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Foot Ulcer Care For Diabetes Foot Problems

Updated on March 17, 2012

Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Means Good Foot Care For Diabetes Foot Problems

For diabetics, ulcer growing on feet can be common. It is imperative to cure it as soon as possible before it gets worse, and it will tend to get worse. This lens emphasizes good foot care and its importance.

Diabetic foot is an catch-all term for foot problems in patients with diabetes.  Due to arterial defects and diabetic neuropathy, as well as a tendency toward delayed wound healing, infection or gangrene of the foot is relatively common." (see The Diabetic Foot)

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Foot Ulcer Pictures - Diabetes Foot Problems

Foot Ulcer Pictures

Foot Ulcers Pictures

Diabetes Foot Problems - My Story

Those who know me also know that I have had diabetes since early adult. I am an expert in its subtle, crippling affects. Recently, I have become an expert through study but most of my lessons learned are through hard experiences. I do not advise you to follow my example, although now I am doing better.

When I was first diagnosed the disease scared me. With my wife’s help I hit the diet, exercise and medicine routine. Within a short time I was completely under control. My doctor said I did not need the pills; he said just watch my diet. I felt that I was healed! However, I, like many diabetics did not know that just because this malady is under control does not mean it is dead. Things began to slip! As a busy pastor, I let my diet slip, didn't check my sugar levels, and didn’t see my doctor.

Several years passed and I began having pain in my feet. Then I noticed some numbness. However, my old lifestyle was set and overall I felt fairly good.

Then it happened. I was moving and I accidentally stepped on three (3) tack nails. The nails went through my shoe into the ball of my right foot. I did not even know it and I walked on it all day. My feet hurt but that was not uncommon. When I saw the bloody mess, I cleaned and soaked my feet. I decided it was not bad enough to seek a doctor, so I doctored it myself. (Fool). Six months later I was in the hospital with a toe amputated. Guess what, I never was healed, only foolish.

Now, check my sugar often and see several wonderful physicians. I have attended many classes in diabetes, opened a web site to help others, work to keep my sugar under control and write lenses like this one to get the word out.

Check out some of these research links.

Diabetic Foot & Diabetic Foot Ulcers - Diabetes Foot Problems

What Is a Diabetic Foot?

Diabetic foot is an umbrella term for foot problems in patients with diabetes mellitus. Due to arterial abnormalities and diabetic neuropathy, as well as a tendency to delayed wound healing, infection or gangrene of the foot is relatively common. (Read the entire article: Diabetic foot Wikipedia.

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Do You Know The Diabetes Symptoms?

The Five Major Warning Signs of Diabetes 

Frequent trips to the bathroom:  Are you going to the bathroom much more lately? Urination becomes more frequent when there is too much sugar in the blood.  If insulin is nonexistent or ineffective, the kidneys can't filter enough glucose back to the blood. They have to draw extra water out of the blood to dilute the glucose. This keeps your bladder full and it keeps you running to the bathroom.

Persistent Thirst:  This was the sign that I first noticed in my own diabetes.  I should have gone to the doctor right away, but I did not.  Don't be foolish.  Your thirst could be a sign of diabetes, especially if it seems to go with frequent urination. Your body is pulling extra water out of your blood and you're burying to the bathroom more, you are becoming dehydrated and feel the need to drink more to replace the water.

Weight Loss:  This symptom is more noticeable with Type 1 diabetes. In Type 1, the body often attacks the insulin producing cells. The body looks for an energy source because the cells aren't getting glucose. It starts to break down muscle tissue and fat for energy. However, it also affects type 2 with gradually increasing insulin resistance.

Weakness and Fatigue:  It's all about that glucose again. Glucose from the food we eat travels into the bloodstream where insulin helps it transfer into the cells of our body. The cells use it to produce the energy we need to live. When the insulin isn't there you feel sluggish.  Or if the cells don't react to it anymore, then the glucose stays outside the cells in the bloodstream. The cells become energy starved, tired and run down.

Tingling or Numbness in Your Hands, Legs or Feet:  Also called neuropathy. It occurs gradually over time as consistently high glucose in the blood damages the nervous system, especially in the extremities. Type 2 diabetes is a gradual onset, and people are often not aware that they have it. Therefore, blood sugar might have been high for more than a few years before a diagnosis is made. Nerve damage creeps up without our knowledge. Neuropathy can very often improve when tighter blood glucose control is achieved.

The above are the major warning signs but there are also many other.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For pre-diabetes these signs  are very subtle.  They can slip up on you.  Consult any suspensions with your doctor and have your sugar levels checked!

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetic Foot Ulcers are serious and can lead to amputation or death1

Foot Care Tips For People With Diabetes

Foot Care For Diabetic Patients

101 Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes 101 Foot Care Tips For People With Diabetes is an excellent self care guide and reference for diabetics and their

caretakers. Questions about exercise, the relevance of blood sugar control, nail clipping, choosing appropriate footwear, what to do about ingrown toenails, and preferred forms of exercise with diabetic foot complications are answered. All questions are succinctly explained with authority. Types 1 and 2 boxes at the top of the page tell if the question refers to both or either types of diabetes. Amusing illustrations lighten the tone and pique interest. Chapter 11 lists additional resources valuable to the diabetic. 101 Foot Care Tips For People With Diabetes is a good manual for any diabetic. Its brisk, no-nonsense explanations of complex interrelationships of diet, exercise, skin care and health management are presented in unavoidably clear lay terms.Nancy Lorraine Reviewer

Medical Alert Jewelry Could Save Lives

NOTICE:  If you think you might have diabetes, you might want to consider wearing Medical alert bracelet 

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Selected Video - Foot Care in diabetes - Foot Ulcers

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    • profile image

      jkmechal 6 years ago

      @Retro Loco: I knew that cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar, and I eat a lot of fat-free, sugar-free yogurt with frozen berries in it. I season the yogurt with cinnamon and Splenda. I actually eat about a quarter of a cup a day of cinnamon.I will definitely continue using this product.

    • profile image

      andrewsmith123 6 years ago

      thanx for sharing your experience. you never know who might be benefited with this..

    • profile image

      andrewsmith123 6 years ago

      thanx for sharing your experience. you never know who might be benefited with this..

    • Retro Loco profile image

      Vicki 7 years ago from USA

      I'm so glad that you got a handle on your diabetes and that you are helping to educate others on how to manage this disease. My late mother was diabetic, and she did not follow doctors orders and pretty much ate whatever she wanted to. Mom paid for her bad behavior in a big way, losing some kidney function, losing most of her eyesight, and she had other complications including foot and leg sores. When you don't know much about diabetes, it's really hard to believe such horrible things can happen to a person (or animal -- I have a diabetic cat!) just because of high blood sugar. I was in high school when Mom was diagnosed, and I knew nothing about diabetes. Mom told me all the things that COULD happen to her, and it just didn't seem possible to me then. I pray that you continue to manage your diabetes and live a happy & productive life. I hope you continue to help other people! Great lens, Brother Walt!! I wrote a short tribute to my mom that I think you might like -- it's on my Retro Christmas lens. I hope you will read it -- it's uplifting, not sad. God bless you and your family!!! ~Vicki~

    • Fox Music profile image

      Fox Music 7 years ago

      Thank you for a the heads up information!!

    • profile image

      jjooo 7 years ago

      oh, it look very dangerous, I can imaging how much diabetes is dangerous for our health after seen this pics.

      Treatment Of Diabetes