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For Fast Results in Toning and Losing Weight Try the Insanity Workout Routine

Updated on July 8, 2010

This exercise and conditioning program is tough. There is no question that even those who exercise regularly can feel worn out from this program. However, it produces results, which is what many people want. The program combines strengthening and cardio exercises, along with some stretching, so it is a great overall program that tones and improves cardiovascular fitness.

The Shaun T. Insanity workout routine can be used by athletes, runners or anyone who wants to either improve fitness levels or maintain current conditioning. Some find the routines very similar to football drills they did in high school. This program is reported by many to produce great results in a relatively short period of time, within two months. Using the toning exercises along with the cardio circuits is an excellent idea. Toned muscle burns fat much more quickly. That makes this product ideal for those who want to lose weight quickly without pills or supplements.

Different sets of drills are used on different days. This is found to be great for continuing to tone up and lose weight. Muscles become used to the same movements repeatedly and tend to get toned to a point. After this, they do not improve much more. Muscle confusion, which is used in such a program as this one, helps to ensure that toning continues for a full two months. This is achieved by varying the types of exercises done from one day to the next. 

Because it is program designed with this in mind, it must be followed every day to be most effective.

The product comes as a DVD but has many additional benefits, such as a nutrition plan, to help with weight loss and fuel tired, sore muscles. What makes this program so tough is the fact that there is little time to rest between repetitions and it pushes you to keep on going, even when your muscles are burning and you are so tired you think you will drop.

While this type of exercise is not for everyone, it can be a great motivator for those who are relatively healthy and simply want to get in shape fast. If you have the guts to stick it out, this program will show you how to lose weight quickly in 60 days. The product claims it is the most difficult ever offered on a disc and can make you burn up to 1,000 an hour. This is more than running a marathon over a period of 3 hours, so it is intense. The sixty day package comes with 10 different discs, but there are some bonus discs available for top athletes. At just over $100, it may be more cost effective than paying for classes which must make allowances for those who cannot keep up as well.


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    • thayak profile image

      thayak 7 years ago from San Jose, CA

      Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      I love hip hop abs and have the entire collection in my DVD work out library. It's a great fun work out that delivers on it's promises. Katie :)