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Food that lowers you energy

Updated on February 19, 2015

Diet what? and chips

Have you noticed when you eat food from a fast food place that no sooner is it gone, and you want more?

The other thing that happens is you immediately crave ICE CREAM how does that happen?

Have you seen the new advert for a sparking famous drink it reads "Diet Coke" and then "and what do you want to eat". That is why so many of us become addicted to both. Fast food and mainly diet drinks.

When drinks sparkle they take all the nutrients out of your food. Imagine all the drinks that sparkle?

White food is what I call dead food. It's not that I don't ever take it, I still eat some dead food if I'm having an off day but then I just feel worse - why do we keep on doing that?

I have been a vegetarian before for about 2 years and everyone had to suffer in my family although I didn't care because I thought they were getting live food and it didn't matter what they wanted. Now my son eats nothing but fast food and tells me how good it feels at the time - but after? Not so good.

I used to be addicted to the cans of sparkling brown stuff (diet of course) and didn't realise the amount of caffeine I was ramming down my throat every day. I drank it to suppress my addiction for chocolate and didn't realise I was just swopping one addiction for another.

White bread can also set off cravings so either I eat Wholemeal or nothing at all - white bread is up there with the dead food.

I wish I could find out why one day I get up and eat wonderful food and the next binge on sugar crisps and biscuits.

Do you think there is a food fairy who is good and one who is bad who put a little spell on us as we sleep?

Then when I ran out of live food yesterday, with the words "Delivery please" I knew I was on the slippery slope on patia and rice and a topic chocolate bar from the garage later on. Of course there is hope because.....tomorrow is always another day.


Sausage rolls, white bread with whatever, chinese rolls, and pastry things. ALL DEAD FOOD!

I really believe that a lot of us have starch addictions, which can then lead to other food addictions.


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