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Foods To Eat After A Tooth Extraction

Updated on January 5, 2015

If you have had a tooth extraction, you may wonder what would be suitable for you to eat for the next few days while the extraction area is healing in your mouth. When I had my two wisdom teeth pulled, the oral surgeon told me to chew only one side and to eat mostly soft foods and liquids. I will first list some items that should be avoided after a tooth extraction.

Foods And Drinks To Avoid

Foods that are chewy or crunchy should be avoided, such as potato chips, pretzels and nuts. Hot liquids, such as soup or tea may cause more bleeding because of the hot temperature. Do not drink your beverages from a straw as the sucking motion can also cause more bleeding. If you want to have soup or tea, make sure that you eat or drink it at room temperature. You may want to stay away from carbonated beverages like soda and alcohol. Proper nourishment is needed for proper and speedier healing.

Also, food can get trapped in the hole where your tooth was removed and may cause an infection or make the swelling worse. Another reason why it is best to eat soft foods is to prevent further bleeding, which allows the blood to clot. Some complications, such as a painful dry socket or excessive bleeding, can occur if someone is not eating or drinking properly after their tooth has recently been extracted.

List Of Foods Suitable To Eat

♦ Scrambled eggs
♦ Mashed potatoes
♦ Jello
♦ Pudding
♦ Ice Cream
♦ Yogurt
♦ Applesauce
♦ Banana
♦ Soft cooked noodles, such as egg noodles
♦ Smoothies
♦ Protein or meal replacement shakes
♦ Pureed foods or jars of baby food

A Few Ideas

♦ After my wisdom teeth were removed, I boiled a few carrots on the stove. Then, I put them in a blender with a little bit of chicken broth and pureed them. I waited until the pureed carrots were at room temperature before eating them. Other foods that can be pureed this way or mashed are sweet potatoes, yams and butternut squash. You could also mash a banana before eating it to make it easier to chew and swallow.

♦ If you do not feel like pureeing or cooking your own food, you can buy mashed or sweet potatoes that are already made and packaged. You could also buy jars of baby food that have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables that are already pureed.

♦ Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water or other healthy beverages throughout the day. You could make a green smoothie in a blender with a handful of spinach, a banana and milk or water.



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    • Sunshine Days profile image

      Sunshine Days 3 years ago

      Thank you, Barbara, for your comment and for the link about post-extraction care.

    • profile image

      Barbara Tausova 3 years ago

      Good piece of information. Here is more about post-extraction care. The rules are quite simple at the end.