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Foraging vs. Man-made Drugs

Updated on December 15, 2013
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When you become ill in this society, where do you look to for help?

Disclaimer: I do not claim that anything I have written below is of true fact. The following article expresses my own opinion upon this topic and is not intended to insult, discriminate or attack any of the parties mentioned including that of the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of us seek advice of a doctor or purchase some Pharmaceutical drugs in order to treat our illnesses. But is this really the most effective solution to curing our problems?

Those who are avid foragers will soon realise that many of the natural plants that are widely available to us hold far greater advantages to curing illness than man-made drugs.

Think about it – it makes sense that wild plants would aid us in recovery, as nature itself can provide us with the food we require without depending on processed items we can find at any supermarket. We believe we eat healthy, but are you truly healthy unless you seek nutrients directly from the wild, fresh from the outdoors?

Wild plants hold various ingredients that can provide us with the perfect supply of vitamins, minerals as well as other nutrients needed to lead a healthy and enriched lifestyle. Despite this, we are encouraged and conformed to view outdoors as a dangerous place to look for food, and that the only sure source of staying healthy is to indulge in supplements and ingredients from the shelves.

There is a large variety of herbs we regard as weeds that hold a number of promising qualities – some even provide means to fight cancer or prevent it from occurring in the first place. These plants along with a balanced diet of meat and other foods could bring about a far healthier body, but why do we perceive eating from the wild as wrong?


Benefits of Herb Robert

It is a notion imposed upon us by society that living from the wild is primitive and not condoned by the supposedly ‘civilised’ lifestyle we should be enduring. Living from the wild makes us the same as the animals who also rely upon nature for their food which is greatly opposed by society; when the truth is WE ARE ANIMALS – and nothing will change this fact.

Why do we see the wild as a place we should not trespass in? Why do we perceive the very thought of eating a wild plant a dirty and sickening experience?

I have encountered many people who feel disgusted and wierded out at the prospect of using natural ingredients for food. They believe that what I am researching is wrong and that one day I will poison myself from nature’s gifts. But are we not slowly poisoning ourselves with each and every aspect of society that we digest on a daily basis? Is it not far more dangerous to survive in a world of pollution, sprayed food stuffs and chemically induced ingredients?


It is due to this perception that many of us seek help through the hospital, doctors and man-made drugs. We believe it is the ONLY solution to curing our illnesses and the ONLY valid source of aid towards things that we may not even acquire if our diet consisted of natural ingredients.

We are encouraged to fill our bodies with various drugs with strange chemicals that are supposed to cure any ailments and in many cases, rely on our finances to maintain our supply of these drugs. But do they really work wonders? Do the drugs we take on a daily basis do more harm than good?

The trouble is many of us live a sheltered lifestyle. We are too clean, too germ free that when a small virus nips us in the behind, we suffer greatly as we do not possess the immunity to deal with it ourselves. We have long lost the immunity we once held towards the outdoors through our diets and the gradual build up towards various viruses and bugs that would naturally pose little threat towards us.

We have become dependent on all the drugs that circulate the supermarket, and pharmacy shelves, and it is because of this dependency and mind-set that this is the only option, that we are trapped within this endless cycle.

Wild foods vs. man-made drugs?

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What if we all turned a new leaf and decided our source of medicine would now come from the wild? The problem is many of us lack the experience and would no longer know where to start in order to trace our roots of herbal remedies, with scarce valid information available to source and use.

Another issue we face is that due to our overpopulation and destruction of our natural environment, such herbs are no longer in an abundant supply and would not sustain everyone’s needs.


Can you see the bigger picture? The image of a trap imposed upon us by society?

It is because we are conformed to depend upon society for aid towards our illnesses that we are trapped within this unfulfilling lifestyle. If we all decided to find our dependence within nature then society would no longer have a hold upon us in terms of illness. One of the many chains would be broken that cause ourselves to believe we have no life outside of what we know, that unless we conform despite unwillingness to live by society’s rules and unnatural existence, we would be lost and unable to survive.

The sad fact is we are in a deeper hole than one might expect. We are trapped in a predicament because if we did so choose to adapt to a natural lifestyle, it would take years if not centuries to bring nature back to its former glory in order to provide the quantity of beneficial ingredients to aid a wild lifestyle that supports a vast population. Even then, there is no guarantee such quantities would be suffice and fear would prevent us from attempting this transition.


It is all out there, free for the picking...

Take a stroll one day and examine the various plants you pass by; the chances are most of them are edible, nutritious and hold some sort of medicinal property. Is it just chance that this many wild alternatives are available to harvest? Or is there an underlying reason why nature has provided these plants for us to use consume and enjoy a healthier existence?

Written by Richard Mawby ©


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