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Forbidden fruit III: Pizza Sauce for Veggies?

Updated on July 20, 2010

Imagine seating in a meeting and this is your big break...the moment you have been waiting for all your make the deal that puts you on the map for that promotion and in that corner office you have been eying seeing you joined the company.

All of a sudden, your stomach decides to make an entrance…..some funny growling sound as if its full moon season and the werewolves are out...accompanies with a trickling sound as if you have a hollow inside and tap open....

Worse still no matter how much you try to clutch your mid section in a bid to stop the communique from interrupting the meeting, it doesn’t quite do the trick, and everyone is looking at you like you have something to say and all you want to do is just disappear.

Suddenly visions of getting that corner office fly out the window and that poster of Maui vacation you hanged just last night in your bedroom (a reminder of why you work so hard day and night for the “suits” upstairs and currently seating before you) becomes a bad memory.

A bad memory of how you thought even the sauce in pizza, the jalapeno peppers and olives are a food group…your veggies. But the look you are getting right now… are rethinking your veggie options.

Well I love pizza and I enjoy eating it just as much as the next person and in most cases the ideal is just pizza and soda or juice and a few wings for proteins.

The idea of preparing salad destroys the picture of pizza night. The hype about veggies is all due to the fiber. Yes fibers that keep your digestive tract moving but we sometimes want the variety......a change from the veggie salads prepared religiously by our better halves.

Or may be the thought that, your mum fed you veggies all your life is reason enough to forgo them now, is the rule you live by.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to forgo your vitamins completely? How about switching those sodas for apple juice or for apples (that's if apple juice aint your style) to get your daily recommended intake of those elusive fibers …would you go for it?

Why you ask. This is because research has shown that eating fresh apples as well as apple products such as apple sauce, apple pectin (the sticky substance that gives fruits its character and is used mainly in jams) and apple juice extracts give the body its ability to protect from colon cancer.

Ideally, the components in these extracts react in the colon thus helping to slow the growth of precancerous and tumor cells. And to prove a point studies over the past several years have shown that apple consumption has been linked with reduced cancer risk. When it comes to colon cancer it’s the phytochemicals in the skin of the apple that reduce the reproduction (multiplication) of the cancer cells.

So nip those pesky little cells in the bud before a biopsy and a possible radiation are the next recommendation your doc makes at the next annual medical check up which regretfully happens to be six months way.


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