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Embryo Glue a new hope for implantation failure in IVF

Updated on September 18, 2013
Embryo Glue
Embryo Glue | Source

Embryo Glue: A New Hope For Couples With Failed IVF

For many women infertility is a big concern these days. Some start to try in their thirties and few even later than that. Many women don't know anything about ovarian reserve or embryo quality until they hit the IVF world. As they both reduce with the passage of time. But infertility is not only these women problem, its creating many difficulties to young women as well. Ten out of hundred women has Poly cystic ovary Syndrome these days, which is linked with irregular periods. Some women with PCOS only use basic fertility drugs like Clomid, Tomoxofin and they get pregnant. Others reduce their weight and maintain their food and they achieved pregnancy. But few has some other problem associated with PCOS - like endometriosis so for them infertility becomes a hard nut to crack. Interestingly, no one knows the reason of PCOS or endometriosis. A very small group of women has no problem at all but still they struggle to conceive.

IVF In Reality:

IVF seems like a clear night sky, with lot of twinkling stars where IVF ladies go and pluck one for them. But reality is harsh. They not only spend a lot of money - but suffers physically and emotionally, without any promise of success. But There is nothing painful then not to have a baby. So these lovely ladies go again.

Where Is Science:

Well, we hear all the time, science has done this and that. But I am not happy with it. Whenever a IVF fail, doctors simply say, we don't know the reason. So, whom should ask?

Every Time - A New Hope:

There seems no end of products and techniques, whenever IVF failed, we hear something new that should have been a must - and again we fell for it. Third and fourth round becomes difficult for a middle class woman.Patients use as many things as they can afford, some go for ICSI, some always prefer fresh cycle and some use new ways and methodologies like Immune cycle. But they are failing and not only are they disappointed, they are also upset about the fact that their doctor does not usually give them a clear explanation for why the IVF cycle failed - or what they can do differently the next time, to improve their chances of success. While some stop for financial reasons, others come to the conclusion that they are destined to never have a baby. Few are those which explore new ways- try to know their body and keep trying till they are successful and for those Embryo Glue is something to consider in their coming IVF round.

Is IT Really A Hope:

I heard about Embryo Glue, some days ago. Most of ladies I heard had positive outcome, few dis not. It could be by chance but as I heard it does not have any side effects known, and has been used for a decade. I checked its price and surprisingly, its not high. Its around £70 to £100 pound but definitely not more than that. So I think its not a bad idea to give it a go and include in IVF procedure if someone planning for one.

Embryo Glue:

It's a new embryo transfer medium which used in the final step of IVF treatment to promote the embryo implantation process. It helps embryos to stick with endometrium and they dip embryo's in this gel and then transfer.

Case Studies and My Opinion:

There are not much case studies on it, more are saying Embryo Glue does help and increase chance of implantation while one or two tells it does not increase implantation rate. But all agree, Embryo Glue does not harm embryo or live birth in any way. So in my opinion, everyone should have it, as it cost only under £100 - and may be that is the thing for you.

Clinics Using Embryo Glue:

I only know about Cambridge IVF, London Women Clinic and Care Manchester which are using this glue but you could talk to your doctor and check in your area if anyone using it or can get it for you.


I am not a doctor or a medical professional, all the information is gather from various articles, website and word of mouth from professional. This is all for information only, please do consult a doctor or a relevant professional if you want to use any information.

Embryo Glue

Embryo Glue

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