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Food for Healthy Liver

Updated on May 17, 2012

Foods for healthy Liver

Liver - The Major General of Human Body

The importance of Liver for human body is best described by Traditional Chinese Health System. It uses interesting metaphors to describe the human organs. It describes heart as King or supreme commander and Liver is described as Army General.

The Army General marshals his troupes and resources to fight the invaders and defends its territory by eliminating the enemies. Liver, in the same way, provides the protection system for human body and mind from toxins, poisons and pathogens. Liver is more of a fort protecting the immune system.

Food for Healthy Liver

In another type of categorization Liver is described as Wood Element which means that Liver is vegetarian friendly or it needs vegetarian food or rather it prefers given a choice.

There are two primary roles of health foods for the Liver, cleansing and protection through detoxification and protection through antioxidants. Some of the recommended foods are as given below:

Garlic and Onion - Garlic is an important member of food pharmacy and in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine systems it is an important food item with many health enabling or disease controlling properties. It has many known and unknown benefits. One must consider making it a part of regular diet. The accilin compound found in garlic is supposed to detoxify the liver. It also helps boy to get rid of mercury and certain undesirable hormones.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Green Leafy vegetables neutralize toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals. These vegetables include spinach, green mustard, bitter gourd, dandelion green etc.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables get their name due to its shape of cross shaped flower petals. This class of vegetables contain high amount of anti oxidants, vitamins and fibers. Besides being a healthy food for liver this class also helps in fighting cancer due to presence of certain elements. The popular vegetables in this class are cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli etc. However the flip side is that this category of vegetables also consists of thyroid inhibitors if taken in raw. People having issues with thyroid or even other wise should carry more research on cruciferous vegetables.

Beetroot and carrots

It is a blood purifying substance. It enhances the cell respiration which improves the fight against cancer also. It has the properties of absorbing heavy metals. The best form is in the form of fresh juice and tinned juices do not have all the desired properties.

Fresh Lemons

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C which helps in a process which converts the toxins into a manageable substance in terms of detoxification. In traditional practice in many societies lemon with lukewarm water and honey is taken right in the morning which has multiple benefits.


The element pectine found in apples has the ability to bond with heavy metals in digestive tract itself which results in reduced load on liver. So the saying that one apple a day keeps the doctor away is quite valid.

Grape fruits

Grape Fruit Juice is supposed to contain high levels of anti oxidants and vitamin C which helps in producing enzymes which help in detoxification of Liver.

Some other food items

Walnuts, Green Tea, Turmeric, Cold Pressed Oils – Olive, Flax seed etc


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