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Diabetics: Healthy Foods to Eat

Updated on July 30, 2018
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

Apples | Source

Food Diabetics Should Stay Away From

Diabetics know some of the things they should not consume such as processed foods, a lot of carbohydrates and sugars. However, there are plenty foods available that those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can safely eat without any complications.

Here are lots of suggestions that are rich in calcium, Vitamins A, C, and D, fiber, and omega-3s. The foods that are listed can be used in recipes as main meals, side dishes, or snacks in between meals.


Studies have shown that by eating just one apple a day for four weeks, a person's cholesterol level will be reduced by at least 40 percent. So, maybe the proverb, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is true, especially for diabetics.

Keep in mind that one small apple has about 15 grams of carbohydrates. Therefore, a large apple should be counted as two servings of fruit.

Barley | Source


Barley is not just for animals to eat. It is a healthy grain for humans and is especially beneficial for diabetics. Eating a small amount of barley a day can lower cholesterol rates by at least 8 percent, according to Prevention.

Barley can be found in supermarkets as well as in health food stores. After soaking overnight, add barley to rice pilaf, stews, and soups. Don't be afraid to eat barley. It is good for you.




Berries are better for the body than sugary treats. Berries are available all year long, and there are many choices. You can purchase blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. They all contain healthy nutrients.

Berries are delicious when eaten alone, and they can be eaten in cold cereal and oatmeal. Throw some in salads for a refreshing taste. Most people know berries are delicious in smoothies, ice cream, and shakes.

Broccoli | Source


Broccoli is a superfood because it contains so many healthy nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, and a high level of beta-carotene. Besides, broccoli is a non-starchy vegetable that is ideal when eaten raw in a salad.

Of course, people know the vegetable is also delicious when cooked as a stand-alone vegetable or in a pot of soup. Broccoli is so versatile that it can also be eaten with a dip.


Drinking milk with meals is so much better than drinking a sugary soda or juice containing sugar. Besides, people can get their calcium that way.

Do not shy away from other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese. These foods can be eaten as a snack to curb hunger between meals.

Dark Chocolate

Don't feel guilty for eating chocolate, especially if it is dark chocolate. People are finding out that eating dark chocolate is not a bad thing as long as they eat it in moderation. Dark chocolate is good for improving cholesterol and reducing blood pressure.

Dates | Source


Dates come in handy when people have a sweet tooth. They contain fiber which makes them an ideal snack for diabetics. The good news is that a diabetic can eat seven dates to get 4 gram of fiber and more antioxidants than in other fruits such as grapes and oranges.

For a snack, dates can be eaten alone, or they can be cooked into breads, cookies, and cakes.

Fish: Salmon and Tuna

Salmon is a healthy fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The healthy fats lower the risk of heart disease and help with the management of diabetic. Salmon is not a dairy product, but it is a great source of vitamin D.

Tuna is another healthy fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Tuna is delicious when eaten on wheat crackers as a snack or between two slices of bread as a sandwich for lunch.

Flaxseed | Source


Flaxseed is a healthy food for diabetics because of alpha-linolenic acid and fiber. Flaxseed is helpful for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

Add flaxseed to a variety of foods, such as oatmeal, low-fat cottage cheese, and smoothies for a lower blood sugar level. Flaxseed can also be eaten on cereal, in salads, mixed into smoothies, and cooked in bread.

Garlic | Source


Research has shown that garlic is good for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The properties in garlic reduce the risk heart disease and a stroke as well as lowering blood pressure.

Garlic can be used in many different dishes, such as pasta sauces, stir-fries, soups, stews, chicken dishes and shrimp dishes.

Kale | Source

Kale and Spinach

Kale is a good food to eat if a person has Type 2 diabetes. Experts at Diabetic Living say people who eat kale and spinach are less likely to suffer from diabetes by 14 percent. The two green leafy vegetables are good for providing good eye health.

Kale is available in the grocery store year round. Use it within five days after purchasing it. Otherwise, it will become bitter.


There are several melons that are in stores year round, but most of them are available especially in the summertime.

Cantaloupes are excellent as the source of vitamins A and C. According to the American Diabetes Association, vitamin A supports good eye health by helping to prevent macular degeneration and improves night vision.

Honeydew melons contain 51 percent of the daily recommended allowance for vitamin C. The melons make you feel full without a lot of calories.

Watermelons are nutritious and help in protecting the body against cell damage that leads to heart disease.

Oats | Source

Oats and Oatmeal

Oats help slow down the rate that the body breaks down and absorbs carbohydrates. Oats help stabilize blood sugar levels when people eat just one cup of the instant cereal that contain 4 grams of fiber. Oats are good in pancakes and cookies. Also, use oats in meatloaf recipes

Oatmeal can be eaten from the bowl as a cereal. The American Diabetes Association says oatmeal is good for diabetics to eat because the soluble fiber helps curtail the rise in blood glucose and it keeps the stomach full for a long time.

Peanut Butter

Some studies have linked eating peanut butter to reduced diabetes risk because of the fiber content. Also, it has been proven that it lowers a high glucose level very quickly.

Peanut butter is considered to be a heart-healthy food because it contains monounsaturated fat. Pay close attention to how much you eat because of the calories that it contains.


The American Diabetes Association recommends eating a low-fat or a fat-free yogurt. Doctors and nutritionists agree that yogurt is an excellent source of calcium that promotes healthy bones and teeth. Besides, it is a convenient treat for diabetics and others to eat in between meals or at bedtime.

Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt and it is ideal for you if you purchase the kind without added sugar.

Feel free to comment below if you have had good results from eating any of the above foods.

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