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Foods For Reducing Body Fat

Updated on February 1, 2014

Add fat burning foods in your diet

We all want a smart physical appearance. This makes us confident and happy. Our aim is to reduce the body fat to look attractive. Body fat can be reduced by exercising and controlling the diet we have. Luckily we are blessed with foods that help us reduce our body fat. These foods aid in fat burning and some prevent fat accumulation in the body. So controlling our body fat by what we eat is easy. I know you will all agree to this. For a healthy outlook I will take to the list of foods that will keep you slim and trim. I am sure you would add these in your daily diets. For great results apart from eating these food follow the weight reducing tips like exercise, adequate sleep etc. Remember obese people have many health risks like there is more chance of heart disease, diabetic risks etc. As all of you remember health is wealth make sure you have an adequate fat mass.

1) Almonds

Almonds is a great food that will help reduce body fat.
Add a portion of almonds in your breakfast by eating raw or use it salads will reduce your weight.
These nut are rich in proteins, fiber and antioxidants.
The dietary fiber keeps your stomach full and you will have a less desire to eat more.
Apart from aiding weight loss almonds give various health benefits like reducing cholesterol, controlling diabetes, prevents heart diseases, improves your memory, prevents constipation and so on.
Best way to eat them unsalted and as snacks whenever you feel hungry.
Other way to eat by water soaking them over night and eat them in breakfast.
Soaked almonds become soft

2) Apples

Apples another great food that will help you be in shape.
This fruit contains pectin which reduce the ability of cells to absorb fat.
Being rich in dietary fiber it keeps your stomach full.
It is low in sodium, hence it prevents weight gain due to water retention.
One medium apple gives you around 21 % of daily body fiber requirements.
Besides reducing your body fat you will be happy to know that you will get various health benefits.
Your immunity is strengthened,regulates the blood sugar, prevents constipation etc
Eating around 2-3 apples is great way to reduce your weight issues. In few weeks you will get a figure comparable to supermodels

3) Honey

Honey is another weight loss idea.
This natural wonder contains nutrients that help in reducing body fat.
How to use is it in weight loosing ways is as follows
1) Add teaspoon of honey in warm water. Drink this mixture after meals as it will lead to proper digestion and burn the unused body fat stored in your body
2) A teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice added in 200 ml warm water is one of the best recipes to remove the excess body fat. The best time to take this is in the morning before breakfast. This is a great detoxifying drink.
3) 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of honey mixed in a glass of warm water. Drink this mixture twice in day- in morning and before going to sleep.
Besides aiding in weight loss it has many other health benefits

4) Eggs

Eggs are high in nutrition like protein, choline, Vitamin D, iron, zinc, folate etc
You may be surprised to see the inclusion of eggs as a weight loss food.
The proteins in the yoke of eggs leads to the production of glucagon hormone in the body that reduces body fat and preventing accumulation of fats around the belly.
Other great aspect of eggs it makes your stomach feel fuller and you will have less desire to have further meal.
So eating eggs as fried, boiled or poached is great inclusion for fitness enthusiasts

5) Onions

Onions are rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants like quercetin.
This quercetin antioxidant reduces fat by calorie burning.
Another aspect of onions will impress you as they are low in calories but add great taste to to your recipes.
When you eat such dishes you would feel fuller with less calorie intake.
Being rich in fiber controls your weight.
Other benefits from onions is it regulates blood sugar levels, increases good cholesterol levels, good for heart, improves women fertility and fights cancers.
If you don't like the pungent favor of onions , cut the onions and dip them in water for 5 minutes. This will remove the bitter taste and make it easy for you to eat raw.
Another great way is to buy small onions, peal the outer covering and dip them in vinegar bowl for atleast a day.
Vinegar onions is a terrific combination for weight loss.
My favorite way to have onions is as a salad of cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion and lettuce. Sprinkle it with salt , pepper and lemon juice. It is so tasty and delicious.

6) Oranges

Eating oranges is a great inclusion as weight loss food.
This citrus fruit is high in water content and fiber keeps your stomach full.
It has 0 fats and just 63 calories in medium size orange. A normal daily requirement is around 2000 calories.
So eat this fruit without guilt of increasing your weight.
Oranges are fiber rich which clean blood fat, removes cholesterol.
Vitamin C in oranges strengthens your body immunity.

