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Foods to Eat When Weight Loss Is Your Goal - Keeping It Simple!

Updated on August 12, 2018

Healthy weight loss is always a goal that I and many others try to achieve on a daily basis, with so much information available everywhere we look it is hard to tell what the right information is.

I'm not sure it is a case of one size fits all and I am by no means an expert on everything.

But below is a breakdown of a few things that can be integrated into a balanced diet that can assist in weight loss.


Almonds are just about my favourite nut. They are just so damn tasty and versatile. Almonds are best known for containing plenty of healthy thing like good fats, fibre, protein and magnesium.

Researchers found that people eating a diet rich in almonds lost more weight than those on a high-carb diet with the same number of calories. The yummy morsel surely reduces hunger with all of its nutrients and keeps a person feeling fuller for longer.

These little bad boys also pack in the benefit of being able to smash down your blood sugar levels, whilst also dropping blood pressure and cholesterol levels, whilst also being a good source of vitamin E.

They these benefit all work to help assist with reducing hunger, which as we know is pretty important with when trying to shift some pounds.

Loves me some Yogurt. It packs a punch, what with being packed to the brim with protein, calcium, and the ever important benefits of probiotics. yogurt not only holds it's own when it comes to weight loss it also aids in assisting with your overall general health.

One important thing that you have to bear in mind is that just because it is full fat doesn't mean it is bad for you, as a rule, full fat yumminess also packs in higher levels of proteins and a reduced level of sugar. Lower-fat means lower flavour and therefore they slip in more sweeteners and that usually means sugar.

Yoghurt is ideal in that you get all of the benefits of milk without all of the extra calories. Just make sure you stick with the good quality stuff and not the ones full of sugar and nasties.

Salmon (nom, nom, nom) is a pretty tasty protein I'll give you that.

Now you are probably wondering what makes it be of benefit in the battle against the bulge, well it isn't magic bullet, but by eating this lean protein that can be slipped easily into about any healthy diet, you are swapping out the big bad's like red meats and junk food in your diet with a protein that should help curb that fierce hunger.

The great thing with salmon is that if your eating enough of it with a balanced diet it will help ensure that you have a lower fasting insulin level which is the sweet spot for maintaining or gaining great overall general health.

It is also loaded with healthy fats, most of which are those sweet little Omega 2's which is just what your heart needs to continue to be healthy.

So yeah oatmeal equals carbs putting it simply but its all good. if you smash say 1 and a half cups of cooked oatmeal you are getting around six grams of fibre and fibre is the good stuff.

Given it takes your stomach a bit of time to chomp through your belly is gonna stay nice and full and this will also be of benefit to diabetics as it will also prevent you from having massive swings in your blood sugar levels.

Apples. eating these bad boys keeps something away..... I never remember what. :)
snacking on this little gem can definitely help you lose weight.

As apples are full of non-digestible compounds that promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut associated with weight loss, you can't really go wrong with them. Plus with a little bit of almond butter on top..... damn you got yourself a pretty tasty little snack. Plus if your ever on a cruise ship make sure you keep a green apple within reach, cause those little rippers will help keep the seasickness at bay.

That gut has got to go..... and damn if it can be some of the most difficult fat to shift. When it comes to actual pounds lost, the effects of green tea are relatively modest as shown in most studies but I personally find that it stops me from snacking on the bad stuff and I swear it stokes the metabolic fire, but hey that could just be me.


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