two pieces of toast and a banana butter layer
Snack: Herbal tea
Lunch: A piece of grilled meat, spinach and apple salad
Snack: A piece of cake
Dinner: A slice of beef and boiled asparagus, potatoes, fruit and herbal tea


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