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Food & alcohol is there a difference?

Updated on December 17, 2014

alcohol and food two of the most used

vodka is made from potatoes
vodka is made from potatoes
sugar added to everything now
sugar added to everything now

Which came first the food or alcohol?

Alcohol is never associated with allergies but when you think about it, alcohol is made from FOOD. So it’s interesting about which may have come first, the food allergy or the alcohol allergy. Vodka is made from potatoes as I understand it, and then if you look at all the wheat and barley and of course sugar, it certainly makes you wonder.

As a child when my brother got heat spots I got them too. Was I coming out in sympathy or had I eaten the same thing, and was I allergic too? Strawberrys always seemed to bring out the heat spots but by then we had identified them as the problem and we still kept on eating them because we loved the sweet taste. Of course in those days we dipped them in sugar, yes we actually were given a bowl of sugar to dip them in! This seems like madness now however, we didn't eat so much rubbish then either and I can remember having good dinners at night. Sometimes when my Mother was making the home made soup she would grate one carrot after the other while I would go in and "steal" the carrots. She would prtend to be mad and of course back I would go for another handful of carrots while she continued to grate and grate with the hope that I would come and "pinch" some more in order to get the vitimins into me as I refused cooked carrots. She was right as usual as the vitimins were stronger in the uncooked carrots.

One of the things I noticed for myself was my addiction to diet coke. The aspartaine in diet coke is very addictive and would set off an allergy for me similar to my friend Martha. One I had drank one I would immediately crave another and another until, I found myself carrying about 4 cans at a time (just in case). In case someone took one and I only had three left. Of course I was to find out later that drinking a can made me dehydrated and therefore I thought I'd better have another to relieve the thirst, except of course it just made me more thirsty. I had a big problem with this, carrying ten cans at a time around in the car, just incase I ran out! all of this made me think about Martha and the allergies we have.

For the last ten years I’d watched my friend Martha, battle with medical authorities, with herself and with the bottle. The only place or authority, who appeared to acknowledge that alcoholism is a disease or allergy in the body, is Alcoholics Anonymous. I have watched while authorities told her to “Just take a couple of drinks” each day and watched her try in vain to fight the compulsion which would overcome her when those two drinks were in her system. She would have begged borrow or stolen to get another drink in her body. She told me that she could see how that first drink set off her allergy to alcohol in her body. She would make a fool of her younger sister who would eat and eat and eat and get fatter every day but no one would say a word to her about being addicted to sugar and fat. Martha was really on the ball, she just couldn't work it out for herself.

She would ironically laugh and talk about her older sister who would take one drink and feel a little dizzy, stir the drink around with a little stick and swirl it around in the glass, and it seemed to last forever. She might take one more but that would be her for the evening. She never understood how she was allergic but her blood relative wasn’t!

Thing is, when Martha took a drink, she immediately craved another and once she had one drink inside her, she immediately craved another and another and another and the move she drank to ease the craving the stronger the craving became. While her Sister took one or two and then wanted to stop, Martha would be unable to stop. The compulsion was too great. She was allergic to alcohol. Of course nobody ever told her this, and she hadn’t been able to work it out for herself, she just knew that when her self esteem was low, her brain would tell her that a drink would make it all feel better. Of course she was right, the first couple of drinks did make her feel better but she would then be unable to stop because of the compulsion. It was interesting also, that while she drank alcohol hardly a drop of food would pass her lips. She once told me that apart from not feeling like eating there was something in that back of her mind that said the food would soak up her alcohol and remove the “feel good” feeling, so she was needless to say a very small size 8. No doubt in this day and age she would probably have given herself an eating disorder which may or may not have been recognised. I know many people who are allergic to sugar but will never admit this because sugar is the "Nice Girls Drug".

Martha only discovered Alcoholics Anonymous as she lay dying in a local hospital, because Alcoholics Anonymous came to her, in the form of a surviving alcoholic, who had lain almost dead in the same hospital, many years before. She had apparently worked a twelve step programme, with AA, which asked only of her that she, in order to maintain her sobriety should try to carry the message to others who were still suffering. This woman believed there was hope, to relieve the allergy and the mental obsession through a spiritual programme. However, the one thing Martha noticed about this woman was that she was obviously (due to the size of her) allergic to SUGAR, and had replaced the alcohol with sugar. Clever of Martha to notice this, but unfortunately, Martha no longer had the strength or hope to survive the end of that week, and never even saw the inside of a meeting, other than the meeting of one person to another around her hospital bed. At last her allergy was cured with the last breath she took, and she never did get to find out if she was allergic to alcohol or food, or both.

Learn about Allergies

Food Allergies and Food Intolerance: The Complete Guide to Their Identification and Treatment
Food Allergies and Food Intolerance: The Complete Guide to Their Identification and Treatment

The authors look at an important aspect I believe here and that is the difference between intolerance and allergy. They also describe how to stop and re-introduce foods to discover what is what



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