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Food That Can Trigger IBS

Updated on June 30, 2011

A little background...

IBS - also know as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and sometimes called Irritable Bowel Disorder - is a particular affliction that is said to affect more than 30% of our population, which seems to be increasing over time. Which either means that it is a very common condition to be affected by, or doctors just enjoy diagnosing it.

IBS does not have any cure, nor can allopathic professionals seem to find a cause for it. There are no specific pharmaceuticals that have been able to cure the ills of an IBS sufferer yet, and most who have it have found that a change in diet, some happy rituals during the day and even some herbs are helpful.

IBS affects mostly women, but many men find themselves just as disoriented by the pains of IBS. During what most sufferers call an "attack", you'll find yourself dealing with such symptoms as diarrhea, cramps, spasms, constipation, nausea, bloating and incontinence. For the majority, these symptoms are very uncomfortable but manageable. For others, the pain is debilitating enough that they may avoid any situations too far from home and instant bathroom breaks.

The shorter list...

Whether you are just finding out that you have IBS, or you've been experimenting with your diet for many years, you'll notice that the list of foods that you can't have become very long. So long in fact, that it's simply easier to go over what you can have.

Sadly though, as most have found, it's not so much about any category of foods you can't have. It's about getting to know how your food is made, and often about taking up a dying pass time - cooking your own food.

Many IBS sufferers have already noted that items with glutton, corn syrup (fructose), processed sugar, processed cheese and caffeine are top list triggers. Most of these ingredients are completely unnecessary in a human diet, but are added to give foods a longer shelf life or because they are cheaper for manufacturers then wholesome ingredients. By going for organic food ingredients, and preparing your own meals, you can easily avoid most IBS triggers without losing all your favorite foods.

Setting aside the obviousness that the human body doesn't respond well to unnecessary and unnatural ingredients in the diet, there are still some wholesome ingredients to be careful with when you are trying not to trigger your IBS.

Some of them are:

*Beans (all kinds except green beans)



*Iceberg Lettuce

*Hot Peppers

*Red Meats

*Sugary dairy products

*Fried Foods

*Citrus Fruits


A few last words...

For any normal person, it is best to stick with organic foods that aren't over processed. Though for a person with IBS, it's even more vital, if we are to live normal lives that are constantly filled with trips to the bathroom and doctor.

Keep in mind also, that what you eat isn't the only harbinger of pain in the world of IBS. Getting proper exercise, plenty of fluoride-free (or reverse osmosis) water and keeping the stress level low in your life - can all make a huge difference. Regular healthy exercise helps your digestive system do what it needs to do, organic aqua keeps you hydrated better than anything else and lowering your stress level helps keep away those painful spasms.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.


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    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Thanks for the info - My son has spells of IBS - I'm gonna try and have him avoid those trigger foods.

      I voted this a up & useful