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Foods That Curb Appetite - How To Suppress Your Appetite Naturally

Updated on November 6, 2014

Foods That Curb Appetite

Without doubt one of the most difficult changes that someone on a fat loss plan has difficulty in adjusting to is having to eat less. Not in terms of how many times a day they have to eat, but less in terms of portion size.

A key factor in them gaining their weight in many cases has been not just eating the wrong foods but eating too much and binge eating the wrong foods.

By introducing a varied range of foods that curb appetite this helps the person reduce portion size to a healthy one and feel full once they have finished their meal or snack. Let us take a look at how this can be achieved both successfully and in the long term.

The key is to eat foods that are high in fibre, water and protein. Fruit and vegetables are what we call high volume foods (high in fibre and water) and these foods are great “feel full” foods to eat.

Proteins are best consumed in the form of lean meats, eggs (mainly whites), poultry, beans, nuts and fish. A substitute for those who live a very hectic life are whey protein shakes and low sugar protein bars.

Research shows that when you eat foods that are high in volume yet low in density (meaning that they are low in calories) you can eat a healthy size portion and feel full and satisfied for hours afterwards.

A great technique is to eat a bowl of soup, or an apple or salad before your main meal. These take longer to digest than processed or fast foods so the need to overeat or binge lessens dramatically.

Choosing the right food that is low in calorific density means you will lose fat without feeling like you are on a diet that is restricted. Another added bonus is over a period of time consistently eating wholefoods you will start to crave less for sugary processed junk.

Protein plays a win-win role for you. Again it takes longer to digest than processed foods, yet it also prevents you from losing valuable muscle mass (losing muscle mass = slow metabolism = slow or no fat loss/quick weight gain).

So the key here is to make up meals that consist of all 3 food groups or when snacking at least 2 of them (lean proteins, fruits and vegetables).

How To Suppress Your Appetite Naturally Video

Here are a list of 10 foods that curb appetite:

Apples – Lots of natural fibre within this tasty fruit give you the feel full effect. Ideal as a starter or dessert too and an average size apple only contains 75 calories.

They contain natural sugars so will save dieters blood sugar levels from getting too low and reaching out for junk foods. Great for a healthy snack in between meals so be sure to always carry them around with you, I do!

Oatmeal – The beauty of oatmeal is its low glycemic index and high fibre content so it enters the bloodstream at a slow pace so this contributes to effect of feeling full for longer. Mix with water and add fruits for flavour.

Pine Nuts – This nut has a very high protein content and the polyunsaturated fats stimulate your appetite suppressing hormones. A staple in Asian and European eating for centuries add a handful to a snack or main meal.

Eggs – A superb source of feel full protein is what we have in the egg. Egg whites contain only 15 calories and the yolks around 50 calories.

Making egg omelettes and scrambled eggs with a ratio of 4 whites to 1 yolk is a superb dish for fat burning and suppressing your appetite.

Why not add in some vegetables (feel full fibre) to make it more tasty? I make mine by adding bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers etc , yummy!

Flaxseeds – Not only in high in fibre but also an excellent source of omega 3’s too. High in soluble fibre to stop your sugar levels dipping fast. Lots of options for sprinkling/adding to soup, drinks, cereals, yoghurt and smoothies/shakes etc.

Whey Protein – Not just for bodybuilders. This superb form of protein has become a huge hit in the fat loss industry over the last few years and rightfully so.

An effective way to consume whey protein is in the form of a shake either by itself as a snack or before a main meal. You can also add the powder to soups, smoothies and shakes for superb results.

How To Suppress Your Appetite Naturally Video

Soup – A great opportunity to get some quality fibre vitamins, minerals and protein in one meal or snack into your eating plan.

Try juicing or blending your vegetables to experiment with different recipes and flavours. Make a huge pan of soup and use it conveniently to reheat at work, or drink from a hot flask straight after a workout etc.

Here’s why I love soups! As a starter before a main meal they can take a while to eat and chew. Your brain does not register that your stomach is full until 20 minutes after you begin eating.

Therefore by adding meats to your vegetable soups you get that winning combination of feel full protein and fibre. A low in calorie soup followed by your main meal works wonders for filling you up.

Research has shown that you are likely to eat 20% less calories in your main meal when you get into a routine of having soup to begin with. Get creative and add it to your program now, it works and they taste delicious too!

Mushrooms – Love these! Low in calories, carbs and fat plus high in fibre, they are a mainstay in my daily eating plan as they are slow to digest. Add to omelettes, soups, scrambled eggs, healthy homemade curry, pita bread pizza (with fresh sliced tomatoe, low fat cheese and ham) for a treat and the list goes on.

Celery – Keep celery chopped up in your fridge at all times for a quick to grab snack urge with a low sugar/fat dip. Extremely low in calories and a great fibre source it is superb for soups, salads and pasta dishes. Due to its crunchiness you feel like you are chewing on something rather than eating lettuce.

Water – Ok, I know it’s not a food yet while we are on the subject of foods that curb appetite then water has to be on the list.

To complete your feeling of fullness it is vital that you have a glass of water both before AND after every meal and snack.

Not only superb for suppressing your appetite but also it removes toxins from your system and helps your organs function better. These are 2 key fundamentals if you are looking to lose or maintain weight effectively.

Foods That Curb Appetite Conclusion

These are just 10 of a list of many foods that work superbly to keep you full and stop you from overeating. The key is to experiment with different healthy recipes and add herbs, seasoning and spices too.

A good guide is to eat as many different foods as you can that either comes from a tree or has been grown in the ground. By following this principle you will feel satisfied after a meal, have more energy, lose body fat and remove sugar cravings from your life for good.

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