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Foot Care - Using Vinegar on a Daily Basis

Updated on September 19, 2015

My Problem Area - Between Toes

My toes
My toes | Source

Vinegar Works For Me

For years, my feet smelled sour. Upon occasion, I'd discover that the skin between my toes was turning white and getting all loose and it would burn and hurt and itch. Usually I would get the tube of athlete's foot fungus ointment and spread it between my toes for a few days and sometimes it would help to alleviate my symptoms. Sometimes, I used a spray that was designed to cool your feet. Other times, I tried powders in my shoes.

Nothing seemed to help on a permanent basis.

I tried cotton socks. I tried leather boots. I avoided 'man made materials' in my tennis shoes, opting for all leather I had always had trouble with my feet sweating in my shoes and plastic or vinyl shoes seemed to aggravate the problem.

Years ago, my feet would get patches of small blister-like spots that would feel sore and they'd break open, leaving spots that were itchy and oozing That was when I stopped wearing socks with polyester in them and started mainly wearing white cotton socks.

That seemed to help slightly but never fixed the problem of the athletes foot fungus troubles.

Others Offered Advice

I tried leather boots. I tried wool socks. I tried Mentholatum Deep heating ointment. Some of the combinations worked temporarily.

I accepted the advice graciously, faithfully trying out all methods offered.

I Even Tried Epson Salt Foot Baths

The epson salt comes with fragrance so you can smell soothing vapors as you soak your feet and there is baking soda infused so you can try to eliminate your smelly feet while you fix your sore feet

It felt really good to soak my feet in hot water but my feet would get all prune-like from the water.

Then I Tried Vinegar

I had been using a dishpan to soak my feet but someone told me to use vinegar. Vinegar comes in a gallon jug but I only needed enough to get my feet wet. I had gallon size freezer bags and my feet just happen to fit in them.

So, I slipped my feet inside two bags, put a cup full of vinegar in each one and zipped them shut around my calves.The vinegar felt cool and I could feel my feet start to immediately feel different than before.

They started to feel cooler. Less sore.The vinegar surrounded each toe and I pictured the foot fungus getting pickled. I left my feet in the bags for a good 15 minutes. Then, I removed my feet and dried them on a bath towel.

I put my socks on and slipped on my shoes.

My Feet Showed Improvement After A Few Days

The skin that previously was all white and dead looking sloughed off and there is actually healthy new skin between my toes.

It worked. My feet feel better. I filled a squirt bottle full of undiluted vinegar and I keep it handy to spray my feet with vinegar before I put my socks on.

My Toes Were Always An Issue

In between my toes was always where my troubles were
In between my toes was always where my troubles were | Source

Insert Foot Into Bag

Gallon size storage bag
Gallon size storage bag | Source

Add Vinegar to Bag

Add 1 to 2 cups. Enough to get foot wet.
Add 1 to 2 cups. Enough to get foot wet. | Source

Seal Bag Around Calves or Ankles

Close bags as well as you can
Close bags as well as you can | Source

Vinegar Surrounds Your Toes and Foot Bottoms

Feels good and cool.
Feels good and cool. | Source

Remove Foot From Bag and Dry Slightly

Put foot on bath towel to dry off
Put foot on bath towel to dry off | Source

Bottoms Feel Better

Heels and balls of feet feel better
Heels and balls of feet feel better | Source

Good to Go

Both feet feel better
Both feet feel better | Source

Skin Between Toes Healing

My athletes foot fungus is disappearing and there is healthy skin now
My athletes foot fungus is disappearing and there is healthy skin now | Source

A Spray Bottle Filled With Vinegar

For daily maintenance. I spray my feet with vinegar before I put my socks on.
For daily maintenance. I spray my feet with vinegar before I put my socks on. | Source

How About You?

Have you tried vinegar on your feet?

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    • Claudia Marie profile image

      Claudia Marie 

      4 years ago

      Oil of oregano is also helpful. Sometimes you need to work on the inside of your body, try regularly taking a Probiotic.

    • Claudia Marie profile image

      Claudia Marie 

      4 years ago

      I used oil of oregano, it worked well for me.

    • profile image


      4 years ago



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