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Foods You Cannot Eat During Pregnancy

Updated on May 4, 2014

Pregnancy is a Unique Experience for All Women

Pregnancy is a joyful time in your life, and full of happiness. However, you may feel a bit of nervousness as well while you are pregnant. Many women become overwhelmed by all the information out there on pregnancy. So, it is quite possible for them to be worried about the way they feel, their body changes, foods that they cannot eat etc.

Having proper knowledge about pregnancy and getting in touch with a gynaecologist and nutritionist can help pregnant women understand well about what they should do and what they should not. Pregnant women are at greater risk of catching foodborne illness such as Listeria. There are some foods that you cannot eat while pregnant. Read on to learn more about about foods that you cannot eat during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is Joyful


Do not Take Food Risks

Hormonal changes in bodies during pregnancy weaken the immune systems of women putting them at higher risk for foodbone illness. Most important thing you must always do is take greater care to wash your hands before and after food preparation. Never eat contaminated food.

Handle raw foods, meats, cheese, fish, eggs, poultry, and vegetables well by washing them properly to get rid of the infection called listerioris. A bacterium called Listeria bacteria is responsible for this infection. It is commonly found in raw foods, and also in meat, chees, and etc animal products. Always cook well. Wash and rinse all fresh produce, fruits and vegatbles before eating them.

Do not take food risks, follow the guidelines and you will be fine. So, there are certain things you cannot do and certain things you cannot eat. We will learn below what foods you cannot eat while you are pregnant.

Foods You Cannot Eat While You Are Pregnant


You must avoid eating undercooked meats. Do not eat hot dogs and lunch meats as they contain Listeria bacteria. Avoid any type of meat that is undercooked.


Cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, etc must be avoided at all costs. These types of cheeses are made with mold and contain listeria bacteria.


You must avoid eating eggs that are not thoroughly cooked. Any food containing undercooked or raw eggs must be avoided.


Stay away from drinking raw milk and any food made from it.


Liver contains a lot of Vitamin A too much of which can be harmful for your baby. So avoid it.


Do not eat fish that are high in mercury because that is very harmful to your baby. Eat reasonably tuna and oily fish. Avoid eating any kind of raw fish and fish such as shark, shellfish etc.


You must avoid all alcohol during pregnancy and until you are finished with breast-feeding. Alcohol is harmful to your body, so just simply avoid it.


Limit you intake of caffeine while you are pregnant. Keep it to 200 mg a day strictly.

Fruits and Vegetables

Never ever eat fruits and vegetable without washing and rinsing them very well. Fruits and vegetable are good for both the mother and the baby but it must be washed and rinsed very well before you eat them.

Final Words

Please remember that this simple but very useful guide to help you with eating the appropriate foods during your pregnancy is not by any means a formal guideline. You should check with your local physician or GP, or a gynaecologist to learn more about this matter. Get educated yourself and enjoy safe pregnancy and motherhood.


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