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Food shelf life

Updated on March 16, 2018

I want to live a really long time. Not just eight or ninety years, but a hundred years, ok.. at least the “next 50!; as long as I am physically and mentally healthy. When I think of all there is to do in a lifetime, eighty years just doesn’t seem like enough time, especially when you realize you spent the first 20 years learning things that 80% of the things you thought about life is actually wrong.

To achieve this objective I will need two things. First is good health, this will come in the form of exercise and nutrition. Secondly a little bit of luck. Since I have no control over luck I’m not going to worry about. I will just keep my four leaf clover in my wallet, my fingers and toes crossed and a rabbit’s foot on my key chain.

What I will work on is my exercise and nutrition. Anyone over fifty will understand that switching up your exercise routines is essential not just to my overall health, but is a great way to keep exercising when any number of aches and pains reminds me that I am a more than half way to my long term age goal.

The saying “you are what you eat” is a one of the real keys to being healthy. Most people understand that eating “fast food”, sugary cereal and too much junk food is not going to be healthy for you. In a perfect world all our foods would be made fresh every day. The real key to shopping is knowing how to read a label.

Reading food labels can be challenging. There are so many items out there that claim to be healthy for us, but when you breakdown the nutritional values (DIV), you realize you better do some homework when it comes to eating healthy.

However, there is a simple way around all this time consuming, brain melting madness; look at the shelf life of a food. When you look at a food item, think about the shelf life of a food. You don’t see any food labels for fruits and vegetables that because their shelf life is very short.

Here’s 2 easy rules to remember about eating healthier.

1) The shorter a food item’s shelf life, the longer your life.

2) The longer a food item’s shelf life, the shorter your life;

and I want my expiration date to be longer than a Twinkie’s.


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