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Forbidden fruit II: Protecting your "Swimmers"!

Updated on July 12, 2010

The biological clock is a major thorn because we all have at one time or another either in passing or obsessively, thought about living in a picket fence, with some two point seven kids floating around, being a pain when you want to finish up that job you brought home yet shamelessly boasting to our buddies about the potential of your kid being the next Michael Jordan or maybe you are already imagining the kid being drafted to the NFL before he even knows his SAT scores.

But what if you have been putting off that annual medical check up and when you decide to get to it because you have this cold that’s nagging you (and you want to be able to go out to the stadium because you have season tickets to a home game) the doctor tells you everything is fine but he needs to redo a test saying something like its just routine.

You roll up your sleeves thinking an extra nick won’t hurt but he tells you to drop your pants and suddenly that hook up tonight with the future Mrs. seems to be the least of your worries.

Just thinking out loud but if that got your attention what if I told you, you could be proud of dropping those pants because you can be guaranteed you are 100% sure everything is just fabulous unless you are one of those who drew the short stick painted red with code name…genetic/hereditary!

Either way, whether its genetics or just blessed to be from Mars and apples were your ticket to getting to 2050 living the private booth view room at the Yankees stadium or front row seats next to Nicholson dream of today, I bet if NYSE traded apples you would be picking up the phone to make that deal.

Then why not opt for the apples instead of going for that bag of chips because it’s the quercetin (a flavanoid in massive amounts in the apples) that guys the world over have to thank for protecting their “boys” down under as it helps prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells.


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