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Food to Enhance Your Memory

Updated on April 7, 2016

Food to Strengthen Your Memory

Food Plays Role in Strengthen Memory

Daily stresses in life,at home and work long hours may cause us stress and tension and responsibilities never ending. All of that creates a fraught atmosphere with tension which leads us to forget and not to remember important details. We may forget the names or telephone numbers, and then we face embarrassing attitudes in front of our friends. Rest and a little separation from the pressure and daily care of ourselves may reduce a little of this fraught atmosphere.

There are also some of natural foods that fight forgetfulness that work to revitalize the performance of the brain and strengthen your memory, in this article I present you the most important of those foods with a quick review of their benefits, to enjoy with strong memory and don’t face embarrassing attitudes. And these foods are:

Berries: the nutrition scientists call it a resistant of brain aging because it contains a lot of antioxidants, which help the brain to be activity and strength.

Red onions: Onions is known from the ancient medicine that cures the diseases of memory and the tables of ancient Egyptians not devoid from the onion, and this has proved its effectiveness over the years.

Green tea: a cup of green tea in the morning, removes the fibrous residuals from brain that lead to Alzheimer's disease and memory impairment in general. So the green tea keeps on brain and prevents it from aging.

Cherry: Cherry fruit or red cherries are full of antioxidants which renovate and activate brain cells.

Eggplant: also contains antioxidants, especially Niacin that helps brain cells to retain information, eggplant also helps brain cells to retain omega-3 fats, which stimulate brain cells and restoration vitality.

Broccoli: Broccoli is full of folic acid, which is very important for brain activity, and to activate the memory.

Rosemary: scientifically proven that the smell of rosemary only can activate and strengthen memory, so when you add it to your food it increases the effective to strengthen brain cells and fight forgetfulness, which is working hard to fight Alzheimer's disease.

Fatty fish: as Sardines, Tuna, Salmon and Mackerel, all of them are rich foods in Omega 3 fats that strengthen brain activity.

Nuts: all kinds of nuts contain a high amount of unsaturated fats such as fatty acids of omega-3, and also vitamin B-6, which is an essential component in the synthesis of neurotransmitters that helps to increase the speed of brain to perform calculations, and nuts are responsible for activating brain,and the strengthening of its cells, and restore memory and fight forgetfulness.

Apple: an apple fruit is full of antioxidant substance called "Qirstin" which fights Alzheimer's disease in the body.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain a substance "lycopene", one of the most important antioxidants, which protects brain cells from damage that results from the wrong habits.

Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the most powerful spices in fight against the forgetfulness, and you can add to your food, where it has a charming effect on brain cells, and the fight against Alzheimer's.

Grapes and Raisins: all them are fruits rich with vitamin "C", which strengthens brain cells and increases the life of them and strengthens memory.

Wheat grain: whole wheat, oats and the whole grain contain fibers, which reduce cholesterol level in the blood and help to supply blood to brain. And these carbohydrates supply the body with glucose all the day to supply the body and brain with power.

Dark chocolate: dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants that fight free radicals and thus resist brain aging and maintain a speed of preservation and retrieval operations.

Natural Food for Brain Health

Natural food for brain
Natural food for brain
Fish is important for brain health
Fish is important for brain health


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