7) Green Tea

Drinking green tea speeds up your metabolism rate thus leading to fat reduction.
This is due to the antioxidant catechin present in green tea.
Catechin prevents glucose getting stored in cells and also slows the release of carbohydrates.
Thus aiding in fat burning
A regular drinking of green tea will give you weight loss benefits.
I drink this beverage twice a day.
Green tea is a very healthy beverage as you get benefits like lower cholesterol, prevents cancers.
There are lot flavors available in the market .


Eating yogurt will help in weight reduction. Calcium in yogurt leads to decrease production of cortisol in fat cells. This cortisol is responsible for belly fat. Proteins in yogurt leads to burning of fats. Thus overall result is decrease in inches from your waist. For best results eat yogurt that is made from fat free milk.
Apart from weight loss , it will give many health benefits
- Being probiotic it aids in good digestion
- Good source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B5,calcium, riboflavin,phosphorous,iodine potassium,and zinc
- Eating prevents hypertension.
- Replenishes vitamins and minerals after a workout and aids hydration
Yogurt is my favorite dish. I add sugar and eat this creamy dish.
In summers I make a drink using yogurt. I add water , yogurt, sugar and few cubes of ice in the mixer. You can add strawberry, vanilla or any flavor you like . The drink you get is wonderful to taste and it has very cool effect. This drink is called Lassi

9) Other Foods

1) Drinking warm water after your meals speeds up your metabolic rate. This will burn your excess fat. My mother drinks a cup of warm water after dinner.

2) Eating chili pepers again increases metabolism.

3) Eat berries to make you feel satiated resulting in less desire to eat more.

4) Drinking a glass of Ash Gourd juice in the morning

5) Eating cabbage decreases the sugar and carbohydrates conversion in fats. Apart from that it is rich in fiber that keeps your stomach full.

6) Peanut butter is rich in proteins , it helps in muscle formation and burning of fats

7) Grape fruit lowers insulin leading to good blood sugar and metabolic regulation

8) Beans lead to fat reduction. So make sure beans are important items of your diet

9) Fiber rich diet containing oats , barley, brown rice and other whole grains prevent body from accumulating fat

10) Eating fish like salmon, herring, mackerel etc will curb your craving to eat more. It is due to omega-3 fatty acids present in these fishes that do the work of weight reduction

11) Eating pear fruit. This fruit contain flavonoids which increase energy usage by the body, glucose intake by muscles is increased all leading to more fat consumption.

12) Add flaxseed in your diets for lowering body fat mass. Use these seeds by grinding them into powder. Now this powder can easily be used for eating. You can use this powder in salad dressings, add it in yogurt, smoothies, or in bread recipes.

13) Drinking a teaspoon of vinegar will aid in fat reduction. Vinegar acts as catalyst to speed up fat burning. The best way to have it is dilute it in a glass of water.

14) Avocado fruit leads to increase in metabolic rate thus leading to more energy consumption.

15) Tomato eating increases the production of carnitine amino acids. This carnitine leads to increase in body fat burning. My favorite way of eating them is using them in salads. A green leafy salad with tomatoes is mouth watering dish.

Important fat burning tips

1) Avoid eating high fat diets
Remember one thing if your curtailing fat consumption you will not gain weight. Hence the question of fat burning will not arise. As prevention is better than cure.

2)Exercise more
The more you exercise the more you will burn fat and it will lead to healthy muscle formation. Walking, going gym , yoga , playing outdoor games or exercise in form will do wonders for your body.

3)Eating fat burning foods
This we have discussed above.

4) Stop eating processed foods
Processed foods contain preservatives and chemicals , these foods are not healthy for human bodies. If you feel drinking a glass of apple juice rather than drinking canned juice , drink a freshly made apple juice at home.

5) Drink more water
As drinking water leads to a good metabolic rate. Keep your self sufficiently hydrated.

6)Adequate sleep of 7-8 hours
This leads to decrease desire of eating as compared to those who sleep less.

6)Use healthy oils like olive oil or canola for cooking


This article is meant for information purpose only. The information provided here is not a substitute of professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of doctors or physician before using the information in this article for any health program.

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