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Foods for Healthy Skin: Green Tea: Water

Updated on August 21, 2012

Proper foods providing good nutrition is very important for healthy skin. Healthy diet, good sleep are also very important for the health of the skin. There are several recommended foods and nutrients for healthy skin. Green tea is very good antioxidant which helps promote the health of the skin. It is necessary to drink 6-8 glasses water daily to keep the skin hydrated. As healthy skin is an extremely important factor in looking good, millions of dollars are spent on products to improve the health of the skin.

Carrots for Healthy Skin

Carrots are powerful anti-oxidants and also contain beta-carotene. Carrot juice contains vitamin A which is an important contributor for healthy skin. It has minerals and other vitamins which protect the skin. It also moisturizes the skin. Carrot speeds up the healing of cuts and abrasions. They are a source of potassium which neutralizes the excess acid. Vitamin A helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Lack of vitamin A could cause premature wrinkling, acne, scaling and roughness of the skin. A mixture of pineapple juice and carrot juice can be applied to the face and washed off after 15 minutes. Doing this daily would help to achieve even toned and clear skin.

Fish for Healthy Skin

Fishes like salmon, tuna and mackerel are very good for the skin. They contain omega-3 fatty acids. These acids prevent the skin pores from getting clogged. The open skin pores reduce the chances of production of anti-inflammatory agents. They also prevent skin dryness which may lead to eczema and other problems. It also improves the skin elasticity and health of the cell membranes. Healthy cell membranes help to retain moisture. Fish is among the best foods and nutrients for healthy skin.

Sunflower Seeds for Healthy skin

Sunflower seeds are very good anti-oxidants and a source of vitamin E. They also contain omega-3acids. They are said to slowdown the growth of blackheads and acne.

Green Tea for Healthy Skin

Green tea contains catechins, which are very powerful anti-oxidants. They help to fight the damage to the skin by free radicals. Free radicals cause premature aging of the skin. It may also help to prevent skin cancers. It is also very helpful against psoriasis and dandruff.

Water for Healthy Skin

Drinking plenty of water is very important for healthy skin. The skin cells are hydrated by water. This not only removes the toxins but also lets the nutrients in. Drinking more water helps the skin to sweat better helping to rejuvenate the skin.

Eating vegetables, nuts, pomegranate, diary products, salmon, berries and fruit juices is an absolute must for the health of the skin. Blueberries are loaded with anti-oxidants. Blueberry facial masks are used help heal and protect the skin. These are the best foods and nutrients recommended for healthy skin


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