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Forbidden fruit IV: Eating Your Way to Weight Loss

Updated on July 8, 2010

I have to admit that I have had issues with weight loss more because I feared being unhealthy than fitting into a smaller size outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t obese but you know the way even a few extra pound can change your metabolism from energetic to feeling drowsy, lazy and the sweating even when you are doing nothing especially when sleeping…well you get the picture.

            Anyway what I am trying to say is that weight issues are a sore topic for most but it even gets harder when for some that second bowl of ice cream or those chocolate chip cookies maybe even that cheese cake is all you can think about at 3am. Sometimes its our busy schedules that steal time from us to even get the chance to make a dish and we have had it with the leftovers from the meal two nights ago.

            May be we are working late in the office and all there is, is some pizza or fries or donuts from the meeting that afternoon but since we are in a crunch for time we convince ourselves that we will make up for it when we get home; though it never happens because the minute we unlock the door what we want if the bed.

            Two months down the line, that business suit isn’t zipping up quite us easily. We have all seen the advert where different people bite into a sandwich and the ground caves in for one, a button pops for another and a hammock gives in to the weight…..hilarious ha?!

            However when you think about it I bet a few of us have experience the button popping if not the others all because we couldn’t resist that midnight snack of ice cream or cookies or the piece of cake you had convinced yourself would be breakfast.

            Wait a minute, who said midnight snacks are a no, no? What if you went to bed early and it’s the hunger pangs that woke you up? Life is about being content with how you live it but then again I believe being content is about making the right choices. What if I told you there was a right choice and you wouldn’t have to give up the midnight snack and still keep fit and the weight away?

            Well, on issues weight loss, much hype should be given to the fiber in apples, because it is the fiber that aids in digestion. The thing with fibers is that it helps keep you full longer thus taking less food to satisfy your hunger. Furthermore due to their low sodium content they help keep the sodium levels in the body low meaning less water retention hence no more bloating.

            If you ask me stuffing yourself with apples is more like striking weight loss gold!


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