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Food and lifestyle choices

Updated on August 19, 2016

Filling up with fluids

Water forms a part of every cell and tissue in the body. It makes up nearly three quarters of your body weight. Water carries nutrients to cells and removes waste products. Water is also needed to help regulate body temperature.

Well-being: Remember to drink a lot of fresh water everyday. People especially youth tend to displace water in diets with fruit juice, hot drinks, energy drinks, and other cool drinks. If you do drink fuit juice, keep to the 100% juice-type and dilute it with water. Make sure that the water from your water source (usually a tap) is clean and drinkable. Water cleaning kits are easily available on the market such as game, cherkers, shorprite e.t.c

Plan your diet

Eating is an important part of well-being. This is the part that you can manage yourself on a day-to-day basis. What is diet? You take responsibility of what goes through your teeth.

To diet does not mean you cut down on all fod and eat only small amounts of a certain type of food, for instance only lettuce or fruit an water. Also beware of all the 'magic poption' promising incredible results within an impossible time.

We should eat more fruit and vegetables, actually we should put more effort in colour of our diet. The lighetr colours like beige or brown are rich in carbohydrates (think about potatoes or pap).

The answer is : eat more colourful food, they are also high in vitamins and low inkilojoules, they provide more anergy and fn to eat. Eating a balanced diet means making a life choice or taking responsibility for your health. You need to choose essential food and drinks from all groups to keep your body healthy. We can be healthy by making sure that we consume less of certain things, like fat, transfat, cholesterol, refined sugar, salt and alcohol. The goal is to take nutrients you need for your health at the reccommened level.

Remember the wellness wheel. Your physical health is linked (inter-connected) with other parts of your life. Eating habits have an influence on all of these parts:

  • Emotional - When you feel unhappy, anxious, or bored, you tend toeat more, or skip your meal.
  • Psychologial - What you know about food, nutrients and diet helps you to plan your food intake. In this way you decide what what goes into your body. Remember also : some food groups , such as vitsmins, also build the muscles of your brain.
  • Soial - Mealtime can be a time to connect with others and discuss the day's happenings.
  • Spiritusal - When you eat , you should always remember that this fuel for your health is provided to you and is not something you should take for granted.

Beat the bad habits

Cut out the unsafe practices in your eating patterns. Think about speed eating. Why is fast food so nice to have ? Fast food has this two factors :

  • It is fast - Prepared fast and with ingredients that are processed to make it easier to eat. The problem is that you usually wolf up the stuff while on the run.
  • It is flimsy - It contains very few of the good food groups, but a lot of the bad ones, such as saturated fat, sugar, salt, preservatives and artificial flavouring. This is why it is also called junk food.

Eating junk can be not only a bad habit , but a risky one. It can lead to unsafe practices such as overeacting. Remember the wheel with the different facets of your well-being. Eating habits are also linked to emotional issues. For example : Some people don't feel confident about how they look. A bad body image can cause low self-esteem, and that can lead to habits turning into destructive eating patterns.

Make informed choices

To make informed choices on eating, you first need some knowledge in your system :

  • Know how your own body functions. Then you will also choose the right mix of food groups that keeps you healthy and happy.
  • Know the 'usual suspects' : bad body image , critical people around you and unstable emotons. Other culptrits are the quick solution of junk food or the 'romentic' urge for chocolate. A small piece of dark chocolate is good for you, though.
  • Know your own eating habits - if you have a 'sweet tooth', compensate with healthier sweeteners, such as natural honey on your bread.
  • Know the different eating habits of the cultures that you mix with. Some do not have mea available , and eat soya. Some people cannot eat breakfast regularly, or do noyhave easy aess to clean water.

Change your eating habits

See your habits as part of a whole - your well-being . Then the issue is not to follow a new diet. It is rather choosing a new way of life.Focus on small adaptattions to your eating pattern. Remember : Small victories lead to greater transformation.

Set yourself trgets that you can check on yourself. Make use of the strategies explained above to help you : the food pyramid, eating by colour and makind yur BMI/ Body Mass Index in mind. In the end it cmes dwn to ommon sense : drink enough clean water , eat your breakfast, get enough sleep, and exercise as reommended. Well- being is your choice :

  • Choose a healthier life experience in all the areas of your wellness wheel : also emotional, psychological, social and spiritual.
  • Choose to have confidence in yourself. Shed the bad body image and low self-esteem.
  • Choose to avoid cabin fever. Avoid staying indoors and playing videos games or lying around or listening over and over to the same songs on your Ipod. You can catch that suffocating feeling and become aggressive , anxious or plain bored.
  • Choose to enjoy your evironment - go for walk with friends or a ride on your bike. There is a widely available source of vitamin D without artificial colourants and presevatives : a sunny day!

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